My Birthday!

Last Friday, 1st of February, was my 22th birthday and thanks to my new family, the IIB students, it became the most amazing experience! One I will never forget.

The day began with a SURPRISE! Morning birthday cake, it was delicious! Later on some of us headed to “Woodbury Commons” to do some shopping, the place was really nice and filled up with luxury brands, the prices where amazing, so cheap! Finally, on the evening we toasted all together & I received a SURPRISE! Birthday gift, a wallet…Just what I needed!

I am so grateful to have this amazing new family, I have no words to describe how happy I am and how this experience has happen to become one of the greatest memories in my life. It amazes me how in such little time I have become warmhearted to each and every one of you. Once again, thank you IIB family for making my birthday an unforgettable experience.

My IIB family!

Road trip to Boston!!

For our first weekend in New Paltz we decided to rent three cars and drive all the way to Boston, Massachusetts. We barely knew each other and we were already going on a trip all together. It was so much fun!! We stayed on a beautiful hostel, we went to a nightclub, and visited the most important attractions in Boston. We also visited MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and Harvard, both universities are incredibly huge and beautiful!!

We had such a great time and it was an excellent opportunity to get to know each other outside the Super 8 and the university.

Here are some pictures of the trip!!

The study abroad experience!

One of the best things with studying abroad is that it offers a chance to make new friends from all over the world and to create a professional network! We are 18 students from Mexico, Italy and Sweden participating in the IIB Program. Even though we have been here only for three weeks, we have already become like a family. We are also taking courses with students from the U.S., China, Brazil, and Turkey. This mix gives different points of view when having discussions during the lectures.

The study abroad experience also gives a new perspective on the world and a better understanding of different cultures. I believe it is very important in today’s global society to posses the skill to communicate across cultures and to be open-minded. Since my goal is to work in an international company, I feel very motivated to study in this international context and of course I’m very excited for my internship in NYC!

Before I came to New Paltz, I studied abroad in Worcester, Seoul and London but I never shared a room with anyone. Here in New Paltz, we share room with another IIB student from a different country. My roommate Patrizia comes from Italy and she is really great! She is always positive, fun and a very talented student.

I am very pleased to get this study abroad experience, to make friends from all over the world and to build a global network!


New Paltz

My first post will be about New Paltz and after these three weeks we’ve been here, I think New Paltz is a charming small town. It’s not as hectic and busy as NYC or other big cities in the U.S. are. The shops and the small restaurants makes you realize that you’re in a small town. I also think that being here in New Paltz makes you see another side of this vast country.

One thing, most non-americans notice when they come here are the huge portions of food you get when ordering. Since we aren’t able to cook here (no kitchen), sooner or later you’ll miss home cooked meals. I know I do. After exploring this town, we have found a great place, thanks to Jeff, offering fresh food with portions similar to the European. This place is called Main Course, a place where you’ll see most of us (at least the Swedes) eating one of their deliciously good food. A restaurant I recommend!

While writing this post, I realize that it’s February already, meaning we have almost been here for a month! Time really does fly when you are having fun! So, we should make the most out of everything here in New Paltz and when we move to NYC!

Sunny but cold day in New Paltz

Happy Surprise

Almost three weeks have passed by since we for the first time met each other at the JFK airport. Under these three weeks all of us have become really close and it feels like we are a family. We have a lot of fun together, help and support each other.

My start here in New Paltz was not one of the best. After the first day in School I got fever and the doctor told me that I probably had caught the flu. So I lay in bed for most of the time for five days and missed the Pool Party organized for us IIB students and also a trip to New York City.

At the evening of the Pool Party someone knocked on my door. It was quite late and I was all alone, so I took a glance in the peephole and saw a bunch of girls standing outside. I opened the door and there was Therese, Patrizia, Katherine, Maja, PetroNella and Daniela standing with a huge goodie bag full of my favorite things. I got really surprised, happy and moved by their kind taught. The girls did not want me to feel all alone while they were in NYC for the weekend and therefore they had bought me all the things I love.

My roomie Blanca also took so good care of me and the others of the IIB family were asking me frequently how I was doing and if there was something they could do for me. Everyone is so caring.

With this blog post I wanted to show you how wonderful and thoughtful people I am surrounded by.

I am very happy for that.

Already a family

We’ve been here for almost 3 weeks and it feels like we have known each other for so much longer time. We are already acting like a family and its very comfortable to feel that you can trust 17 new people who, out of the blue, appeared to form part of your history.

For example Jenny (the best roomie ever) got sick the first week and we were all very concerned for her health, some of the girls brought her a big bag full of things to do & eat while she was resting so she would not get that much bored at the Super 8. Also last week was Nora’s 22 birthday and we had many surprises for her that day, Jacopo created a FB group just for planning her birthday, and I’m sure that Nora loved her birthday and all of her birthday presents!!

We have traveled as well to Boston and New York and we have had an amazing time!

Everyone is different, but we are the perfect combo! Differences brought us together. We are having a great time, and time passes so fast, we are already searching for the internships!!

Italy, Sweden & Mexico united in the Super 8 motel.

Mohonk Preserve


Last weekend we went hiking. We got up early and we took a taxi from Super 8 to the hiking center.
It is just few miles away from New Paltz. We paid just $7 per person to get there.
In the hiking center we bought a trekking ticket ($10) and we entered in the Mohonk Preserve.
This place is perfect to walk and to climb. After walking in the forest for 2 hours, we reached the Mohonk House, situated on the top of a hill, just in front of a big lake. Now days it is a restaurant and an hotel.
From there it is possible to see an higher hill and on the top of it there is a tower. There are two ways to get there: walking or climbing. We decided to climb.
The slideshow I posted shoes few examples of the wonderful views it is possible to have form there.
I really suggest you to go there!

Super 8 Motel

So we have been living in New Paltz for almost 8 weeks and Super 8 Motel have been our home. Altough that we have had incident with a biting spider I think it have been a enjoyable time. We have been spoiled here at Super 8. We get breakfast every morning, they make our beds, new towels and they clean our rooms. They also have good facitilites here at the Motel; a gym, laundry, vending machines and nice staff! So enjoy the pictures of our home!

The Student Union Building

Last week of studies, last week in New Paltz!

Saturday and only (five!!) whole days to go until we leave New Paltz and head for NYC for new experiences and internships!

Since it’s the last week of studies there’s a few things to do. Not only exams but also presentations and homework. Even though it’s going to be nice being finished with homework, exams etc. I think we’ll miss New Paltz in a few weeks with its’ nature and nice people. It’s going to be a big change moving into NYC but it’s a change that I think we are all up for!

At the moment a few of us are studying at the top of the Student Union Building, which is a really nice place to study actually. It feels a bit like a greenhouse but you really have a great view!