My time in New York City

Our time here in New York City has passed so quickly. It feels that we just got of the bus from New Paltz and maybe been here for two weeks or so. Now we have been here for six weeks and we have only two and a half left until the graduation. CRAZY! During these six weeks a lot has happened. Both my dad and my best friend has been here visiting me and next week comes my mom.

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When my dad was here we just had a great time not doing that much. It was his 13th time in the city so we did not feel like doing all of the touristy stuff once again. We ate great food, had morning workouts, a little bit of shopping and laughed a lot. A perfect weekend!

The weekend after that my best friend from home, Veronica, visited me and finally I got to check one of the boxes on my bucket list. Guess what?! We did the Manhattan Skyline Helicopter Tour. That is probably the best thing I have ever done. It was insanely cool. The tour was 20 minutes but sooooo worth it! We went around the entire Manhattan aunt he weather was perfect. Besides the helicopter tour we went out a couple of times, did a lot of shopping and had so much fun.

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Next up is a weekend with my mom. She arrives on Wednesday and will stay until Monday. We do not really have any plans either. Just stroll around, eat good food and have a good time. After that weekend I only have one weekend left and then I am heading to NICARAGUA!

A Special Week in NYC

… not that every week in NYC is very special but there are weeks that are more especial than others both in positive and in negative ways.

But let us start with some positive events. On Friday evening by badly missed boyfriend arrived in NYC to stay for ten days. This was my chance to finally get some sightseeing accomplished. With the beautiful weather, we went to central park, walked the Highline, visited Chelsea Market and strolled trough the Meatpacking District. Afterward, we went to Soho for some shopping at some great sample sales. On Sunday we walked the Brooklyn Bridge, strolled trough Brooklyn, Prospect Park, and Williamsburg.

My work week was really exciting as well, as Sergio Rossi’s management team visited our office and clients in the US. It was an amazing experience to meet the team and support the team to ensure a smooth course of events.

Tuesday and Wednesday were days with a more negative connotation. I was excited to be in the US during these big presidential elections. I sat the whole evening in front of the TV, switching between German and US TV covering the course and results of the election. At 11:30pm I was so scared to see the final results that I turned off the TV and went to bed. However, at 2am I woke up to see that friends and family have texted me that Trump as been elected to be the next president of the US. I tried to go back to sleep and hoped that when I wake up that I just had a bad dream. Unfortunately, it was not!

However, we filled our evenings with great activities as my boyfriend really wanted to make the most of his first visit to NYC. We went to a game between Brooklyn Nets and New York Knicks at Madison Square Garden, which was an amazing experience. Not only that the Knicks won but also the whole course of the event was astonishing.

On Thursday evening we went to Broadway to see Cirque de Solei’s Paramour. An amazing mix of breathtaking acrobatic and a musical.

On Friday we went to a wonderful Indian Restaurant called Awadh close to Hotel 99, which I can recommend to everyone who is a big fan of Indian food and great wine.

Saturday was my 25th birthday and my family sang for me view Skype. Me, my boyfriend and all girls from the program, some of their friends and family, met for an amazing birthday brunch at a Regional right around the corner of Hotel99.

This was just the perfect round up of a wonderful week. And I want to thank all of you again for being part of it.




Moving into the city!

First week in New York City – CHECK!

First week of internship – CHECK!

First week of getting used to it – CHECK!

It´s been one week since we started our new life in the city. Everything is so different from New Paltz, and sadly a little more expensive. First things, first. Moving in. We arrived to the new place, we bought the food and installed ourselves. It is a very beautiful neighborhood and nothing like living in New York City. We started our internships which have been amazing! A lot of new things to learn and experience from the American culture. I really recommend you to first walk around and start getting to know the place. We all arrive and can get a little crazy with the shopping and the amazing restaurants, but believe me there is no need to. You live in the city were you have everything at the moment, there is no need to buy everything in one stop when you can buy one thing a day. Walk around, sit on the parks and enjoy it! It really has been a beautiful experience!!! I am amazed by it!

Let me know which places you recommend visiting!





Brunch: a meal that combines breakfast and lunch and is usually eaten in late morning. This defined our weekend.

During this past weekend we decided to go and visit the city. We arrived on Friday afternoon and left on Sunday evening. All of our weekend was about brunching. We knew that NYC was best known for their 24hrs brunches, so we decided to try it out.

On Saturday morning we decided to walk around and see which place looked the best. We were around the East Village were we saw a Mexican place called “La Palapa” that said CHILAQUILES!!!!



We did not even think about it, and we just went immediately. Chilaquiles is one of Mexico typical plate, and they were delicious! The salsa was so good, I could have eaten all day long. As a Mexican I totally approve this restaurant as being 100% typical food. It tasted just like home, they even had Cafe de Olla with piloncillo! I can´t find more words to describe how good it was.




On Sunday morning we decided to go and taste one restaurant called Cafeteria in Chelsea. We saw it on Instagram the night before and it looked so good that we decided to see it by ourselves. It was amazing! I order coffee, a croissant with homemade jam, and an avocado toast. I can´t even explain in words how delicious it was! And the best part, it´s 24hr!


Our weekend was over, but am pretty sure there will be lots of other amazing restaurants to try! Let me know which other places in NYC are worth going!!


Interview Tips


Like most people I at some point was completely lost when it came to interviews. I still feel kind of lost but I have picked up some tips along the way, especially during our search for internships in New York City. This post are hopefully helpful to someone who like me feels a little uneasy with the whole thing.

First off, if you’re traveling a distance or staying out a day for several interviews; then there are things you should have in your bag. This is from my point of view as a women but I’m sure there are many things you could add/remove from your point of view!

Pack in your bag:

  • Resumes: ALWAYS have printed copies of your resume with you, if they ask for it and you don’t – terrible for your standing. This tip I got from my advisors and teachers here at IIB who all emphasised how important it was.
  • Notes: Don’t underestimate doing your research. It makes a better impression if you know your stuff!
  • Deodorant/perfume: Running around can get sweaty and using one of these or both could improve any possible smell but also make you feel more confident.
  • Wet wipes: This actually became useful to me when I was in New York for two interviews. I had time for lunch in between and managed to get an unfortunate stain on my white shirt. Luckily a wet wipe did the trick!
  • Water: If you don’t have a lot of time, water can be important because you don’t want to get dehydrated.
  • Change of shirt: Not necessary but if you’re away for an entire day and something happens – it can save your day.

These followings are tips for preparation, the day of the interview and some other things I’ve thought of:

  • Do your research!
  • Prepare your answers for the classic questions such as strengths, weaknesses, a conflicting situation you overcame, a problem you solved, a deadline you had to hit, your interest in the position – make sure it all is relevant to the position.
  • Dress well but be YOU! It’s not always worth it to be uncomfortable just to be well dressed. Make sure you feel good about your outfit – it shines through!
  • Be early! I’m a time optimist and always stressing out so getting to a location ridiculously early really helps me. Especially if you haven’t been there before, get there early and sit down at a café or something. Check out nearby coffee shops or restaurants on Google Maps before hand if you feel unsure! Take the time to revise notes and calm down.
  • Smile at everyone! I was told to both smile and say hi if acknowledged as anyone might be a potential coworker and having a good impression of you is therefore an advantage.
  • Freshen up!  Before you head to the office, freshen up and check your appearance quickly in a mirror.


My New York Bucketlist

Before I came here to New Paltz I did not have any expectations about the program, the town or the campus. Since I have had friends who did this program a year ago I have heard some information, but mostly, that information was about the internship and the time on Manhattan. Okay, now I lied a little bit. I thought the life here in New Paltz would be a little bit more college-like. Like the ones you have seen on the movies, but a little bit less hectic. Besides that, I did not have any expectations which have been really nice since you not get disappointed if something does not go the way you want to.


Now, we have been here for five weeks and the time passes by so quickly. Because of that, and because of low expectations, I have done a New York Bucketlist! For those who do not know what a bucket list is, it is list of activities someone wants to do before he or she dies, in my case before I leave the states. So here we go:

  • Go to a Collage party – Since it is my first time at a real American college you need (read NEED) go to a real College party. We have tried to get to know some American students, but unfortunately with no further success. So we will see if we can make it in the three weeks we have left in New Paltz.
  • Fly helicopter over Manhattan – It was actually my friend who introduced this adventure to me because she did it the last time she was in New York. She told me that it was amazing and if you have the money and time you should definitely do it! So now I have been saving money to see Manhattan from above!
  • Go to Boston – A journey to Boston have I dreamt of before I even came to the U.S. Everybody keep telling me what a beautiful city Boston is and because of how relatively close it is to New York, this really is a must-do. We have actually booked a trip to Boston and we leave October 8th! So this “bucket” will actually be fulfilled.
  • Watch a Ranger’s game – Henrik Lundqvist is my idol and have been since I was a child so that would be so cool and watch him play in Madison Square Garden.
  • Eat a real, typical American brunch – I have not looked up any restaurants yet but something I do know is that I want to have one real, typical and big American brunch with egg, bacon, bagels, pancakes and avocado sandwiches! And a really good smoothie and fresh fruits.
  • Watch a Knicks game – I am a basketball player so this would be so cool! I saw a game in Chicago, Bulls vs Charlotte Bobcats, when I was 15 and that was amazing. But I think it is different now when you have been living in the city and be able to watch the game in Madison Square Garden.
  • Watch a late night show – If I could cheat a little bit, I actually put this “bucket” on the list when we got the tickets to the Jimmy Fallon show. I had not thought about it before Emilia hatched the idea. The show is the 24th of October, WOW! That is going to be so much fun!
  • Have drinks on a rooftop bar – This “bucket” I think will be completed first, after the Boston trip. I know that we all have been longing for a night in Manhattan on a really cool rooftop bar. It should preferably be with a glas of white wine in my hand when the sun is setting.

I will follow up with this post at the end of our New York adventure to see what “buckets” I have done. Do you think I will check all of them?

Two Interviews and an Exciting Lunchbreak

I was invited to 2 interviews in NYC.

img_20160912_064629I caught an early bus from New Paltz to the city; even though my first interview was not until 11am. The decision to leave early paid off. The bus arrived at New Paltz Park and Ride on time but with the announcement that it has a defect and a replacement vehicle will arrive soon. The replacement arrived half an hour later and traffic city bound is on Monday morning guaranteed. We arrived one hour later than expected at Port Authority.

My first interview was on Madison Ave. I took the subway uptown and tried to find the correct building. As I still had one hour left, I decided to sit down at a close by café, go trough my notes again and get set for the interview. At 11:10 am I walked back to the office building and called my contact at the company as she had asked me to do so when we set up the interview. I expected her to give me further directions where to go to. Against my expectations, she told me to stay in the lobby; she and her team will come downstairs. After introducing themselves they told me we would have the interview at a coffee shop close by as their office is currently under construction. This situation was a flashback to an interview I had a few years ago where the exact same thing happened. As that previous interview went really well, this unexpected change of plans made me even more confident instead of unsettling me. Retrospectively I can say that this interview went really well too.

After this interview, I intended to head down to Soho where my next interview was going to take place. Finding my way to the right subway station to catch the train I had planned to take was not as easy as I had expected. My wander took me past MoMA, where I could hardly resist going inside, I spotted Top of the Rock and went past St. Patrick’s Cathedral until I found my way to the subway station at 51st and Lexington Ave.


14311270_10209405582723858_828780760604635929_oWhen I arrived in Soho, I sat down in a café to have some lunch, sent my thank you note and regained some energy for my interview in the afternoon. I texted a friend of mine, who happened to be an IIB Alumni from last fall and was staying for the week in New York City, what her plans for the day were. As she happened to be in Soho, she came to the café and we shared our experiences from the program so far.


After our lunch, I had not much time left to prepare for the interview. Therefore, I left the café later than planned but not in a hurry as Google maps notified me that the way would take only 6 minutes. However, I should have learned from my experience from the morning. I went a few times into the completely wrong direction but found the office at last and was still early.

The second interview with a brand strategy agency was more traditional compared to my interview in the morning but still very interesting. I really liked the people and the office location.

img_20160912_175804After this exhausting day with so many exciting meetings, I decided to stroll around Soho and walked up to Washington Square Park to enjoy the sun for a while before taking the subway back to Port Authority.img_20160912_175641

Birthday Bash: Celebrating life !

I am one of the very lucky persons who had the chance to celebrate her birthday during this wonderful stay in the US. Probably I look much younger but indeed, I turned 25 last week and all the people around me made it a very special day. Actually, it felt like celebrating birthday not only for one day but the whole weekend.

Happy me !It already started with cheering at midnight in our hotel room where my IIB girls had prepared a wonderful surprise with flowers, balloons, gifts, wine, and sushi. Although everybody was a bit tired of a tough week, we all had the power to dance and sing !
And the surprise continued in the moThe perfect birthday breakfastrning when I went to our lobby where I found a table prepared with the perfect birthday breakfast including chocolate dipped strawberries and waffles! And even more gifts! I felt more than thrilled and was super happy about how much effort the girls put into this, although we only hOutput rooftop view ad known each other for not even three weeks, simply amazing (it’s time to thank you again, girls, at this point!).

After this perfect start, I ran to the bus station to go down to NYC where my better half, my sister has already been waiting for me. She just flew from Switzerland to NYC to celebrate this day with me. I think we checked out all the nice rooftop bars, restaurants, brunch places and boutiques of this city. It would take too long to get into detail here, but I thought to share a top list of the best places we have visited in order to give you the opportunity to make your day the greatest day of the year. You should check it out even if it’s not your birthday. There is always a reason to celebrate. Let’s celebrate life.

Here is my “perfect-birthday-in-NYC-list“:

  • Get your day started with a fresh brunch at the stonework café in Brooklyn. You should better make a reservation, this place is always crowded, especially on weekends
  • Then head over to the Meatpacking district where you can just walk around and enjoy the neighborhood. Obviously, you can’t miss the Chelsea Market, where you will find a lot of nice boutiques and cafés
  • When you get tired of all the walking, grab a cooled Aperol Spritz and a little snack in a cosy Italian place called Barbuto
  • Especially for the ladies reading the blog, I’d suggest a little stop over at Bleecker Street where you have a huge choice of little boutiques with new, hip designers
  • After so much hard work, it’s time for dinner: this place is absolutely outstanding, with a beautiful decor and excellent Asian food. It became famous when it appeared in the series “Sex and the City”. Very fancy.
  • In order to finish your birthday while swinging your hips, you should go to Output, a rooftop bar/club in Brooklyn with an amazing view over the city. Absolutely breathtaking!

I guess seeing the pictures one can tell that we had a great time…


One interesting day in NYC


8.24 am – Now, Fanny and I are on our way to New York City to have a whole day in the city with interviews. We woke up at 6.00, got ready, and then took the 7.40am bus. We both are very nervous but it is so nice to at least have each other. We are going to arrive at Port Authority at 9.10 and then we have time to explore the city for couple of hours before we need to get ready for the first interview. See you soon!





10.32 am – We made it to the City! We arrived to Port Authority and then we took the subway to 6th avenue, not far from the first meeting of the day. This meeting is with a PR-agency that is my first choice on my internship list. I got the internship last Wednesday but they wanted to meet me in person. We found a coffee on 6 avenue and here we are with a caffe latte and a cream cheese bagel, very american! And if we are going to talk about american, Gerard Butler just came in to the coffee. FIRST CELEBRITY SEEN!





4.35 pm – And now I can finally take a break. Now I have had one meeting and one interview, plus some shopping in between. Now, I am waiting for Fanny who is at an interview. It has been a really long day with lots of impressions, walking and excitement. Now we have some decisions to make and we thanking New York City for this time. Next, head back to New Paltz and have an amazing weekend with kayaking!

Over and out!

NYC: Love at first sight

Yes, in my whole life I have never been to New York City. However, to make up for this I will not only visit as a tourist but live and work in this beautiful city.img-20160903-wa0000

But before I get ahead of myself, let’s start at the beginning.

Of course, I wanted to visit before moving to this incredible city. Therefore, I booked together with the other girls from IIB the trip organized by University to New York City. We left  New Paltz in the early morning to enjoy a whole day in the city.

The view of Manhattan before the bus entered the Lincoln Tunnel was already breathtaking. But it was even better when we got off the bus at Bryant Park. While walking down 6th Avenue I could not stop looking up at the huge skyscrapers.

After some lunch and shopping at Herald Square, we walked up Broadway towards Times Square to gaze at the huge luminous advertisings.


We took the subway up towards Upper Westside to explore the area around our future home in New York City on 99th Street and Broadway. After looking at the street and not finding the exact building we decided that we were satisfied to just see the surrounding and sat down at a beautiful café called “The Earth Café” to enjoy some coffee and muffins.



As Central Park is not far from the area we took a long stroll trough the park, marvelled the beautiful nature and envisioned how we will walk trough the park in autumn and winter and how beautiful it will look then. We made a stop at the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir to look at the striking skyline. We then took a train from the 86th street back to Times Square and walk towards Bryant Park to catch the bus back to New Paltz.


When I sat on the bus I knew I fell in love with this city and I eagerly anticipate to move to New York City.