Our life in campus is crazy, literally crazy. Class, papers, books, assignments, dining hall, union building and, again, assignments, class, books and so on. At the end of a common day I feel as tired as I have run the New Paltz Marathon and my thoughts, usually, go in a unique direction: “my room sweet room”.

But last week, on Wednesday, an odd feeling took possession of me, and I decided to go to the Health Center to try to keep fit. In the Health Center, there are a lot of classes that we can do, two gyms, tennis courts and so on. Each team of the campus, known as The Hawks, here, have their training. I thought that muffins, cakes, potatoes, hamburgers had to be just a remembrance. Half an hour before the beginning of the hip hop cardio class, I enjoyed the queue to sign up, ready to dance, equipped with my hot pants and my just-refilled bottle of water. The room was very huge and along one side there was a big mirror, in which we would have seen if our performance was good. Alyssa, our teacher, was full of energy and she continued to smile. One, two, three and MUSIC. Thirty-nine girls and I were involved in an amazing sound. I was doing well, a part for some small, insignificant problems: I wasn’t good at dance. I wasn’t on music and every time that I had to turn right my body decided to go left. But I was super happy. For my gym-mates maybe this situation, this music, this class could have been normal, but for me everything was so special! For an Italian girl, taking a hip hop class, after her lesson, in a campus’ health center, surrounded by green and green, is something incredible. It was like being part of a Disney Channel serial for teenagers. I have loved seeing lot of students enjoying their free time between Zumba, hip hop and yoga classes, gym and swimming pool.

I finished my class tired but very satisfied as for this real American experience as to have kept fit. When I went out I saw our campus lit up and the sky was amazing: unbelievably nor light blue neither dark blue; a man was singing and playing guitar and some guys were skateboarding. I put my headphones and I came back home for having dinner and planning the yoga class for the next day. I remember I thought that I started to love this place and that I will miss it once left.

I was very tired at the end of the day, but I could say that I had a real “campus day”.



Seven states in two days

It´s Labor Day weekend and me and two of my friends decided to go to Washington. We booked a hotel, rented a car and packed our bags for a road trip.

It has been an amazing weekend. Travelling, discovering new places – and to have the possibility to see the world, I love it. It’s not only the end station of the trip that is important to me. I love being on the road. It make me feel relaxed, free and so happy. And especially when you have good friends as your company, singing and laughing in the car together all way through seven states.

We left New Paltz late Friday afternoon. On the way to Washington DC we decided to see Philadelphia by night. The city was beautiful and I would love to go back for a longer visit. We arrived late to our hotel outside DC, but after checking in we decided to take a nightly tour in Washington to see the most famous places by night. Even if we we’re so tired after six hours in a car, it was totally worth it.

The Saturday was intense but fantastic. We went to the White House, the Capitol, walked through the mall to the Washington monument, the World War II memorials and the Lincoln Memorial. We visited the Arlington National Cemetery and the Washington National Cathedral. We had dinner in Georgetown (definitely my favorite spot this trip) and we finished the day with a glass of Prosecco in a spinning sky bar with a beautiful view over the city. What a day! We all slept like babies that night.

Sunday was the last day of our trip and we decided to go back to Georgetown. It’s a really beautiful area, with a lot of shopping, restaurant and a nice park area by the river. After a good brunch, shopping and coffee by the water, our trip back towards New Paltz started. To get the most out of our road trip we decided to stay for dinner in Baltimore, and at last but definitely not least we decided to take a tour in Manhattan by night. Driving through Times Square, Fifth Avenue and finally over Brooklyn Bridge.

In Brooklyn we did our last stop – just to enjoy the view of the amazing city that we can call our home for two months later this fall. Wow, New York – it’s going to be fantastic

One Pic, a Thousand Memories

Pics, Pics, and more Pics!

It is said that a picture is worth more than a thousand words. Then, is a memory worth more than a thousand pictures?

One Pic, a Thousand Memories

I might be a bit behind technology and connectivity, I admit it. But last Saturday something happened to me that let me thinking.

After an incredible ski trip to Hunter Mountain, I skyped with a friend I used to ride with to tell him the amazing day I had. His first question wasn’t about how I did, if I enjoyed or anything related. His first question was, and I quote, “Did you take a lot of pictures?”.

This single question rang a bell in my mind. Not because I had only taken one picture of the whole day, but mainly because I’ve never stop to think about how much material we “share” with everyone in the social networks.

Could it be that for some people it became more important what you can show of what you did than actually having the great experience of living it?

I guess is quite ironic to ask this in a post in an on-line blog, isn’t it?

We will wake up and realize we were making memories



Today I woke up to the sound of snow. When I looked at the window everything was white. I could´t help but think “I´m very grateful and happy for being here”. It was one of those little unforgettable moments that I can´t understand why some people take for granted. I lived in Canada during High school so of course I had seen a lot of snow before, since we don´t have any in México, but this was different. I realized that I am surrounded by new people, people who are my family now. So all I can think now is this moment, and this people will be in my life forever. Just because I want them to be.

Quote of the day: “Be careful who you make memories with. Those things can last a lifetime.

P.S: Since there were no classes today, my friends and I decided to make a snowman. Here are some pictures I took with my phone. It was so fun!



Building Snowman

Building Snowman



Last weekend I decided to go skiing. It was pretty spontaneous because I didn’t even know we were going as I was just one more name on the waiting list. To my surprise, they called us two days before Saturday and we had the pleasure to go to Hunter Mountain.

I already knew how to ski, but it had been like 2 years since I hadn’t put a pair of skis so I can say I was a bit nervous at the beginning but still, so excited. After practicing a couple of times in the blue and green mountain, I had the guts to go  down a black diamond mountain for the first time in my life! Even though I fell down two or three times, nothing happened and I don’t fear any mountain now.

Skiing is such a wonderful experience and Hunter Mountain is definitely the place to be because of the beautiful view and nature you experience. That feeling of adrenaline through all of my veins and the unlimited speed I could experience down every slight turn, hill or steep path is priceless.

Skiing while it snows and feeling the chilly wind in your face is truly amazing!


A way to survive Phil prediction

Groundhog Phil is forecasting six more weeks of winter.

As here in New Paltz winter seems to be a no laughing matter, we have to find a way to deal with it.

Fortunately we are getting familiar with the campus, learning how to move crossing buildings, in order to keep indoor most of the way.

Here are some picture from the maze of corridors and stairs, between the Business School and the Student Union Building.

Culinary Experience!

Last weekend we had the opportunity to visit The Culinary Institute of America, it is a culinary college located in Hyde Park founded in 1946.

Besides the impressive infrastructure they have and the fact of being one of the most privileged gastronomy institutions, the university has four restaurants that are attended by the students themselves.

This time we had the opportunity to visit the Bocuse restaurant, named in honor of the famous chef Paul Bocuse, famous for its excellent cuisine and innovative dishes.

If you love good food you should definitely visit this place and try their unique dishes.
A good place to visit while in New Paltz!

The historical background

I’ m sure all of you are wondering what the name “New Paltz” means.

Well, I found that New Paltz has a good historical background, as it was founded in 1678 from a group of French Huguenots.

The Huguenots had to leave France during religious persecution; they first moved to Mannheim in the German Palatinate, and then crossed the ocean and finally settled near the Wallkill river shore, in the Dutch colony of New Netherland.

In Mannheim’s dialect Palatinate (Pfaltz) is pronounced Paltz, so, thankful for the hospitality they got, the Huguenots wanted to name the place New Paltz.

Nowadays is still possible to see most of the original settlement in what is called “Huguenot Street Historic District”.

Getting to know the city!

On our first weekend in New Paltz we decided to go to the city!  when we arrived everything was different, people walking in all directions, lights, music, lots of shops, museums! we didn´t knew where to start!

We definitely know now why they say New York has its charm, with a great diversity of cultures, people and interests.

For now we will enjoy the tranquility of living in New Paltz, seizing the opportunity to take classes that will help us in our career and especially in our next internship. But above all the friendliness of the people here!

Happy Birthday Martin Luther King!!!

Our first Monday in the States was Martin Luther King’s Day, so we decided to visit his monument in Washington DC…and we had a great time!!

We left the snowy New Paltz and headed towards the Capital of the United States. Fortunately, the weather was really nice: sunny and not that chilly. We walked a lot and visited many monuments and museums. It was a great start for this once in a lifetime experience!

We have now landed in New Paltz and are ready for what’s to come!