Hiking trip to Minnewaska State Park Preserve

Yesterday a bunch of the IIB “brotherhood” went to Minnewaska State Park Preserve, to get a last glimpse of nature before we head in to the city. The park is 20 minutes away by taxi, and the only thing you’ll have to pay for is the cab fare.   Overall the trip was great with lots of high peaks with panoramic view and beautiful landscape. Rumors told, there are bears in the park, but unfortunately (maybe fortunate) we did not see one. From beginning to end the trip went on for about five hours, including minor pit stops and one lunch break. Heads up! Use the toilet located in the beginning of the track, because you can’t “go” for another five hours.

Here’s a picture of Carl and the panoramic view at Castle Rock, which is located in the Minnewaska park.


Campus at the end of September

Just 19 days and we will move to Manhattan!!!
We look forward to starting our internships and to live in the most exciting city in the world: New York City!!!
At the same time I am quite sure we are going to miss New Paltz, the Super8 Motel, Pasquale’s pizza, our evenings in P&G’s, our walks to go to school every day, and the university.
Considering that the campus is the place where we spent most of our time, I decided to post here few photos I took walking on campus.


New Paltz from above

I wanted to try something that I have always been longing to do, so I took a 15 minutes cab ride to “Skydive the Ranch”, to skydive above New Paltz. The weather conditions were unfortunately not very good since it was cloudy, but luckily the clouds were not that thick.

The view that I got from the plane on my way up and from the jump and down is indescribable. I got to break through the clouds on the way down and to see the sun break through other parts of the clouds. The only thing I can say is how AMAZING it was, and that this is an experience that I never will forget. Since this was my first time jumping with someone – a so-called tandem jump – and we jumped from 14,000 feet, the jumping experience took about 10-15 minutes.

Water Street Market


One of my favorite spots in New Paltz is a place called Water Street Market, located on Main Street by the corner of Historic Huguenot Street and Water Street. It’s a small picturesque shopping village that consists of 20 boutiques and restaurants.

You can find a treat for every sense; shops are offering a wide range of antiques, arts, and food. It’s a place where you can stroll and relax in a calm and cozy atmosphere, with a touch of Hudson Valley. You can for example take a fresh-roasted coffee at The Mudd Puddle Café, play chess by the water fountain, find beautiful hand-made jewelry at Eden, discover the finest cheese and other gourmets at The Cheese Plate, admire the best of regional art at Unison Gallery & Sculpture Garden, make a real bargain at Antique Barn, and stop by Moxie Cupcake to eat delicious cupcakes made of fair-trade products. But, the place I like the most is Candy Candy, where they have a large selection of bulk candy. Bulk candy is very popular in Sweden (where I’m from), while the popularity of pick’n mix candy doesn’t seem to be that big in the States – explaining my surprise and happiness over this finding. You can also find a small choice of licorice in the store, which is one of my favorite flavors of candy.

All together, Water Street Market is a must to visit when you’re in New Paltz.

Where we live?

We have been talking about our trips and other cities but we don’t know alot about New Paltz.
I think New Paltz is a pretty village and it has a lot of art places, the State University of New York is one of the most important things in New Paltz.

New Paltz was founded since 1678.
The village has a total area of 1.8 square miles (4.6 km²), of which, 1.7 square miles (4.5 km²) of it is land and 0.04 square miles (0.1 km²) of it (1.70%) is water.
The Wallkill River runs north along the western border of New Paltz.
In 2010 New Paltz had an population of 6,818 habitants.

New Paltz is a college village, the people is very kind, the streets are very nice and the houses are colorful. There are a lot of nice restaurants with a kitsch style and delicious food.

On sunday we were walking around the main street and we found some people singing in the streets, many hippie stores and also The New Paltz farmer’s market.

The principal attractions in New Paltz are: Mohonk Mountain House, Mohonk Preserve, Ulster Tourism and of course all the places in the main street.

I found something interesting about the name of New Paltz:
The name of the town is derived from the Palatinate, or “Rhineland Pfalz,” which refers to the area along the Rhine River in Germany around Mannheim and Heidelberg, where the town’s founders sought temporary refuge from religious persecution. Early town documents show many variants of this term, including “The Pfalz,” The New Paltz,” and the French, “Nouveau Palatinat.

Curious note: In the television show Supernatural, Sam and Dean visit New Paltz in the episode entitled “Provenance”, which is about a haunted antique painting.

So I hope this information help us to learn more about New Paltz and if you know something else about it don’t hesitate in share it here!


How hard could it be…?!

When I moved to New York in the middle of august I didn’t bring my telephone (where I have my calendar)

I realized after a week in school, with an intensive flow of information, that I really need a calendar.

Since my American phone’s calendar is useless, I decided to go the concervative way for once, and buy a traditional calendar that I can have in my pocket.


The problem is that, every where I went, I didn’t even found ONE calendar, not at shop rite, stop & shop… not even at school….

Is the world really that technical developed or am I just bad at looking?!

Life on Campus – Arrival Week

There were an odd number of male students coming this fall and, because of that, one of us got the opportunity to stay in a dorm on campus. As things turned out, that person is me.

So I thought I might give you my, slightly different, point of view of campus life and the experiences associated with our stay here in New Paltz.

Upon arrival one of the first persons i met was named Samba. A while later I realised he was going to be my roommate for the following months. He’s a good guy and he loves to cook, lucky me!

To be continued..

Creepy Insects

I love to be in the U.S, the people are friendly, the weather is warm and sunny.

BUT what’s up with all the insects?

Since I moved to New Paltz have I seen a lot of creepy and scary insects. The first one I saw was bright orange and had almost ten legs! Uh! And when I talked to my parents a spider came down from the ceiling and wanted to say Hello. I freaked out of course! Today I saw an insect that looked like a tiny grey lizard. Why do all the insects look so creepy and scary?

Different Insects