Positive vibes: First interview in NYC.

And yes, after a lot of preparation ahead I finally went down to NYC for an interview at Tod’s. I can tell that I was more than excited. Even waking up at 5.30 am didn’t matter to me after all. First coffee of the day (until the interview I already had 3) in my hand, I went to the bus station to get to NYC. Once arriving in this crazy city, I just had a really good feeling. It was the first day of Fashion Week 01_tods-hogan-showroomso people were getting crazy, also with their outfits of course.

As I was really in advance, I went to a nice coffee place close to the Tod’s office in Meatpacking district. And then I started to review my notes and my résumé when my neighbor started talking to me – He asked me if I was preparing for an interview and that he was amazed by all the notes that I took and that he rarely sees people being so well prepared for interviews. As it turned out, he was looking for interns at his Design Agency so before going to the ‘real’ interview, I already had another job offer. Which was pretty amazing and made me even more comfortable.

So, I was almost running a little bit late and hurried then to the Tod’s office – and then a photographer stopped me and asked me if he was allowed to take a photo of me for a magazine because he liked my outfit so much. I felt like in a movie. Of course I felt flattered and agreed. And finally took the elevator to this amazing office. Yes, the picture you see is not taken from ‘Suits’ but this is reality. I was so amazed by it! And now I can tell that this is my future office. 4 hours after the interview I got the internship!

One application, one interview, one offer. I think I did a pretty good job. Definitely some good vibes down there in the city ! To be continued …

Never not working Mar/16/16

It has been almost a week since we arrived, everything has been so different from New Paltz! The city, our room, the people, the climate, and even the pace of our lifes! Everything goes so fast, everyone is focused on their jobs, it seems they do not have time for something else (including us).
I am working in Straightline, in the Brand Strategy group. So far, I have been doing only research work. The work environment is awesome, everyone is very nice and we are like a small family. The offices are great! We have free coffee and great tools for work.
My week days are fast, I wake up at 6 and go running with Gaby and Alex. We love Central Park, so we are trying to run everyday about 5km. Then I have a shower and breakfast, I leave at 8 and take the subway. I have to say, subway is one of the best inventions ever, it is so fast and easy to take, I hope we had one like this in our hometown! (hahaha) We usually drive cars, so we are used to spend more time to get to othe places. Finally, I get to work and leave at 5. We are trying to meet after work to have some drinks or do more fun stuff, but sometimes we are just tired and want to sleep.
I am very happy for accomplishing my dream of working in NYC. I think there are few students who actually can have an opportunity like this, I am very greatful and expecting the best of this two months coming.


Mexican Friend


This weekend I had a Mexican friend visiting me at New Paltz. He is from my hometown down in Mexico, and we were high school classmates before being friends. He arrived at 11pm and we went to the Plaza Dinner to eat. The next morning, we went to New York City in the morning, at 11:20 AM. We had breakfast before leaving just in front of the bus terminal here in New Paltz. I had eggs with bacon and bread, which was great. After eating breakfast, we went to the city. Once we were there, we had a great time and great weather to go walking everywhere so we visited the main touristic places at the city. After walking at Central Park, I wanted to know where we are going to live once we go to the city to our internships, so I went there and I have to say it is in such a nice place, near from the metro station, and Central Park!

We then went to Wall St. to take some photos outside the NYSE, and the charging bull. We then went straight to have lunch (like at 6pm), at a Chipotle restaurant; even here we keep it Mexican. At the end of the day, we had a great time at the city. He had to leave to the airport and I had to come back to New Paltz, to enjoy the last weekend here.

Girls weekend in Boston

So last weekend all of us girls went to Boston. The weather was great and the city seemed so beautiful. It is really a trip that I could recommend to anyone!!Fil 009The day started by taking the bus to the train station in Poughkeepsie; once there we were picked up by the car rental company. When we had signed all the papers we were off! Me and Gaby took turns driving and it took about 3,5-4 hours.

We got to the hotel, called Verb, a very trendy retro hotel in central Boston that went all in (!) on 60’s details. We thought that we had booked a room for five but it turned out that it was only meant for four so three had to share one queen size bed. It was definitely an experience being 5 girls in one room sharing one bathroom in the morning 🙂

The first day we went shopping on Newbury Street that pretty much had all the stores you could think of. after shopping for many hours we went to Georgetown Cupcakes, a store that was recommended to Dina from one of her friends who had been to Boston before. I have never been a cupcake person but this was truly the BEST cupcakes I have ever tried!

Fil 008Strawberry Cheesecake and Salted Caramel. Delicious!!

After the shopping we went down to Quincy Market by the harbor (also a recommendation from Dina’s friend). The area was amazing with so many lights and musicians playing in the street. I felt like a winter festival or something but without the Christmas theme. To get into the Boston spirit, me and Dina had the Lobster roll and Dina also tried the Clam chowder! By this time we were exhausted after a really long day and squeezed (!) in to an Über and went back to the hotel for some well needed rest!

50 out of 129


Yesterday, it was our 50th day of of the 129 days of the exchange program. It was far the most incredible day in NYC.

Tuesday 01

Misa told me about spending Wednesday at NYC. I said yes that would be really nice, let´s do it! Before going to sleep he told me about getting up at 3 am so we could catch the bus at 4.45 and get to NYC earlier so we could have a good chance to get free tickets for Jimmy Fallon´s show. That was really early but since I really wanted to go I agreed.

Wednesday 02

I woke up at 3 am, I was so tired that I fell sleep all the way to NYC. We had breakfast at the McDonalds from Time Square at 6.30 am. Then, we went to Rockefeller Center, we were standing in the line for 2 hours! Then, a lady came and gave us  stand-by tickets, she told they were not actual tickets but that we had to come back at 3.30 pm to know if there was actually place for us in the show. Since we were there very earlier we had very good place in the line, Misa had number 10 while I was number 11.

We saw a picture on Instagram of a famous photographer in NYC that took a picture up in the roof of a building with a background showing the Flat iron Building, we really wanted to have the same picture, so we went to the same building. First we did not know how to actually get in any building and climb up to the roof so we chose one near from Flat Iron and get into the elevator, there were about 7 more people with us. When everyone exit to their floors we stayed in the elevator and check floor by floor in which we could exit without any one noticing and run into the exit door to get the stairs. We exit on the 2nd floor, we took the stairs up to the roof. We were so excited that we forgot to leave the door open for when we had to exit. After we took some great pictures, we jump to the next building and use the exit door to get down to the street. It was awesome! It is far the best picture I have in NYC.

Then, we went to a famous Bubble Tea store where they prepare bubble tea with cotton candy. It was delicious!, best bubble tea ever.

At about 1.30 pm we went back to Rockefeller center and waited for it to be 3.30 pm. Then the staff people asked us to take our place in the line according to our ticket number. We waited about 40 minutes. Then, a lady came out and said the first 25 people were going to enter, we could not believe it. We were actually in! The show was great, we laughed a lot, the special guests were Tina Fey, Santigold and Rachel Maddow. We could not use our cell phones to take any pictures, though, I took one of my bracelet! (haha)  We went back to New Paltz at 7 pm, I was exhausted. I ate about 5 tuna packages and I fell sleep almost instantaneously.

It has been one of the greatest days so far!


By the way, during the show they really recommended us to watch Santigold´s music video “I can’t get enough of myself”, it is actually pretty awesome, cause you can see yourself in the video! Here is the link for the video in case you would like to watch it! 





Almost Lost it…

Port_Authority_Bus_Terminal_interiorIt has been quite a fast-pace week so far here in New Paltz and in New York. Weather has been changing constantly, as you can tell from previous posts, and it is almost impossible to tell when are we going to be cold or hot. Anyway, weather apart, I have had many activity in my schedule and I like it. Just this Wednesday I had my first two job interviews in the city and had to wake up early to catch the bus. Misael, Gaby and I went to the city to have interviews.

When I arrived to NYC, I had to split from Gaby and Misael because I had to catch the subway to get Downtown. I was eager to meet my first two interviewers, and get to know more about the company I was applying for. So I first went straight to the building to make sure it was not a wrong address, and it was not. When it was about time, I went inside the building and had my interview – quite a nice and relaxed interview. Afterwards, I had lunch alone because I had to run to my second interview, which was really close from the first one (like one block away).

By 3:00 PM I had both interviews completed and I was released from any meeting in the city, so Gaby and I decided to go for a walk and Misa decided to go other way. We went to a departamental store down the city and we had dinner at a restaurant near the bus terminal. Everything was going great, smoothly, until we realised we had to catch the bus at 7:30 PM and it was already 7:15 PM. We ran to the bus terminal and we wanted to get a coffee, so we stopped 5 minutes to get one there. Her coffee was ready, but mine was not. After 2 minutes I had my coffee served and we ran again to the bus. We arrived and saw nobody at the gate. A guy asked us where we wanted to go and he said that our bus was just leaving. Finally, I knocked at the bus door and the driver opened it for us without a great mood by the way – He was already moving the bus!

I just had my two first interviews!

It has been a strange week with snow, sun and monsoon-type rain here in New Paltz. I really liked the snow but I was chocked when I woke up the next day with a 25 degree difference in temperature (from -13c to +12c in 24 hours!!). For Gaby’s birthday we had around -20 and windy. Was literally too cold to function!!

So today was the big day when I finally got to go to NYC for some interviews. I had my first interview at 2 pm and I think it went pretty good. It was very casual and the prospective supervisor seemed really nice. It is a position in HR and I think that it could be a great way to learn the “ground work” of HR.

After training for our interviews with Martha and Jeff I am a bit surprised that both interviews today were so casual. The first interview took about 50 minutes and it was more of a conversation than anything else. I like it and it makes me feel more comfortable but I think I was expecting an interrogation…? The second interview was also very casual, we talked for about 25-30 minutes and I think I had the same amount of questions as he did. I really liked the position and he was great but the competition feels sky high. Well well, I guess I will know if I went through to round 2 next week 🙂

That was all from me for this time! 🙂ny-winter-snow-usa-800x1280

Picture taken from https://www.nymetroweather.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/ny-winter-snow-usa-800×1280.jpg

"What questions do you have for me?"

Hello everyone, I wasn’t able to post during the weekend because I was studying for my taxes exam, which I had on monday an actually did pretty good. So as you may think the weekend wasn’t fun at all, except for gaby’s birthday (which was on Saturday) we went to Pascquales to have lunch and then went back to the hotel.

Today was a pretty interesting day, I had my first two interviews!!! I wasn’t  nervous as I thought I would be. My first interview was with  Company A. I had my interview at 11 am but at last minute it was delay until 11:30 am, I waited for Mr. X for 30 min and when he arrived he just told me “What questions do you have for me?” and he started to talk about the interns responsabilities and what he expected from the intern, he was a really nice person. The interview was really short it last 15 minutes. I went to Urban Outffiters and waited for my second interview which was at Company B at 3 pm. I arrived on time at the company and it was a really weird and fast interview. Mrs Y the woman who interview me, just ask me to tell her about myself and why did I choose the company, after that she asked me the same question as Mr. X… “What questions do you have for me?” I asked her about the interns responsabilities and what was their role, she explained to me and kept asking me “What questions do you have for me?”. The interview lasted 5 minutes, t was weird and I don’t what to think, if it’s a good thing or a bad thing. Anyways I enjoyed my busy day at NYC but I missed PR and Joan  ):