Plus Tax

I guess this is another post about cultural differences or better said, customs. For US citizen this post might not make that much sense, but I think some others foreigners might feel identified.

Bills and Coins

Being an accounting guy living on a tight budget, makes me think carefully when shopping. That is why I always add up in my head my groceries and almost everything I buy. But this seem not to work in this country.

I  come from a country that if a product has a price at the shelf, that is the price you will pay to get it.  Taxes are still there, and believe me they are high, but since they are already included. It’s been over a month and still I can’t get used to paying everything a different price from the one posted.

I didn’t notice this effect at full size until my credit card statement got to my e-mail, and believe me, it is a BIG difference. So, this is my humble advice to travelers, when you make plans and trips, take into account Uncle Sam’s cut, because one way or the other, he will reach your pockets!

Traveling is discovering

Last weekend we were walking around in New Paltz and, suddenly, we realized that just across Main Street was an amazing and unique place called ‘Water Street Market‘. This is a beautiful place where you can find a lot of interesting shops selling art, antiques, fashion clothes and food. We decided to have lunch in a small restaurant called the ‘Cheese Plate‘, we ate some really delicious selection of cheese.  We had a great time!

 What a cozy place!


This past week it snowed so much, they had to close the school. To be honest, it was really fun because we could rest, relax and catch up with our duties. I really like cold weather, and as the legend says we have six more weeks to cope with. I never imagined how much I could fall in love with New Paltz. Even though I’m looking forward to going to NYC, it’ll definitely be a pitty to leave New Paltz behind.


We will wake up and realize we were making memories



Today I woke up to the sound of snow. When I looked at the window everything was white. I could´t help but think “I´m very grateful and happy for being here”. It was one of those little unforgettable moments that I can´t understand why some people take for granted. I lived in Canada during High school so of course I had seen a lot of snow before, since we don´t have any in México, but this was different. I realized that I am surrounded by new people, people who are my family now. So all I can think now is this moment, and this people will be in my life forever. Just because I want them to be.

Quote of the day: “Be careful who you make memories with. Those things can last a lifetime.

P.S: Since there were no classes today, my friends and I decided to make a snowman. Here are some pictures I took with my phone. It was so fun!



Building Snowman

Building Snowman



Last weekend I decided to go skiing. It was pretty spontaneous because I didn’t even know we were going as I was just one more name on the waiting list. To my surprise, they called us two days before Saturday and we had the pleasure to go to Hunter Mountain.

I already knew how to ski, but it had been like 2 years since I hadn’t put a pair of skis so I can say I was a bit nervous at the beginning but still, so excited. After practicing a couple of times in the blue and green mountain, I had the guts to go  down a black diamond mountain for the first time in my life! Even though I fell down two or three times, nothing happened and I don’t fear any mountain now.

Skiing is such a wonderful experience and Hunter Mountain is definitely the place to be because of the beautiful view and nature you experience. That feeling of adrenaline through all of my veins and the unlimited speed I could experience down every slight turn, hill or steep path is priceless.

Skiing while it snows and feeling the chilly wind in your face is truly amazing!


Shiny New Paltz

One of the things that impresses me most about New Paltz is the small lights many shops and houses have! I think it gives New Paltz a cozy, charming touch, as if this little town was taken out of a fairy tale.

Like Christmas every day of the week!

A way to survive Phil prediction

Groundhog Phil is forecasting six more weeks of winter.

As here in New Paltz winter seems to be a no laughing matter, we have to find a way to deal with it.

Fortunately we are getting familiar with the campus, learning how to move crossing buildings, in order to keep indoor most of the way.

Here are some picture from the maze of corridors and stairs, between the Business School and the Student Union Building.


Late night workHmm… I wonder where does the word come from?

Homework, readings, assignments, presentations, exams and all kind of due dates will flood your folders and notepads within the first two weeks of classes. Probably most US students are used to this, but if you come from a foreign country and you want to be successful in this educational system, a calendar my friend, will definitely be your best ally.

Assignments are actually not difficult, but time consuming. So, when there are plenty of things to do besides college, you need to be a good administrator. Taking some time every day will not prevent you from going out, and will help you keep pace. But well, we all know that spending a whole night powered up by coffee sometimes is the only solution that will help you to catch up.

Every time I check my agenda I can’t help remembering what Yoko Ono said:

The thing that would most improve my life is 27 hours in a day. I could meet all my deadlines

Culinary Experience!

Last weekend we had the opportunity to visit The Culinary Institute of America, it is a culinary college located in Hyde Park founded in 1946.

Besides the impressive infrastructure they have and the fact of being one of the most privileged gastronomy institutions, the university has four restaurants that are attended by the students themselves.

This time we had the opportunity to visit the Bocuse restaurant, named in honor of the famous chef Paul Bocuse, famous for its excellent cuisine and innovative dishes.

If you love good food you should definitely visit this place and try their unique dishes.
A good place to visit while in New Paltz!

The historical background

I’ m sure all of you are wondering what the name “New Paltz” means.

Well, I found that New Paltz has a good historical background, as it was founded in 1678 from a group of French Huguenots.

The Huguenots had to leave France during religious persecution; they first moved to Mannheim in the German Palatinate, and then crossed the ocean and finally settled near the Wallkill river shore, in the Dutch colony of New Netherland.

In Mannheim’s dialect Palatinate (Pfaltz) is pronounced Paltz, so, thankful for the hospitality they got, the Huguenots wanted to name the place New Paltz.

Nowadays is still possible to see most of the original settlement in what is called “Huguenot Street Historic District”.