The Campus Beauty!

Even though it’s extremely cold and I have to wear triple layers of clothing, it’s so beautiful here! With the mountains in the background, the blue sky and the bright sun this campus is really impressing. Here’s some photos from my first week at SUNY New Paltz.


Ever since I was in kinder garden they taught me that the year has four seasons, Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. The teacher usually showed all the students drawings of each season so we could know what each season looks like.

Spring always was flowers and bunnies, Summer, the sun and beach, Autumn, trees with red, orange and yellow leaves or without them, and Winter was always snowy.

I have to tell that I could picture each and every one of the seasons in my head, but never experienced them as that picture. Maybe Spring and Summer were kind of similar, but I have spend about fifteen years imagining Autumn and Winter in a certain way.

My real Autumns and Winters haven’t been like those kinder garden pictures, until now. About two weeks ago I saw what my teachers showed in those pictures, but in real life and for the first time. Red, orange and yellow leaves are on the trees and all over the ground, something that I’m not really used to.

So for now I’m really happy with Autumn in New Paltz and New York, and I can play with the leaves and hide in them like if I was a little kid.

It’s hard work (mostly)

The dedicated reader of this blog might think that we enjoyed wonderful eight weeks of leisure time at SUNY New Paltz. But we should put something right here: The IIB program is an academic program that is, although it’s a lot of fun, still hard work. To our excuse, posts and pictures of us sitting in the library is not the first thing we share on our blog. Therefore, this media gallery is about the one thing that remained concealed until now: Our HARD work. University life in the US is quite different to other countries. Here, you have to do many small group and individual assignments that sometimes reminds of middle school homework. Because there are so many of them, it requires time management and self-organization. Group work requires the ability to work in a team as wells as collaboration skills and finally the amount of work can be overwhelming sometimes, at least, if you want to see something else than the campus. This is very similar to the job life and thus prepares you well for it. I hope…

NIagara Falls and Toronto roadtrip

Hi guys! Take a look at my video from our last roadtrip at Niagara Falls . Niagara falls is gigantic and it’s very incredible that it is in the midde of a city. The video was made by me during the boat trip under the falls with a lot of water over my face!

Waiting for New York!

It’s almost the end of our adventure in New Paltz and we had a great time during these weeks, but I think that now we all are focused on just one thing: New York City!
I can’t stop to imagine how our next two months will be! I’ve never been in the City before this experience and my first time was few weeks ago: during that trip I discover an amazing place, where I will spend a lot of time, the High Line.
Some days before I left  for the U.S., I was watching television and there was a documentary about Chelsea and the Meatpacking. What I immediately liked the most was  the High Line. So you can imagine how  curious I was to walk in the middle of it. Well, now I can say that that park is more beautiful than I expected. It’s really particular! The rails, the wood benches, the plants all around…there aren’t enough words to describe this place…here are just some photos.

Life as an IIB-student

Nearly three weeks in the program and I think I have everybody´s backs when I say that we are having a blast! The pictures shows what we have been doing for the first three weeks! I would like to make some head shots of some pictures;

The New Paltz ID-card: Hold on to it, this will crush your AMEX at school. This is not just an ID-card. It will also feed you during your first eight weeks in New Paltz. The card is charged with 500 “hawk-dollars”, 100 “dining-dollars”, and 20 meals at the Hasbrouck dining hall. Many of us are already over budget, so spend your money well. And by the way, there is a lot of places off-campus that accepts “hawk-dollars”.

As you can see, the other pictures shows that we´re not only in class. We spent the Labour-day weekend in Atlantic City and in Philadelphia. Some of us went to Boston.

The fall crew also like to go out for dinner. There is a lot of great places here in New Paltz if you want a nice dinner for a decent price. America is all about the food, so enjoy your meal!

Anyways, I don´t want to bore you with all these text. Time to continue searching for internships. Many of us already got interviews. Remember: Dress to impress!


Sipping green tea in an old sofa

Too many changes all at once.

I am now living in an unfamiliar place with 21 strangers who don’t speak my language.

I’m feeling just a tiny bit confused.

Being an incurable introvert, I sometimes feel the need to take a moment for myself, just to organize my thoughts. It’s not that I don’t like the place I’m in or the people I’m with, don’t get me wrong, this experience has by far been incredible, I’m loving every single second. I just feel like having a comforting place where I can go to collect my thoughts and all these new feelings.

And I found that place: it’s the New Paltz Cafeteria.

It’s such an amazing place to study in, or to just chill with your friends. When you walk in, it feels like a familiar place, maybe because of all the old furniture or maybe because somebody is constantly practicing with his guitar right next to the entrance door. The wooden floor creaks with every step, until you reach one of the many sofas in the room, and believe me they’re as old as comfortable, you’ll feel like you’re sitting on a cloud. The lights and music are never too strong or overwhelming, they are just perfect for the atmosphere, letting the harsh light from the outside world peak through the large windows on one side of the room, but not letting any of the noise or worries from the chaos of your everyday life in. You feel like nothing can affect you, while you’re in there.

Can you tell how in love I am with this place?!

So if you’re looking for a relaxing place to lay down your tired bones and sip something hot (or cold) go to the New Paltz Cafeteria, you won’t regret it. I suggest to try the Jasmine Green Tea, they serve it either hot or cold and it smells heavenly. It’s the icing on the cake.

My New Paltz

Three weeks ago my first experience abroad started. I still haven’t realized yet that I’m living in the U.S.,  I feel like I am in a movie. There are some moments, some places, that remind me of different films and I start to feel like I am part of them.

New Paltz is how I pictured the typical American town: it’s calm and it has a lot of different places where you can have fun (pubs, restaurants, cafes, fields, libraries and much more).

Personally, what I love to do here is to spend my free time strolling around the town, in order to discover unknown places and to enjoy the tranquility.

Everyone knows Main Street, but what about the other minor streets? Here is a little taste!