New York, New York

Madison Square Park

A place that doesn’t need any introduction. A place that embraces and challenges your senses. A place that fulfills your expectations and yet surprises you every time. A place called home.

No, this time I’m not talking about my incredible home region of Höganäs, in Sweden. This time I’m talking about our common home. The dream, the reality and now the future home of the IIB-students; New York City.

“The city where there’s nothing you can’t do, because now you’re in New York. The streets will make you feel brand new and the big lights will inspire you.”

While you walk around the city and experience all that Jay-Z is talking about you should just enjoy and imbibe the moment. This is what you dreamed about. It can be hard to embrace all the impressions and feelings in that moment. One advice from me is to seek out one of the fantastic parks in the city. It’s a place for the contrasts to become perspectives and a place where stress becomes gratefulness. It’s a place for peace of mind.

The picture above is from a wonderful Monday morning in Madison Square Park, located where W 25th St becomes E 25th St.

“I want to wake up in that city that doesn’t sleep.” Yes Frank, me too.

Waiting for New York!

It’s almost the end of our adventure in New Paltz and we had a great time during these weeks, but I think that now we all are focused on just one thing: New York City!
I can’t stop to imagine how our next two months will be! I’ve never been in the City before this experience and my first time was few weeks ago: during that trip I discover an amazing place, where I will spend a lot of time, the High Line.
Some days before I left  for the U.S., I was watching television and there was a documentary about Chelsea and the Meatpacking. What I immediately liked the most was  the High Line. So you can imagine how  curious I was to walk in the middle of it. Well, now I can say that that park is more beautiful than I expected. It’s really particular! The rails, the wood benches, the plants all around…there aren’t enough words to describe this place…here are just some photos.

The Wall Street Walk

The Wall Street Walk

Thinking about a career on Wall Street? Do you want to understand how every day billions of dollars move from one pocket to another one? Do you want to know how some of the richest men in the history made their money?

Well, that’s Wall Street.

Before leaving from Italy to head to New York I was very interested in visiting Wall Street and the Financial District. But I was looking for something different from the normal touristic tours, organized by travel agencies, in which you have only some quick stops near the Wall Street Bull and the New York Stock Exchange Main Entrance. I wanted to get an insider view of this fascinating place, I wanted to talk to someone with a real knowledge of its history. Because Wall Street is not just a street in Downtown Manhattan! It’s a symbol of the U.S. financial industry with a long history stretching back over 200 years.

So I did my own research online and it came up the possibility to join a tour called “The Wall Street Walk”. They offered you the guide of real finance experts and the chance to get into a real main trading room in the NYSE and stand there for some minutes just to take some pictures and look around. The problem is that this tour is only available few days per month and it is always overbooked, but planning it in advance can be really helpful.

This experience offers a unique angle on the buzz behind the biz, with tour guides who have all worked for such industry titans as Goldman Sachs, Deutsch Bank, and J.P. Morgan. Tours include the “Wall Street Insider” tour, the “Wall Street Movie” tour, and the “Financial Crisis” tour.

My guide was Anneline Dinkelmann, a former Morgan Stanley employee, specialized in the retelling and recreation of financial history. Before becoming a guide she spent many hours digging through the NYSE archives, so don’t be surprised if she shows you a copy of the legendary Buttonwood Agreement or photos of the original building where Alexander Hamilton used to live.

This walking tour takes you to parts of the city which you’d never normally see. You will have the opportunity to:

  • Get into a real trading room, to experience the fast-paced and vibrant environment
  • Learn the history of the largest, most watched financial exchange in the world
  • Learn how a group of businessmen working under a Buttonwood tree grew to become the most-watched and important component of the US and global economy
  • Discover the origins of Wall Street when shipping and rail companies ruled the day
  • See where financial icons like J.P. Morgan, Andrew Carnegie and John D. Rockefeller made history
  • See Delmonico’s, Stone Street and the other fine dining restaurants in the financial district where Wall Street power brokers go to lunch
  • Understand the importance of the Dow Jones Index so that you understand what Maria Bartiromo is talking about next time you watch Closing Bell.

I have a wonderful memory of this tour and I strongly recommend it to everyone interested in. So just keep your mind open and suck in the experience!!

Italian prime minister speech at the New York Stock Exchange

Italian flag on the NYSE

When Jeff Pollard, the coordinator of the IIB students, told me about this amazing opportunity, I couldn’t believe him. We had been invited to listen to the Italian prime minister speech at the New York Stock Exchange. I instantly accepted his proposal even if this talk began at 8.30 in the morning. This meant getting up at 5.30 am and taking the bus from New Paltz to New York at 6 am.

So early in the morning, the the Italian students and I went to New York City and we experienced a very powerful feeling: looking at our flag on the Wall Street main entrance, next to the American flag. We were all very proud of that and we took many pictures there. Then we walked into the stock market and we were directed to a conference room where we listened to the Italian prime minister (Enrico Letta) speech about how to get out of the financial crisis and its effects. He also talked about how to push the Italian economy in order to increase the employment rate, especially among young people.  As all the financial talks that can affect the investment decisions of a great number of people,  it ended before the opening of the stock market at 9.00 am. I am very pleased to have been present to this event because it was important both for me and my personal growth and hopefully also for Italy that is currently in the middle of a very difficult moment because of the financial crisis.

Best part of Manhattan

This weekend most of us went to Manhattan. We had dinner at The Smith in East Village, a really good restaurant. It was quite crowded and noisy but had really great food. If you go there, order the salmon!



But what I really want to recommend is to  take a walk on the lower manhattan. There is a small park called Battery Park and a walk right by the river, with the view of Statue of Liberty, New Jersey on the other side of the river and The 1 World Trade Center behind your back.
We took a walk in the sun, saw some huuuge boats and enjoyed the fresh air.





Mexican food at Tacombi in NYC



Those of you who are hungry for Mexican food and would like to try a great place in NYC – Listen up!

At 267 Elizabeth St (Nolita) you will find a small, loud, dark, genuine, and-and completely… wonderful restaurant called Tacombi.

From the VW bus, delicious tacos are being prepared for hungry and friendly guests. The service is great and as bright as all the countless candles that lights up this cozy former storage room. If you find it hard to choose from the menu, just ask the waitress to surprise you – and she will keep that promise!

If you will go for the tacos, order at least three different kinds. If you would like their homemade juice, the watermelon is really good. If you haven’t booked a table, be prepared to wait for 30 min. If you would like great Mexican food in a restaurant you will never forget, go to Tacombi!

Across the Atlantic Ocean – First Impressions

After studying for more than a month and finally  finishing the Bachelor of Economics back in Germany, I traveled to New York City to spend two weeks of vacation before the IIB program started.

Staying at a student’s apartment I found on Airbnb, I was in the right place to experience New York from a local’s perspective. It was located on East 106th Street, only a few subway stations from the main attractions of Manhattan.

New York can be overwhelming, especially when it is your first time in the city, but after a few days and a lot of walking around I finally settled.

After a few days of sightseeing in New York, I visited a friend in Washington DC. for a weekend. Compared to New York, Washington is much more quite and very pretty. We walked a lot and saw some of the main sights, like the White House, the National Mall, the National Zoo (with its Panda Bears) and much more.

The place my friend lives at, Alexandria, VA, is a small town a few minutes outside of Washington DC. It is very pretty with all its historic houses built by British settlers. All in all the trip felt a little like vacation from the loud and vibrant city of New York.

After my Washington trip I stayed a few more days in  New York to visit the bank I’ll be working at starting in October. Also I went ice skating in one of the best ice rinks I have seen so far (Chelsea Piers).

One day I went to Coney Island for a day on the beach and to ride the wooden roller-coaster that was build almost a hundred years ago.  Scary!

Ann-Christin on the Staten Island Ferry - Manhattan Skyline in the background

Ann-Christin on the Staten Island Ferry – Manhattan Skyline in the background

Panda Bear in the National Zoo Washington DC.

Panda Bear in the National Zoo Washington DC.

NYC, the city that never sleeps…

A lovely-sunny Sunday in NYC

A lovely-sunny Sunday in NYC

So,  I’ ve never visited NYC before.

I would like to share my first impressions about New York City with you….

When I went out of the grand central and saw the New York Times Building in front of me, I seemed to be so small!:- ) I felt so cosmopolitan, it was amazing!

I can’ t imagine that I am really there now.

First, we went to Time Square to have a coffee and a sandwich at Europa Cafe. It was delicious and also the location and atmosphere at this place was fantastic.

Afterwards we went to Fifth Avenue. First we took the direction to the Flaitiron Building and then we went down the Fifth to Central Park. In between we had a delicious lunch at Artisanal, Fromagerie – Bistro – Wine Bar, 2 Park Avenue New York City, 10016. I can really recommend it!

Of course, we stopped at some famous boutiques like Louis Vuitton, Zara, Abercrombie&Fitch, Tiffany, Nike and Apple.

At the end of the day, we relaxed in Central Park. We enjoyed that we were in NYC lying in the sun and making some jokes. We were so happy about our Trip. Before I couldn’t imagine  how romantic the Central Park is, but I can tell you, it is one of the most romantic places I´ve ever visited!!!

St. Patrick's Day

On saturday we went to the parade and was fantastic, we saw many people dressed like irish also with strange green customes, was so funny. Everything was fine except for the storm, we didnt expected it so we were wet and cold. Except for that we had a great time.

Here are some pictures of the parade

Moving to NYC!!

I can’t believe the first 8 weeks in New Paltz already passed! We have had a great time here, a lot of studying but also funny moments. Me and the Swedish girls went to Mohonk Preserve this weekend for hiking, it was very beautiful and relaxing.

This week is filled with exams and final presentations and on Friday we are moving to NYC. I will spend the next eight weeks as a Wholesale Marketing Intern at Tommy Hilfiger and I am so excited to start!

New York City

New York City