Meeting Diane…

It has already been two weeks since I started my internship at DVF and I already got the opportunity to meet her. It was a surreal and amazing experience! Diane invited all the interns to her office to chat for a little while. She just wanted to get to know us and to answer any questions we had. You can imagine how excited we all were, I just remember the day before everyone was talking about the appointment we had with her.

We went into her office, ate some cookies, drank juice and waited for her. Then suddenly there she was, at the door, smiling as always. She came in, closed the door and just said, “ Oh, this is a nice class we have here.” Everyone giggled, maybe because they didn’t how to act or because they were impressed by her powerful presence. I was astonished by the way she looked, not only by her beauty but also really by this strong and confident aura that she had.

Then she invited us to sit down and the talking began. She first asked each one of us our name, department and what we wanted to do in the future. I have to admit that I was really nervous as my turn to speak was getting closer. “And what about you?” she said. I was sitting just in front of her, less than a meter, it seemed like a real face-to-face talk. “I’m from Mexico and this is my second week”. I just hoped she understood everything that I was saying, maybe my English wasn’t that good because of my nerves. “I’m at the licensing department, I’m studying marketing back home and I would like to stick around this area in the future”. I didn’t know what else to say and she just asked “Ok, good so the marketing department and PR and all of that?” “Yes exactly”, I answered. Really simple and direct, but it was great…

Then the questions began, I wasn’t sure what to ask but after some six girls raised their hand I had the guts to do it and again she stared at me. “If you could give an advice to girls our age what would that be?” “Well how old are you?” she said. She was funny, everyone laughed and then I nervously answered “Well like 20 something, I’m 23”. Then she replied something that I kept thinking through out the rest of the day. “Well the best advice would be that the best relationship you will ever have would be with yourself”. Again really simple, but great and so true…

After the meeting I just felt so proud to be part of DVF. I love what the brand represents and specially the way she supports and encourages women. That day, Diane reminded me that women should always be confident of their power and they should always keep fighting for their dreams.


First impressions of Gluttony


The first week was really exciting: I met new people, the new work environment, communication in a foreign langauge, but it was great! Everyone at Gluttony is so nice and there is a great working atmosphere, very comfortable and a flat hierarchy. I can ask questions whenever I want. We share offices and we always have fun. My first tasks were really easy to handle so I got more self-confident for the second week.

My way to Gluttony is also very easy and short, it takes around 30 minutes in total. It is very comfortable also because of my working hours (10am to 6:30pm). It´s perfect, in the evening I have time to experience NYC.  On Friday, I can leave earlier if I want to, so that I can experience NYC more. This Friday I visited the MoMA,. It was amazing. On Friday there is also always a highlight at Gluttony: we order lunch and eat together on a big table. Very cozy and last Friday we had a lot of fun.

So the second week starts in some hours therefore I have to sleep now…

First week of Internship!

Here’s a brief Q&A about the first week of work in NYC!


How did your first few day go? The first days were crazy fast, during the weekend we did so many things that I didn’t even realized that Monday arrived.

Was it a challenge to be on-time? It’s not a problem to be on time as I take the 1 train to Columbus Circle and I walk few block to Madison Avenue. I start working at 9 so I can easily take the metro before 8:30am. Sometimes I still have time for breakfast before walking in the office. I’m late just if I have troubles with my tie!

Are you comfortable interacting with your colleague and supervisor? After five days at work I can say that I am comfortable with most of my colleagues, also my supervisor is very nice even if she’s busy all the time. So I actually still don’t know when to ask her things.

How is the work? The tasks are indeed starting easy but my effort was 100% in them so they are already really pleased of what I did. They are impressed that I already did so many things in few days of work and I had to do so many different things: flow charts, creating new reports, contacting investors, service providers…

Are you taking good notes? I usually take notes of what my boss says in order to do right everything. It can be difficult to understand where to find things if you don’t know where to look. So ask her from time to time if I really don’t know what to do, otherwise I try to work on my own.

I also take note of the things that I don’t know like organizations or specific financial documents, so that I can look at them when I have spare time. You can easily find Wikipedia up in one of my monitors.

What may you need to do differently to get the result you are hoping for? On Thursday I moved from the desk they originally gave me into the same room where the CFO, my supervisor, and the controller are. I really enjoyed that day because I could experience working with them, even if I did less than the other days as I was less concentrated. I am in fact usually in an open space next to that room but on my own, so I’ll probably ask them if could join their room in order to get involved in more things.

What is one new strategy you may adopt for next week?Next week I hope to receive a project that could take me more than one to be completed so that I have to organize the time and operations among 2-3 days.


And here’s where I work! 26th floor, 590 Madison Avenue!

New York, New York

Madison Square Park

A place that doesn’t need any introduction. A place that embraces and challenges your senses. A place that fulfills your expectations and yet surprises you every time. A place called home.

No, this time I’m not talking about my incredible home region of Höganäs, in Sweden. This time I’m talking about our common home. The dream, the reality and now the future home of the IIB-students; New York City.

“The city where there’s nothing you can’t do, because now you’re in New York. The streets will make you feel brand new and the big lights will inspire you.”

While you walk around the city and experience all that Jay-Z is talking about you should just enjoy and imbibe the moment. This is what you dreamed about. It can be hard to embrace all the impressions and feelings in that moment. One advice from me is to seek out one of the fantastic parks in the city. It’s a place for the contrasts to become perspectives and a place where stress becomes gratefulness. It’s a place for peace of mind.

The picture above is from a wonderful Monday morning in Madison Square Park, located where W 25th St becomes E 25th St.

“I want to wake up in that city that doesn’t sleep.” Yes Frank, me too.

Life as an IIB-student

Nearly three weeks in the program and I think I have everybody´s backs when I say that we are having a blast! The pictures shows what we have been doing for the first three weeks! I would like to make some head shots of some pictures;

The New Paltz ID-card: Hold on to it, this will crush your AMEX at school. This is not just an ID-card. It will also feed you during your first eight weeks in New Paltz. The card is charged with 500 “hawk-dollars”, 100 “dining-dollars”, and 20 meals at the Hasbrouck dining hall. Many of us are already over budget, so spend your money well. And by the way, there is a lot of places off-campus that accepts “hawk-dollars”.

As you can see, the other pictures shows that we´re not only in class. We spent the Labour-day weekend in Atlantic City and in Philadelphia. Some of us went to Boston.

The fall crew also like to go out for dinner. There is a lot of great places here in New Paltz if you want a nice dinner for a decent price. America is all about the food, so enjoy your meal!

Anyways, I don´t want to bore you with all these text. Time to continue searching for internships. Many of us already got interviews. Remember: Dress to impress!


Phone Interviews

If there is more than one candidate for an internship position, some firms want to conduct a phone interview before inviting students to a company visit. This is all new to me, to conduct an interview via phone makes it a lot harder to impress someone, I want to use body language and be able to see the person in front of me. In addition, it doesn’t really feel like a real interview, the nervousness isn’t really there.

However, I have realized that there is only one way to go to make it feel more like a real interview and to be your best self: Put on the clothes you would have worn on a real interview, even though no one is going to see you. Find a place that resembles an office (Career center in the Humanities building can help you with that), and pretend. Pretend that you are there.

Believe me, this works. I just landed an interview in NYC.

How to prepare for an interview

Everybody here at the IIB program need to prepare for an internship interview, follow the list and you will be well prepared!

1. Write a Resume. The resume should only be one page and you should just write those experience that are related for the job you are applying for- so not your life’s story. The layout should be clean and without a picture. See how in the picture slide!

2. Well, the first thing that you could do is to be sure that you have the right clothes for the interview. Here in the U.S they have a strict dresscode for the interview. Although some of us have been to interviews and felt quite overdressed. If you are a women you should wear a knee long skirt, a blouse, jacket and pumps. And if you are a man, a suit of course!

3. You have to prepare for the questions that the interviewer will ask you. We got a booklet with different questions, “Tell me about your self”, “What is your strengths/ weakness?”, “Tell me about your last job” and “Why do you want an internship at our company?” etc. It’s good to be prepared! And it’s good to look up different words that you might use to sound more professional in the interview.

4. When you know which company you are going to you should read about the company. Google it!

5. Now should you be prepared so:  Good Luck!