New Beginnings

Jessica, Philip, Markus, Emma, Martina and Maximo In Bryant Park, midtown NYC


This Spring, we are six international students attending the Institute for International Business Program at State University of New York at New Paltz. We will spend eight weeks studying in New Paltz to prepare for our internship before moving to the Big Apple.

The first three weeks have been very intense but exciting at the same time. Adapting to the American Culture, meeting new people, and getting comfortable speaking a new language are some of the experiences that we have encountered.

We already had the opportunity to explore and get a first glimpse of New York, the City that never sleeps. We think that NYC is breathtaking and are really thrilled for the challenges ahead. Be ready to learn more about our adventures by following our blog.


New York, New York

Hi everyone!
2a8541832ec53ac2c04daca232fbe830I moved to New York 8 weeks ago and it´s crazy how time flies when you are having fun!

What I can tell you until now is that I LOVE this city!! You will  never get bored because there´s so much to see and new things to do.

Here´s my list of the places I recommend you to go and eat delicious:

  • Paesano´s (Little Italy), pasta is DELICIOUS here
  • 230 Rooftop, the view is amazing!!
  • Mercer Kitchen
  • Vapiano
  • Shake Shack (definitely)
  • The Smith
  • Tacos in Chealsea Market

4e1bc445a3920a7e92929bd5603d51e0What you can´t miss while visiting New York is:

  • Bryant park, and if you come in the winter you can´t miss the Christmas market
  • Union Square
  • Soho
  • Noho
  • Little Italy
  • Financial District
  • Central Park
  • Times Square
  • Grand Central
  • The Museums
  • Chealsea Market and the Meatpacking District
  • Tribeca
  • Flatiron
  • All the Fifth Avenue
  • Rockefeller Plaza

descargagxdnon2pMy tips to save money or to survive in the city are:

  • Download the NYC Subway app! It´s really easy to use and you won´t get lost anymore.
  • Download the TodayTix app where you can buy Broadway tickets with a special discount!
  • Buy the unlimited Subway card, it´s cheaper depending on how many time you are staying in the city.
  • Try local products they are cheaper and delicious.
  • Always carry an external battery for your phone.

If you are comming to the city I´m sure you will love it and remember that the best way to explore the city is by walking!!


Friendsgiving in Philly

Hello there,

Since Thanksgiving is kind of a huge deal in the US a couple of friends and I decided on celebrating it by arranging a “Friendsgiving” at a friend’s place in Philadelphia. Thursday morning my friend Sofia, who’s also doing her internship in New York, and I caught an early bus to Philadelphia to meet up with our other friends. Anton, a friend from back home who is studying in Philly, had two other friends visiting from Sweden (mutual friends from our hometown). Together with one of his Swedish classmates, who was joining too, it was six of us celebrating together.

The night before we went to Philly, Sofia and I went to IKEA to buy some Swedish holiday food and treats. When we arrived in Philly at noon our friends had prepared tons of Thanksgiving food as well as decorated the house. I’ve never eaten so much in my life! I got to admit that I have a recently discovered soft spot for Thanksgiving food. It’s so good even though it’s a bit heavy.. Our Thanksgiving potluck consisted of a mixture of the traditional Thanksgiving food and Swedish specialties. Below the pictures follows a list of all the food (that I can remember) we had on our Thanksgiving table!



Mashed potatoes


Stir-fried Brussels sprouts, mushrooms and haricoverts Meatballs


Pulled chicken dip Cranberry jelly


Saffron buns






Stir-fried potatoes with cheese Two different types of herring

Lingonberry jelly

Lingonberry jelly Pumpkin pie Gingerbread

Glögg (Swedish mulled wine)

All of Thursday was basically spent eating so Friday night we decided on going to a basketball game (76ers VS Chicago Bulls) which was a blast. It was the first game for me since I moved to New York and it was much more fun than I thought it would be. Especially since we went in a big group. We were cheering for the 76ers, unfortunately they lost big time, but it was quite given that they would lose so we were not too disappointed. We had decided to go out and celebrate either way so afterwards we went out to explore the nightlife in Philadelphia, which was quite different from New York but just as much fun.

I will never forget my first Thanksgiving (but hopefully not last). The entire weekend was amazing, and it was so nice to meet some of my Swedish friends again.




A Special Week in NYC

… not that every week in NYC is very special but there are weeks that are more especial than others both in positive and in negative ways.

But let us start with some positive events. On Friday evening by badly missed boyfriend arrived in NYC to stay for ten days. This was my chance to finally get some sightseeing accomplished. With the beautiful weather, we went to central park, walked the Highline, visited Chelsea Market and strolled trough the Meatpacking District. Afterward, we went to Soho for some shopping at some great sample sales. On Sunday we walked the Brooklyn Bridge, strolled trough Brooklyn, Prospect Park, and Williamsburg.

My work week was really exciting as well, as Sergio Rossi’s management team visited our office and clients in the US. It was an amazing experience to meet the team and support the team to ensure a smooth course of events.

Tuesday and Wednesday were days with a more negative connotation. I was excited to be in the US during these big presidential elections. I sat the whole evening in front of the TV, switching between German and US TV covering the course and results of the election. At 11:30pm I was so scared to see the final results that I turned off the TV and went to bed. However, at 2am I woke up to see that friends and family have texted me that Trump as been elected to be the next president of the US. I tried to go back to sleep and hoped that when I wake up that I just had a bad dream. Unfortunately, it was not!

However, we filled our evenings with great activities as my boyfriend really wanted to make the most of his first visit to NYC. We went to a game between Brooklyn Nets and New York Knicks at Madison Square Garden, which was an amazing experience. Not only that the Knicks won but also the whole course of the event was astonishing.

On Thursday evening we went to Broadway to see Cirque de Solei’s Paramour. An amazing mix of breathtaking acrobatic and a musical.

On Friday we went to a wonderful Indian Restaurant called Awadh close to Hotel 99, which I can recommend to everyone who is a big fan of Indian food and great wine.

Saturday was my 25th birthday and my family sang for me view Skype. Me, my boyfriend and all girls from the program, some of their friends and family, met for an amazing birthday brunch at a Regional right around the corner of Hotel99.

This was just the perfect round up of a wonderful week. And I want to thank all of you again for being part of it.




Intern in the City

Hi everyone,

I want to share my experience living in the BIG city and working in the Vera Wang company!!


Talking a little about the internship, I am on the Human Resources department and Bridal Services Administration. I am really enjoying it because there are very different positions and both of them are really important to the company.  Everyone here is so nice and they make me feel like I been working on the company for much longer.

Talking about the city, its obviously very different from Mexico. I was no familiar with the subway but now I think is the best thing to move into places. You see a different story every day in there.

I can’t believe a month has passed since I got here, time is passing really fast!!

I’ll post more stuff soon,


Last days in New Paltz

Days are passing so fast, I can’t believe that we been for 8 weeks now.  Our classes are coming to an end and we are enjoying our last weekend in this beautiful town. My Mexicans friends and I decided to make the best of it and enjoy the fall in New Paltz. I am going to miss all the people we knew, the teachers, and how the town is very unique and little to travel into places.fullsizerender-9

Are We There Yet?

Yes! We are almost there!

img_6391I can’t believe it has been almost 8 weeks since we arrived here and there are so many things we have done, learned and achieved in no time. Sometimes I feel we have been a lot time here because of all the things we have done but I can’t figure out how does time has just pass so quickly.
The first day just feel like yesterday and I can’t believe we are moving to the city this friday.

I’m so excited to start my internship but that means that we are half way until the end of this experience; an experience that I wish it could last longer.img_6360Here at New Paltz I have learn a lot from my professors (if you are reading this because you are planning to come here, I can tell you that they are amazing and you will learn a lot from theme). I have done incredible memories, new friendships, really challenging class projects (International Marketing) and so many more things, and I can say that I’m thankful for each single one of theme.

I know that God lead us to places where we need to be not where we want to be, so I believe that this experience is God’s will and I know that for each one of us, this experience will make us grow and see life in a14628237_10206941974181081_1920497077_n different way.

So I can’t way to continue doing memories and the most amazing thins is that I’ll be doing them in the most exciting city in the world!




Goodbye New Paltz , Hello New York!

14628237_10206941974181081_1920497077_nHi everyone!!

Hope you all are doing great! This weekend is our Fall Break and also our last weekend in New Paltz, so we decided to stay here and enjoy the town for the last time.

On Friday, Jeff organized a party for the 10 of us in his house and he invited Martha, Joan and Jackie. It was a great night and we had a lot of fun!! But we also ate a lot, Jeff ordered a huge sandwich probably the biggest I´ve ever seen and it was delicious! He also cooked some pork tacos and they taste as home. The perfect ending of the night was a campfire with S´mores and games.14658173_10206941974141080_1410551512_n

14642999_10206941974301084_633963862_nOn Saturday and Sunday we went through all the stores in the town looking for souvenirs for our families and friends back home. So we started our days having lunch at SUNY, going to Starbucks for a coffee and then going for a walk.

We went to the Bookstore to buy the University hoodies and gifts. Then we went to the town to Krause´s Chocolates and to the water market, we love going there.

We also bought some postcards because we want to send them to Mexico. I´ve never send a postcard before but I think it would be a nice thing to do.

As incredible as it sounds it´s hard to find some gifts from New Paltz because everything says New York but I think we found some good stuff. 14628230_10206941974421087_2090477492_n

Finally we were with the last minute shopping to have everything ready for our apartment in NYC. I recommend you to go to Just A Buck, they have great things and everything costs a dollar!

Thank you for reading!!

Let’s go Yankees Let’s go!!

image Hi everyone!!

Last Saturday we decided to go to New York to see one of the last Yankees games of the season. They played against Baltimore’s Orioles.

We woke up and had breakfast in a little Cafeteria near my friend’s apartment, then we went to the Grand Central Terminal to buy the tickets to get to the Stadium. They were about $6 each.

imageWhen we got to the Stadium we were really excited, I didn’t know what to expect because I’m not a sports fan so I’ve never been to a baseball game before.

The firts thing we did was to buy the original caps and some presents for our families. Then we went to buy the tickets and they told us that the cheapest one was $24 and it was really far from the field.

Martha quickly downloaded StubHub’s app (which I highly imagerecommend everyone to have), and we found tickets for $15 really near the field. We bought them right away and we received the QR code for our tickets. When we were walking through the main entrance they gave us free bobbleheads, because luckily to us it was the bobbleheads giveaway promotional day.

imageThe game lasted four hours but it was worth it because we had a lot of fun and it’s a great experience. And guess what? THE YANKEES WON!!!

After the game we went to Shake Shak to have dinner and it was delicious!!

Thanks for reading hope you liked it!



It is here! Is finally here!

Summer is over and the leaves are falling.

That can only mean one thing….. Fall is finally here!


From one week to another, I felt how the sun dosen’t warm us like before, the wind start to blow and leaves to fall.

I love how orange and brown start to steel the show and the fact that I don’t need to wear summer clothes anymore.

It’s time to start wearing boots and sweaters, and a cup of tea makes everything better.


Fall is my favorite season. It is not hot but still not cold. My hometown, Monterrey, have the craziest weather, moslty it is warm but sometimes, during the same day, we can experience the four season of the year. I love my city but I don’t love the weather and moslty because there is not fall at all.
Sometimes you can see some trees that have some orange or brown leaves, but it is not common.img_0228

img_1719There, the weather dosen’t feel like fall; sometimes we could have very hot days and suddenly they become cold and vice versa, so we have to have our both, summer and winter clothes, hanging in the closet all year long.
Last year I was able to experience Fall during my other exchange program (photo on the right) and being able to experience it again, here in New Paltz and NYC, makes me really happy!!




So, let me know which is your favorite season…








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