Finally Discovering New Paltz

Living for almost 5 weeks in New Paltz, it was absolutely unacceptable that we still haven’t had the time to discovered the whole town. Therefore, we decided to use one of the last sunny summer days to explore.

We walk down to Water Street Market exploring the beauty of this place and the little shops. In the antique market, we marveled at jewelry, porcelain, and furniture. Unfortunately, my suitcase is by far too small to bring a beautiful red armchair.


We walked down a beautiful alley along the bank of Wallkill River, noticing that autumn slowly but steadily arrived. Leaves covered the ground and some of the trees were already colored red and yellow. We enjoyed the view across the river, over the fields and up to Mohonk Mountain.


Tired after our walk along the riverbank, we decided to sit for a while in a beautiful café called “The Cafeteria”. Great coffee, tasty cake, cozy sofas, and armchairs.


Finally, we walked trough the bookstores, to buy some postcards to send back home.


More of New Paltz


Hi again everyone. This time I would like to talk a little about the things we’ve been doing lately in New Paltz!

  • Apple Picking: Last friday we went to an apple farm which is really near campus so we were able to walk there. My two Mexican friends and I  bought a bag at the farm for the apples we collected and enjoyed it so much. The view up there is really nice and I love the colorful trees!!
  • Cinema: The cineIMG_2206.JPGma is near the Hotel so I’ve been wanting to go there, and see how different it is from cinemas in our country. We saw the Sully movie, it was really good. Most of the girls in the group and I recommended it for those who want a relaxing evening.





  • Having dinner in Pascuales: This place is delicious. Their speciality is italian food and they have a variety from Pasta, Pizza, Salads, Seafood, etc, and everything is great!!(Since is neared the hotel so my friends and I go there a lot or call for delivery 😛 )



  • Walking around the streets and stores: It is a great opportunity to walk and explore more stores in New Paltz, since the weekends are more for relaxation. We like to have lunch in different restaurants, also have an ice cream or some chocolates from different stores, and get some post cards for our families and friends.
  • Church: Since I am a Catholic I was really happy when I saw there was a Church near campus. I feel like home when I go there although the Mass is not the same as my native language.


I will continue posting more of this amazing experience. I really don’t want to leave New Paltz in almost 3 weeks now :/


Weekend in NYC

Hi everyone!!

I want to share about a different weekend in the BIG city, we went since friday afternoon until monday night (it was labor day) and it was pretty awesome.

First, we arrived to the apartment of a friend of us who is also studying abroad, and take us directly to a rooftop named PHD were we have a great time, I really recommended it, you can see all the city, chill with your friends, and enjoy the view.


On Saturday, we went to the US OPEN Tennis Championships, where we enjoyed the games and we took many pictures it was incredible to see the people supporting their best player!!

On Sunday we went to Coney Island in which I can say it’s really huge and fun!! Were we first have some lunch and tried the famous Nathan’s hot dogs and get some tickets to the luna park, and after an awesome day there we enjoy the sunset at the beach 🙂 img_1350

And in Monday we walk through the streets of the city, have lunch together and have some shopping, by the end of the day we were all set at the bus to go back to New Paltz!


New Favorite Spot at Campus

Hi again! A want to tell you something about me now. I love to walk by myself and just see and enjoy what is going around me, so last week I had some of free time so I decided to go and explore the campus.


I have seen a lot of spaces around the campus and I saw the pond of Southside road but I never really had the opportunity to walk to it; so then I decided to go there. When I arrieved there it felt really good, you can feel the air, breath the nature, relax and enjoy yourself. It’s a really great place to go and read a book, have a nice chat with friends or only enjoy the nature of our beautiful planet. I feel very fourtunate to be able to have the expirience of coming to a campus like this and enjoy all the increadible spaces that they have. As well, I recommend the second floor of Wooster Science Building, it’s a really nice place to go and do homework or study!


So my advice…? Just go and explore and get out of your comfort zone!





Two Interviews and an Exciting Lunchbreak

I was invited to 2 interviews in NYC.

img_20160912_064629I caught an early bus from New Paltz to the city; even though my first interview was not until 11am. The decision to leave early paid off. The bus arrived at New Paltz Park and Ride on time but with the announcement that it has a defect and a replacement vehicle will arrive soon. The replacement arrived half an hour later and traffic city bound is on Monday morning guaranteed. We arrived one hour later than expected at Port Authority.

My first interview was on Madison Ave. I took the subway uptown and tried to find the correct building. As I still had one hour left, I decided to sit down at a close by café, go trough my notes again and get set for the interview. At 11:10 am I walked back to the office building and called my contact at the company as she had asked me to do so when we set up the interview. I expected her to give me further directions where to go to. Against my expectations, she told me to stay in the lobby; she and her team will come downstairs. After introducing themselves they told me we would have the interview at a coffee shop close by as their office is currently under construction. This situation was a flashback to an interview I had a few years ago where the exact same thing happened. As that previous interview went really well, this unexpected change of plans made me even more confident instead of unsettling me. Retrospectively I can say that this interview went really well too.

After this interview, I intended to head down to Soho where my next interview was going to take place. Finding my way to the right subway station to catch the train I had planned to take was not as easy as I had expected. My wander took me past MoMA, where I could hardly resist going inside, I spotted Top of the Rock and went past St. Patrick’s Cathedral until I found my way to the subway station at 51st and Lexington Ave.


14311270_10209405582723858_828780760604635929_oWhen I arrived in Soho, I sat down in a café to have some lunch, sent my thank you note and regained some energy for my interview in the afternoon. I texted a friend of mine, who happened to be an IIB Alumni from last fall and was staying for the week in New York City, what her plans for the day were. As she happened to be in Soho, she came to the café and we shared our experiences from the program so far.


After our lunch, I had not much time left to prepare for the interview. Therefore, I left the café later than planned but not in a hurry as Google maps notified me that the way would take only 6 minutes. However, I should have learned from my experience from the morning. I went a few times into the completely wrong direction but found the office at last and was still early.

The second interview with a brand strategy agency was more traditional compared to my interview in the morning but still very interesting. I really liked the people and the office location.

img_20160912_175804After this exhausting day with so many exciting meetings, I decided to stroll around Soho and walked up to Washington Square Park to enjoy the sun for a while before taking the subway back to Port Authority.img_20160912_175641

One interesting day in NYC


8.24 am – Now, Fanny and I are on our way to New York City to have a whole day in the city with interviews. We woke up at 6.00, got ready, and then took the 7.40am bus. We both are very nervous but it is so nice to at least have each other. We are going to arrive at Port Authority at 9.10 and then we have time to explore the city for couple of hours before we need to get ready for the first interview. See you soon!





10.32 am – We made it to the City! We arrived to Port Authority and then we took the subway to 6th avenue, not far from the first meeting of the day. This meeting is with a PR-agency that is my first choice on my internship list. I got the internship last Wednesday but they wanted to meet me in person. We found a coffee on 6 avenue and here we are with a caffe latte and a cream cheese bagel, very american! And if we are going to talk about american, Gerard Butler just came in to the coffee. FIRST CELEBRITY SEEN!





4.35 pm – And now I can finally take a break. Now I have had one meeting and one interview, plus some shopping in between. Now, I am waiting for Fanny who is at an interview. It has been a really long day with lots of impressions, walking and excitement. Now we have some decisions to make and we thanking New York City for this time. Next, head back to New Paltz and have an amazing weekend with kayaking!

Over and out!

“Give me such shows — give me the streets of Manhattan!” -Walt Whitman

fullsizerenderimg_0690Hi everyone! This is my first post and I want to share with you how NYC make me feel. “Give me such shows — give me the streets of Manhattan!” Walt Whitman.  I can relate more with this quote, the streets of Manhattan, every single one of them, have something to show you and that definitely will surprise you! I love to walk and get lost when I travel and just follow my instincts where to go, and Manhattan it’s an ideal place to do that. My last time in the city (labor weekend) I had the opportunity to walk into streets that I have never walked before and with them new memories were made. The city that never sleep it’s a 24/7 show that transmits many indescribable feelings and as any show, it must always continue, so I can’t wait to move there and be amazed every single day. So AMAZED that’s how NYC makes me feel!



Exploring New Paltz


Hi everyone!

This is my first post and I’ve been here for two weeks. I explore New Paltz on weekends because during the week we have classes most part of the day and everything closes early.thumbnail_image4

New Paltz is a small town but really beautiful and picturesque so you would probably love it. It is easy to walk everywhere and everything seems to be near.

At first you may think that there’s not much to do but you definitely have to go down to the river and the stores. You will find really interesting things and delicious places like the chocolate store, the candyshop and a lot of restaurants. I have to mention that we were really excited because we discovered a place called Mexican Kitchen that sells Mexican food and they have tajin! (Chili powder that we usually use with everything), so if you are Mexican or you love Mexican food you have to try it! We are planning to go on our Independence day!

We also took a lot of pictures because near the river everything is green and it is really nice. We want to rent a bike to explore there this weekend.

I recommend you to buy a New Paltz map that includes every place and restaurant in town and to walk everywhere because in my opinion that’s the best way to explore it.

I’ll keep you posted with more places and experiences!


Third week at New Paltz

This is my first post, I can’t believe this is my third week here!! getting to know New Paltz  was actually better than I imagine, I was pretty amazed that there’s plenty of trees and pines all over here and houses are very beautiful and antique, everything seems like a movie (really)!!

This semester we are only ten students and it is the first time that we are only girls!! We are still getting to know each other and also getting used to the campus which is actually huuuge and beautiful!!

Talking about the courses they are really interesting and helpful for us because there are things that we will be using for the internship like in a month and a half, and this courses are about public relations, business communication, internship practice and two more that are the ones each of us choose about our interesting. The students and teachers are really nice and they help us in every way they can. 

Right now we are getting prepared for the internships which is something really exciting for us but also nervous to get there, I know that everyone will get something good and what’s best for them, but for now we need to get prepared and don’t stop working to get it!!!


Tubing in Phoenicia, NY

tubing-phoenicia_2015Hi there!

The first thing we decided on when we got to New Paltz was to sign up for all the activities we possibly could. We wanted to get the most out of the area and we knew that time would fly, so when the schedule for the activities was published we basically booked everything on there. This weekend we had both tubing and zip-lining planned and I was literally rushing through the week so that I could jump on the bus and go. I’ve been tubing once before in the Philippines but it was a very calm and relaxed ride – nothing like what we experienced now! The tubing in Phoenicia is nothing for the easily frightened. If you’re afraid of water or of losing control – don’t go! But, if you love adventures and if you don’t mind getting totally soaked and a bit bruised, sign up! I laughed all my way down the stream, except for one single moment when I flipped and flew of my tube, at that point Stephanie was the one who did all of the laughing. unknown

I am so glad that we went, it was so much fun and the nature surrounding the river was astonishing. I even enjoyed the bus ride there. It’s so exciting to see the areas surrounding New Paltz, and since we don’t have access to a car the bus rides to the different activities are actually a really good way to get a grip of the area!


Bye for now!