My first visit to The World’s Most Famous Arena


One of the major reasons that I chose the IIB program is the chance to be in one of the most amazing event venue-cities in the world. And as a crazy New York Rangers-fan I would lie if I said I wasn’t biased towards Madison Square Garden. It’s not called “The World’s Most Famous Arena” for nothing as it has hosted some spectacular concerts and sporting events. Last week I unfortunately had to travel to JFK to visit customs for a new stamp in my passport and decided to do something good with the trip. I scheduled a tour of MSG.

9.30 in the morning I stood in the lobby among a bunch of typical tourists (including a group of guys from Sweden) excited for what was to come. I couldn’t believe the fact that I was actually here, where my precious Blueshirts spend so much time during the NHL-season. After a tour of the food court and “Defining Moments Exhibit” (where “The Great One” Wayne Gretzky had a case of his own) we got to go through a luxury suite into the arena space itself. During this day it was getting ready for night two of Kanye West’s show. The guide told us about the crazy fact that the reason we didn’t see any real stage was because he “floated” above the crowd. Talk about an innovative artist! It was magical to be here and picture that in just about a month the Rangers would hit the ice just below the temporary floor and the seats would be full with fans singing and shouting for their team.


We moved up to the bridge that is the highest point of the arena for spectators. The view was amazing! But now came the part I was most excited for. We went all the way down to the floor level because now it was time to see the locker rooms. We entered through the glass wall that separated the players from the fans at Delta Sky360 Club during the teams’ entry to the ice during games. We walked past the rack where the hockey sticks are placed during games and there it was: the Rangers locker room. Just a few feet from the New York Knicks/New York Liberty locker room. It was truly a dream come true to see the place where surely a lot of emotions, pep-talks and frustration has taken place. A noticeable attribute is the fact that the Rangers logo is covered up by a carpet. Why? Ice hockey players are extremely superstitious and would rather not see or talk about the logo – and definitely not step on it as it would be bad luck. Yes, it’s true just read about when Justin Bieber stepped on the Chicago Blackhawks logo and what the sporting world felt about it. It’s no joke!


That’s it for me this time, have a great week and never stop dreaming!

My internship experience

IMG_7856Picture yourself in a dream — one that’s realistic and can become true in the future. Now picture how you can reach your dream. One year ago I had a dream – to study abroad for one semester and combine my studies and internship at a PR agency in the city of dreams, New York. As I was picturing it, I found a two-part program with academics and an internship in New York. I applied for the program and got accepted in February. When I saw that I was accepted I realized that it was going to happen, I was going to live my dream in the fall. My name is Agnes Nilsson, I’m 23 years old, I’m from Sweden, and right now I am living my dream in New York City.

I started my internship at Krupp Kommunications on October 19th and I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t nervous – actually I was terrified – but that feeling soon disappeared as I entered the office at 19th Street and 6th Avenue and received a warm welcome. I was introduced to everyone, shown to my desk, and given my first project – to media monitor the New York Times. It was fun to be thrown directly into a project and I learned that day the importance of media monitoring, and now, I finally understand what the saying “being a news junkie” means.

During the past four weeks I’ve learned a lot more than the importance of media monitoring, I’ve also learned that research is the key to success. Besides doing media monitoring, I’ve done several different research projects for clients such as One World Academy, Kim Perell and Nerium: One World Academy is a wisdom school in India, Kim Perell is an entrepreneur who wants to help others build their business, and Nerium is a business that offers not only skin care products, but also opportunities for entrepreneurship.

As you see, I have had the opportunity to work with a wide range of clients, which I think is one of the best things working within the PR industry. I’ve done research about their competitors and potential influencers, which allowed me to develop my research skills. I’ve learned the importance of doing excellent research to make sure that you have all your bases covered. Also, I learned the importance of finding the correct media contact to reach out to when sending out a new issue of a magazine or press release to make sure it gets into the right hands.

I also got the opportunity to participate in a brainstorm meeting and I can tell you it’s even more fun than it seems! If I could, I would love to be in a brainstorm meeting all day every day!

FUN is the word that best describes my experience so far and I know that the next week is going to be even better. Since working in the PR industry means that you will never have a day that looks the same I don’t know which assignments will be given to me, but I do have one occasion planned – I’m going to be backstage at the Today Show with reality stars Les and Seth Gold from “Hardcore Pawn” on December 14th. I’m so excited and I know it will be fun!

I’m happy that I’m finally living my dream and I encourage you all to try and live yours as well, it’s an incredible feeling. Pick one of your dreams, map out how to reach it, and just do it!



FullSizeRender-70 FullSizeRender-72 FullSizeRender-73

The industry city distillery is an experimental distillery located in Brooklyn that claims to pursue better craft spirits through science. The crafted product is a beet sugar vodka that becomes entirely created in New York City, from the distillery process till the hand made labeling, packaging and distribution. Every Saturday at 3PM you can join the one-hour tour through the distillery and learn about how the vodka is crafted.

The tour was very interesting and lined out why the two entrepreneurs consider themselves as being experimental and also revolutionary in term of for example energy saving during the distilling process. You can listen how the immobilized cell bioreactor fermentation system works and ask many questions. At the end you will get a drink that you can choose from the menu. Snipping your cocktail you have a very nice view on the Skyline of New York´s financial district. All in all it is a great tour.

Cost: $5.50


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Walk walk walk

We have now finally moved to the big city that we all have dreamt about! There is so much to do and so little time, so yesterday me and Frida decided to talk a long walk almost thru entire Manhattan.

We started in our area, 108th and Broadway, upper west side, which is a beautiful area with a lot of food markets, restaurants, lovely buildings and cozy coffee shops. Only 10 minutes away you can walk into Central Park. Central Park this time a year is amazing, the leaves are still on the trees and are all yellow, red and orange! We walked all the way thru the Park, and stepped by some of the mandatory things you need to se.

  • The boathouse. Most of us girls knows this place from Sex and the City. It’s a cozy restaurant overlooking one of the smaller lakes, quit pricey thou. Other than that you can also rent a boat and take a romantic paddle.
  • Alice in Wonderland statue. East side at 75th St, enter at Fifth Ave and 76th St (right next to the boathouse). Next to the statue theirs a small pond where you can rent a small motorizing sailing boat that you can drive from the side.
  • The Great Lawn Softball Field is great in the warmer months when there are games on. But this time a year it’s good to just pass by and watch people.
  • The bow bridge
  • Horse carriage
  • Walk around the big lake
  • Listen to all the talented people performing in Central Park

This is just a handful of all the thing you can do in Central Park. But I recommend all the IIB students to take yourselves to central park right now! Before the leaves start to fall.

After Central Park we walked all the way down to Soho. It was a long walk but I promise its worth all the pain you’re going to feel in your feet. To just stroll around is the best way to discover New York, walk down district by district!

I wish all of my IIB students, and other fellow readers a great Halloween, be safe and take care!

Push Your Limits!

What are “normaPicsArt_1446238979271l” people doing if they don’t have to work on a Saturday morning at 6:30am? Exactly, they sleep! Usually, I would do the same, but not last Saturday. For me, it was “boot camp time” on the Brooklyn Bridge – also known as one of New York’s toughest workouts.

Three years ago I saw a German TV documentary about the Brooklyn Bridge Boot Camp that has been founded by the German, Ariane Hundt. Since then, it was my dream to participate in one of her Brooklyn Bridge workouts and to enjoy the unforgettable backdrop, the New York skyline.

As we moved to New York two weeks ago I remembered the chance of getting a new running experience. Hence, I googled the Boot Camp website and I was hooked by Ariane Hundt’s statements:

Challenge yourself like never before! Define your abs,
slim your hips and thighs, lift your butt and burn about 800 calories!”

Spontaneously, I signed up for the Brooklyn Bridge workout at 8:00am last Saturday, what meant that I had to get up at 6:30am. I know, I am crazy; however, it was definitely worth it!20151024_080035

As I left the subway station “Brooklyn Bridge – City Hall” the panorama with the Brooklyn Bridge and the World Trade Center were super inspirational. At this time only a few tourists but many runners were enjoying the amazing views.

Meeting point was the ramp at the Manhattan side of the Brooklyn Bridge. We have been a group of 10 people. After a short introduction and warm up, the workout started directly towards the bridge. From that moment, there were no times for excuses anymore 😉

It was high-intensity-interval-training, consisting of running sessions and strength trainings. Usually, I used the bench for relaxing but during the boot camp the benches and the free spaces on the bridge got a new meaning for exercises such as step ups, pushups, tricep dips, lunges or wall sits. I had less time to breathe but a lot of fun. The tourists on the bridge were not disturbing, in fact rather the opposite, I was motivated by them to do my best.

After the workout I re20151024_090119alized that I don’t need any gym to get into shape. My body is all I need but using the own body weight can be the biggest challenge that needs to be overcome. However, for anyone who is interested in an intense workout, running, being outside should definitely sign up for this classes. Outside classes will also be offered in Upper East Side, Brooklyn and in the Central Park. So, check out the Bootcamp’s website for more information and deals (

If you are thinking about kicking your butt and burning mega body fat outside, one tip for you: leave all unnecessary things at home, except a water bottle, because there is no possibility to change clothes or lock valuables.

Get ready for the new experience and push your limits, you won’t regret it! I already signed up for a another workout session 😉

New York Experience

It’s been almost two weeks since we moved to New York City, and it has proved to be an amazing experience. The City is huge, and there are astonishing places just like Central Park and the Times Square I just don’t get tired of seeing. Waking up every day to go and work at Wall Street is a unique experience, as you can learn a lot just by talking to people or listening to them. In my first days working at Lavazza I have met great people and have learned a lot about business. Moreover, the view from my office is incredible, and there are not many better spots to wait for the sunset while looking at the Brooklyn Bridge. It is comforting to know that this experience is just starting, and these months will mark my life in many ways.

Bow Bridge im Central Park, Manhattan, New York City, New York, USA

Business casual in New York City!!! The Jingle ;-)

What a great day it was today!

Even though it was rainy, there were no clouds in my sky.

Even though it was cold, I felt so warm inside.

Even though I had no more than a few hours sleep, I sensed the energy running through my body, right down into my feet.

Even though I missed my parents and family so badly, their voices never seemed so close and loudly.


Who knew this time would have come for me? How could I have ever expected it, when only a few weeks ago I was struggling with troubles and praying for an opportunity to knock at my door?


The truth is that, one day you’re up. The next day you’re down.

It is the balance of life that you can’t live without.


Yesterday I was a student in New Paltz University.

Today I’m a New Yorker facing hugeness, and diversity.

I live on my own in a beautiful apartment.

I have a wonderful job in a HR department.

I give people a chance to prove their value, and despite the difficulties, it is never a failure.

Every day is different in this incredible city and I can’t wait longer for new adventures and activities.


Sometimes you get the feeling that all is going well;

Luck is right there, ringing at your bell.


The world is smiling to you.
Your time has come to shine and all your dreams are on their way to come true.


When these days arrive, you better ride the wave! Push yourself to the limit and don’t go far away.

This jingle is a way to show you the truth.

You can always be serious but also funny and cool. 😉


Hugs and Kisses,




You wanted the bicycle? Now pedal!

This was my first weekend in the city as an Inter! The first week of work was over and I wanted to do something great preparing myself for a new week! So … my decision was to rent a bike and pedaling towards Williamsburg, one of the Brooklyn neighborhood.

After one hour walking around Williamsburg, my friend and I decided to stop to eat something and in a minute we realized that it was a great occasion to do our first “Sunday brunch” in New York! Simple Café

Our choice was a so nice restaurant frequented by many guys and families, it name is Simple Cafè (view the website clicking on the image).
From outside I saw fantastic bagels with eggs, bacon  and hollandaise sauce. Everything looked delicious and everyone seemed happy. Why not stop here?! In a few minute we sat down and we started to decide our orders. There were so many typical dishes for a fantastic brunch. So yummy! It was a strong decision, but at the end we decided for the classic dish that the waitress suggested to us: bagel with eggs, bacon and obviously pancakes with maple syrup for dessert. All was really incredible! A perfect lunch in a cool place in a wonderful sunny Sunday.

When we finished to enjoy our brunch, we decided to start a small trip along the East River: from Williamsburg to Dumbo, another amazing neighborhood in Brooklyn, exactly near to the Brooklyn Bridge. The distance is approximately 3miles, no more than 30 minutes by bike; we had time to take a lot of photos, do some shopping and explore the neighborhoods of Brooklyn before come back at home. The weather was perfect and quite, why not?! In this way we could appreciate the amazing view of Manhattan. It was like seeing a different city, with the chance to admire the beauty of its skyscrapers with much more calm and no traffic noise. In that moment I thought there could be nothing better, but I was completely wrong! In fact, at the end of our “trip”, we had a big surprise. We arrived at the Brooklyn Bridge Park in the late afternoon, when the sun was going down. The sky became red in a few minutes and Manhattan changed his appearance in short time. Around 6.30 pm all became dark and the city was turning on its light. I thought to have so much photos about that skyline, but that scenario was completely different from the previous one.

It was exactly when I took my camera that I realized…that ride was comparable to all my experience of the last few months: the departure two months ago from Milan where everything seemed surreal, the path (sometimes uphill) in New Paltz where I did many things and I met new people and now …  here, in New York City, for one of the most important result of my life. So now you can understand the reason why I choose the title ” You wanted the bicycle? Now pedal!”. It is a typical Italian saying and it refers to a situation where someone was dreaming of or striving for some goal/outcome, and once obtained it, he or she must to take all it entails – good, bad, overwhelming, or challenging as it may be.
That is exactly what I’m living here since two months, but now, half of my experience, I look back and I understand that the climb was exhausting, but from here the view is amazing!

Good luck to all my classmates and friends of IIB program.

Manhattan Skyline from Dumbo

The Brooklyn Bridge

Hi everyone!

For the past days, we’ve had an amazing weather outside with temperatures that can be compared to a Swedish summer. Therefore, I decided to walk and not take the subway home from my internship yesterday, which means that I had to cross the Brooklyn bridge by feet. I left my job located in the financial district and when i reached the bridge I was totally stunned. The wind that hit me was warm and it had the wonderful smell of water. This in combination with my favorite artist in the headphones and the amazing view had a strong impact on me. That walk was more than just a walk home from the job, it was an experience that I’m going to remember a long time. I recommend everyone to cross that bridge before leaving this city!

IMG_2114 IMG_2116 IMG_2113 IMG_2115


HI everyone!

Today is one week that we are in NYC, but it seems like three days. I love staying here, there is so much to do e to see. I started my Bertelsmann’s experience last Monday and I can consider myself lucky because I work with an amazing and knowledgeable team. They have been so friendly with me since the first working day. My shift is from 9AM to 5PM and this is cool because I am having the possibility of visiting the City. I am strolling around every neighborhood. Two days ago, I went to my mates’ apartment and we had a real Italian dinner, homemade by them: rigatoni with tomatoes sauce, mozzarella, bresaola and speck; I loved that moment; we had fun. Every morning, I can’t wait to start each day, to enter in the Penguin Random House’ building with my badge, to open my 20th floor office and to switch on my huge Mac.

A tip for future IIb students: you must find Trader and Joe’s market and buy their own Macaroni and Cheese; surely you will love them, exactly as I did!!