Taste of New Paltz 2016

14389845_10206794873583658_1353558867_nHi everyone!

This Sunday was the annual Ulster County Fair of “Taste of New Paltz”, so Barbara, Martha, Ruth and I went there to have some lunch and try local products and restaurants.

We had to take a cab to get there because it´s impossible to go by walking because they are repairing the bridge. We arrived after 10 minutes and it was a big open field place full of trees and stands with a lot of food, wine, beer and local products such as jewelry and clothes.

The place was really nice and a local band was playing so the music was really good and enjoyable, but the weather was hot and cloudy.

There w14407508_10206794871263600_1183850351_nas a lot of food options but we decided to eat tacos and meat, then we all went to a Mexican stand where we bought fresh water. Ruth and Baby ordered “jamaica” and I ordered “horchata”, but my water was different from the one I drink in Mexico, because this one had chopped nuts and cantaloupes but it was good.

14384110_10206794871423604_960733355_nWhen we finished eating we went to a photo booth  and they had a table with funny hats, mustaches, etc. The man who was in charge of it was really nice because the machine usually gives you 2 copies, but he printed out 4 copies so everyone can have their own.

Later we got back to town and we went to the Water Street Market, which is really nice. We took a lot of pictures and walked to the Bakery for a dessert and a frapuccino.

Thanks for reading!!




Exploring New Paltz


Hi everyone!

This is my first post and I’ve been here for two weeks. I explore New Paltz on weekends because during the week we have classes most part of the day and everything closes early.thumbnail_image4

New Paltz is a small town but really beautiful and picturesque so you would probably love it. It is easy to walk everywhere and everything seems to be near.

At first you may think that there’s not much to do but you definitely have to go down to the river and the stores. You will find really interesting things and delicious places like the chocolate store, the candyshop and a lot of restaurants. I have to mention that we were really excited because we discovered a place called Mexican Kitchen that sells Mexican food and they have tajin! (Chili powder that we usually use with everything), so if you are Mexican or you love Mexican food you have to try it! We are planning to go on our Independence day!

We also took a lot of pictures because near the river everything is green and it is really nice. We want to rent a bike to explore there this weekend.

I recommend you to buy a New Paltz map that includes every place and restaurant in town and to walk everywhere because in my opinion that’s the best way to explore it.

I’ll keep you posted with more places and experiences!


Third week at New Paltz

This is my first post, I can’t believe this is my third week here!! getting to know New Paltz  was actually better than I imagine, I was pretty amazed that there’s plenty of trees and pines all over here and houses are very beautiful and antique, everything seems like a movie (really)!!

This semester we are only ten students and it is the first time that we are only girls!! We are still getting to know each other and also getting used to the campus which is actually huuuge and beautiful!!

Talking about the courses they are really interesting and helpful for us because there are things that we will be using for the internship like in a month and a half, and this courses are about public relations, business communication, internship practice and two more that are the ones each of us choose about our interesting. The students and teachers are really nice and they help us in every way they can. 

Right now we are getting prepared for the internships which is something really exciting for us but also nervous to get there, I know that everyone will get something good and what’s best for them, but for now we need to get prepared and don’t stop working to get it!!!


North America´s Longest and Highest Zipline!!

In the campus wellness center there are a variety of outdoor activities you can sign up to. I really recommend you to consider signing up to as much as you can! During this past weekend we went to Hunter Mountain. Hunter is a small town about 1 hour ride from SUNY where during the winter you can go skiing, and during the summer you can go ziplineing. It´s September now so we went ziplineing, which by the way is the longest and highest canopy of all North America!! The school takes you all the way to Hunter Mountain where a tour guide will take you all the way up in a lift to start the adventure. There are a total of 5 ziplines throughout the tour, but the very first one is the best! It about 700 mts tall! The tour guide told us that if the Statute of Liberty was to be down there we would´t even touch it with our feet. So, yeah it was pretty scaring at first, but after doing the first jump it was a magical feeling. To be honest I was super nervous up there, but I did´t have that much time to thinking through, so I just ran and jump into the woods. So far, one of the best adventures that New Paltz have to offer!

New Paltz – Better than expected

img_1762I was thinking that everyone were going to write about the weekend in New York City, so I thought I would write about something else, about our first weeks. Now we almost have been here for four weeks, and I enjoy every minute of it. Even though I haven’t had the time to really think of everything we do, because the time passes by so quickly, one thing I noticed from the beginning is that everyone are so nice and helpful. These almost four weeks in New Paltz have been amazing, much better than I expected. It is a very small town and a lot of homework but I am having a really good time and I think it is because people are so nice.
Since I have travelled half the world, to a country with a culture verydifferent from the culture back in Sweden, I knew there were going to be some differences in the everyday life. Here is three main differences in everyday life that I have noticed:

  • If you are crossing the street, if there is no pedestrian crossing, all the cars stop. In Sweden, the cars would have gone around you, honk the horn and look at you very angry.
  • All of the public toilets are wide open from the floor to your knees (almost), you can even see your neighbor’s shoes. At this point I do think that maybe I am to Swedish, who wants my privacy and all that. In Sweden often the public toilets are closed toilets with real doors. If we have openimg_1764 stalls, they are open down by the floor with a height of maybe 5 centimeters.
  • The portions are made for three persons. I know that it is very common here that you can bring the food home in a doggy bag, but still there must be so much food going to waste. But on the other hand you really get what you are paying for, which is a plus!

Today everyone signed up for the ziplining, which is a trip that the university arrange to the students where you go up in the mountains and ride a zipline back to the ground. I am so excited and I know we are going to have so much fun. Talk to you later!

Movie experience ..

Bonjour bonjour,

Last Sunday, Camilla, Pernilla and I went to the cinema to watch the movie, that we thought was going to be awesome thanks to all the celebrities that were starring in it, HAIL CEASAR.

The movie was at 7.15 PM, we met in the cinema around 7.05. There were so many people waiting to buy tickets, we were very nervous that our movie would be SOLD OUT… but it wasn’t. Actually it would have been better if it was.

 So we bought our tickets, found the perfect seats in the cinema room and waited for the beginning. We were so excited to see all of those celebrities in ONE movie! The only problem was the story. Neither Camilla, Pernilla or I can tell you what it was about. We didn’t understand ANYTHING, NADA!

 I was sitting between my two friends. After more or less 45 minutes, Camilla looked at me desperately and said that she didn’t understanding anything. 10 minutes later I looked at Pernilla who was actually resting her eyes (in other words, taking a short nap).

 We did stay till the end, expecting a rebound that never came unfortunately.IMG_0925

So flop flop movie


A little update of life in New Paltz

Hello people! 

Yet another week has passed, and now it’ only three weeks and three days until the big move to the big city. We have also experienced two birthdays so far, one on Saturday (Gaby’s) and the other one’s (Dina’s) today. So, happy birthday to the most awesome mexican girls I’ve ever met! Life is a (laughing) party with those two around you. I’m not going to talk about their birthdays, I’ll leave that up to them to share.

There are some other different things I want to share with you, though. First, let’s discuss how nice people are here. Everywhere you go, some people calls you Honey, Sweetie or Darling. And you don’t even know them! For a Swede, where people are known to be quite reserved and private, this is a fascinating phenomenon. Does a greeting with “honey” mean that they like you? Or are they just polite? Friendly? Or is it just an everyday-kind-of word that is being used with no particular meaning? If a native American read this, please give me an answer, either answering my poll or comment, so I don’t call someone (oh let’s say my supervisor) Darling if it’s not really appropriate.

[polldaddy poll=9314198]

Another thing. We’ve met the most amazing man in Hasbrouck. He makes food, but always chat with us, gives us tips about the area and on Friday, he even gave me and Fanny strawberries with chocolate sauce and whipped cream. Oh. Dear. Lord. Tasted like home. In Sweden, we usually do this during the summer, and it’s one of my favorite desserts. Sorry for always writing about food, but this is also to show how nice people that you meet can be.

IMG_9843 A plate of heaven

Furthermore, we’ve had the first real snow (that actually stayed on the ground). In two hours the ground was filled with snow. Beautiful. No wind, just snow. The morning after, it was however gone, and the streets were filled with water instead. IMG_9880

On Sunday, I decided to walk up to school since I had to stop by the library to watch a video for class. Walking in -15 degrees (about 5 Fahrenheit?) was not a problem, since there was no wind and the sun was shining. When you are Swedish, cold weather doesn’t stop you from going out, and in Sweden we have an expression: There aren’t any bad weather, only bad clothing. So I did actually sweat when walking to school, since I’d prepare myself for the worst.

IMG_9860Pernilla-cold: 1-0.

Well, that’s about it for today. Lastly, a picture of our campus: this is where we hang out every day.


/Pernilla, can’t wait for spring to arrive!

Saturday hiking


Saturday was the big hiking day for Christina, Felicia, Pernilla and me.

Pernilla and I were so excited to explore the nature of New Paltz and its surroundings. Moreover, the weather was especially perfect: blue sky, sunshine and almost no wind.

So after after getting dressed like professional hikers and eating an energetic lunch we all jumped into the car for a 20 minutes’ drive through endless amazing landscapes. We arrived at the end of the road. We parked the car there and began the hike. It was so quiet, peaceful and beautiful! There were no determined paths what was even more exciting. After climbing some rocks, we began to hear the sound of the water. Suddenly we saw a small river, we continued our way to arrive to the waterfall. The most beautiful was that at the bottom of the waterfall there was ice. The show was amazing. The water literally arrived in a huge block of ice. We sat down, took a lot of pictures and of course tried to climb the ice to get closer to the waterfall.

We met some other people but we were most of the time all alone in this small paradise.


After that we decided we deserved a hot drink. So we all went to the Cafeteria to have their special hot chocolate with Irish cream and I took a blueberry muffin (which was awesomely awesome!).

I have never hiked a lot before but here it was great! We decided to do it again as much as we can before leaving New Paltz for NYC where it will probably be more shops climbing than rocks climbing… 😉


Stay tuned for the next post.


A New Paltz weekend

So we have now been in New Paltz for three weeks. This weekend the Mexican’s went to Chicago leaving me, Fanny and Pernilla to a weekend alone in New Paltz. Yesterday we went to our first house party. We started the evening by having dinner at Bacchus in town and had a few drinks before going to a house party further down the street. It was a small basement and not as big as I has imagined but it was fun!


Pernilla and I often talk about us being older than the others and how we like our early nights and a nice glass of wine in front of the TV but yesterday we were out til 04.30 which is a new record for us since coming here 🙂

Fanny & Pernilla at Bacchus

Fanny & Pernilla at Bacchus

That is all for me right now but we’ll see what next week will bring!



A week in New Paltz.

Three weeks have already passed here in New Paltz. We are only seven students this semester so we’ve become like a family quite quickly (Camilla and I are the grandmothers).

Time flies when you’re having fun. And intense. So, what have we been up to this week? Well, school is taking up a lot of our time. I’m taking international business and international marketing, then we have PR, business communication and internship practicum all together.

So far, my favorite place is the library. I keep finding excuses just to go there and enjoy the view of the mountains. Let’s not forget about the comfortable chairs. And the nice staff. Of course, it’s also a very good place to study, if you have enough discipline and don’t get distracted by the amazing view. Lunch is usually eaten at Hasbrouck but Fanny and I order sushi at the Student Union building every time we feel like spending some money (so called dining dollars). It is yu-hummi. Or as Fanny would say: Awesomely awesome.

IMG_9645 IMG_9648


Yesterday, half of the “family” went to Chicago. (We miss you, already!) so Camilla, Fanny, and I went to have dinner at Bacchus. To those of you who have not been to New Paltz – Bacchus is a restaurant that probably has about 200 different beers, Mexican food, darts, pool and ping pong tables. Don’t worry, I’m not going to share food pictures even though the food was delicious. I had shrimp and goat cheese quesadillas – yum!  After dinner, the three of us played pool and I noticed something. All of a sudden, Fanny started showing off her skills… Turns out that Fanny is a pool professional! Well, maybe not a professional one, but she won every. Single. Time. So for next time, remind me to be in the same team as Fanny!


Fanny in action

Have a great Saturday night!