Working day in New York

Morning coffee and New York Times

Hi Everyone,

I have had the opportunity to do my internship at Institute for Personal Leadership. This is an organization that brings leadership development and culture change to organizations globally. My days include business development, collecting data, marketing, meetings, education and so much more. The insight and knowledge I have learned have been great and I feel that I can bring so much with me from this experience, no matter what I do in the future.

The office is in a shared workspace (WeWork Grand Central) and it is an American company that provides shared workspaces, technology startup subculture communities, and services for entrepreneurs, freelancers, small businesses and large enterprises. You get the chance to meet many people from all kinds of fields, cultures, and personalities. You can talk to each other and at the same time get free beer, water, coffee, tea or attend events.

I’m at the end of this opportunity now and I will soon go back to Sweden and this experience has been amazing. I have developed myself personally and my knowledge has increased a lot. We are living in a global world and with the digital transformation, we can communicate with people around the world all the time. But to see something from the inside and go deeper to learn more about the business, culture, language, country, and people are so much more rewarding. It is something very special!

All the best,

Unanticipated expertise

Hi all,

My last few weeks have been a little bit busy with starting the internship and trying to adapt to the New York City life.  That’s why I’ve been AWOL for so long. The City life has been amazing so far, very different from living in New Paltz.

I got offered an internship with The Jewish Museum in the communications department. Now if you are working in a museum, you would think that you would acquire a lot of art knowledge in the process, wouldn’t you? Well, I have actually. Not only did I learn a lot about artists, art movements and exhibitions, but also I learned how to make press releases, social media content, Google Analytics and AdWords, and so much more.  I am so thankful to all my supervisors here who have had the patience to take the time and teach me how the communications field works in a museum’s market.

I also acquired a specific knowledge that I never would have expected and I think it is worth mentioning. The Jewish Museum has recently opened for the public a new exhibition called Chaim Soutine: Flesh. The name describes this exhibition perfectly as it features 32 of Soutine’s remarkable paintings depicting hanging fowl, beef carcasses, and rayfish.  Down below I’m posting some paintings that are now on view on this exhibition.

Chaim Soutine, Still Life with Rayfish, c. 1924, oil on canvas.


Chaim Soutine, Chicken Hung Before a Brick Wall, 1925, oil on canvas.


Chaim Soutine, Carcass of Beef, c. 1925, oil on canvas.

Therefore, after working with the museum team on this exhibition, I can officially say that I’m now an expert on noticing the difference between a dead chicken, fowl, turkey or rayfish. Also, I have mastered the art of specifying the different cuts of meat when they are presented right in front of me,  and that my friends is saying a lot as an Argentinian woman who is very used to eating meat back home.  I may have had a great meat craving once this exhibition started…

It was a pleasure to be given the opportunity to write in this blog about my experiences  during this incredible IIB Program. Unfortunately, our time is almost over but it makes me look back and reflect on everything that we have lived so far and realize how blessed we are.  As the genius Dr. Seuss once said: “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” I’m now going to leave the opportunity for the next generation of IIB students to be able to write about this remarkable experience that awaits them.


It’s just a few blocks away

Exploring the neighborhoods in Brooklyn

Time just flies by. We have been in New York City 10 days and it is less than nine weeks until we will graduate. We really like NYC. It is a beautiful city with a mix of different cultures and people. Even though Manhattan is a big borough of NYC, it is very easy to navigate here and find what you are looking for, thanks to that Manhattan is divided into blocks. No matter what you are looking for, it is always just a few blocks away.

Graffiti paintings in Brooklyn

During our second weekend in NYC, three of us (Emma, Markus and Martina), spent a whole day exploring Brooklyn. We took the subway from the Upper West Side down to Brooklyn early in the morning. Martina visited the Brooklyn Museum while Emma and Markus attended an investment event arranged by Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce.

Downtown Manhattan seen from the Brooklyn Bridge Park

After that, we walked around a lot in the neighborhoods, visited the Brooklyn Bridge Park, ate Chinese food and got back to Manhattan by walking over the Brooklyn Bridge. It was a really nice day with beautiful weather and we are looking forward to explore other parts of NYC during the upcoming weeks.

All the best – Emma & Markus

No more commuting!

Okay guys, did you ever had that feeling when you are waiting for the bus to come to get to work that you wished you could just teleport yourself there? Well, you have to wish no more, I found the solution to your problem!

This weekend, I went to New York City and visited an art gallery. There, I came across the perfect answer to combat the everlasting hours you spend travelling to your responsibilities. Now, I know that you may find the place where I discovered it a little bit strange, don’t you? For those who think like that let me tell you that sometimes the most amazing things come from the least expected places.

Going back to the issue in question, this amazing pair of sandals with wings can carry you to wherever you want without the nuisance of traffic or waiting for the public transportation to arrive. They will be on sale shortly, but watch out! Because we already have many preorders for them, so we expect them to be out of stock pretty soon…

Regarding the name, a very important attribute of this amazing product, we haven’t come out with it yet. So we thought to make it more interesting and let the audience decide. We will be doing a competition to see who comes up with the most creative name and the winner will get one for free! More details will be posted in a few days so don’t detach yourselves from this blog and watch out for more specifics.


New Paltz’s must-see

Hello there readers! It’s me again. I was going to write about a shopping trip,  but then I thought about it and decided to tell you something that will probably interest you more…New Paltz’s best attractions. Who cares about what I bought anyways right?

So, in the following post, you will see the best attributes that New Paltz has to offer, in my opinion of course, in case you were planning on coming here sometime. Here it goes:

5. Walking trails

Want to go for a nice walk? Go to New Paltz’s trail. An isolated and extensive path in the middle of the forest. You are going to fill right in contact with Mother Nature.

4. The beautiful sunsets

One of the town’s irreplaceable and distinguishing traits. Every day at noon, you step upon an explosion of colors in the sky.

3. Hasbrouck’s diverse menu

SUNY New Paltz’s dining hall has quite a variety of plates to offer its students. We had a Swedish chef come to cook for us in woman’s international day.

2. New Paltz’s hostel staff

A rather surprising trait you won’t see in the tourist guide is that New Paltz’s hostel has its own butler! His name is Alfred and he is a really good guy. Now, I know that he doesn’t seem that way, but that is because he gets uncomfortable when you take pictures of him. He was just too nice not to say no to me when I asked him! I think it is really helpful that he is a big man, as sometimes the luggage he has to carry can be really heavy.

1. New Paltz’s version of Ted, the teddy bear

Has anyone seen the movie called Ted? The one where a stuffed teddy bear comes to life? If you haven’t, I strongly recommend it. Anyways, it seems the town got really excited about the idea and decided to have one as well. Though they wanted to change things up a bit and decided to do a rabbit instead of a bear, and it is not alive, yet…

An unexpected acquaintance

Unfortunately, I didn’t experience any trip worth telling as my fellow companions did. I did pay to go on a skiing trip though but fell asleep so it doesn’t count.

Nonetheless, I didn’t want to move out of New Paltz without making any contributions to our beloved blog.

Yesterday, I went out for a walk in the afternoon and a surprising event occurred…

I made a new friend! His name is Bob, though I don’t think he likes his name very much because every I tried to call him, he just ignored me.

Here is a photo of him below. Beware, he is not very photogenic, that’s why he tried to hide when I took the picture and you can’t see him very well. He was actually about to start his dinner when I met him, so maybe that is the cause for his grumpiness.

Bob trying to eat his nut

Don’t stop until you’re at the top

Markus in action

By the end of the last week, it was time for a new trip. This time, we went ice climbing 40 minutes away from New Paltz with a group of nine people. The trip didn’t start very well because there was a miscommunication between the guides and the girl who was in charge of the event, so we forgot to pick up the equipment in New Paltz before we drove up to the mountains. Due to that, we had to wait in the bus for more than one hour before the guides arrived with the equipment. But that let us get to know the other ones and we played a popular and funny American mobile game. None of us had

Emma in action

previously tried ice climbing and it was a thrilling experience. You are actually not supposed to use your arms more than keeping the balance with the axes, which you dig into the ice with. The key is to use the crampons on the bottom of your boots as much as possible. Ice climbing is something we really recommend for those who are not afraid of heights.

Take care – Emma & Markus

Exploring “the greatest country in the world”

This weekend, we visited Boston, the biggest city in the state of Massachusetts. Since it was the President’s Day Monday, February 19, we took the opportunity to go on a trip during the longer than usual weekend. It was only a 3.5-hour drive and it was definitely worth the time.

None of us had high expectations about Boston. It is a city that you have heard of, but not so much more other than it is cold. But after our three day visit our conclusion is that it is a beautiful city which we definitely will visit again. The impression we got was that Boston is more influenced by Europe than, for example, New York, since the buildings were very old (a good thing in our opinion) and had a more European touch to them.

So, what did we do? Some of the things we did were strolling around the beautiful streets of Beacon Hill, some shopping downtown (Jessica’s idea), enjoyed each other’s company over a Swedish “fika” (Philip’s idea) and visited the famous Harvard University. A thing that is worth mentioning to all the shoppers, in the state of Massachusetts there is tax free shopping! So, if you want to get great bargains – visit Boston (or another town in Massachusetts)!

To summarize this trip, we have an advice to all the readers of this blog. If you have the opportunity – go visit Boston! You will not regret it.


Philip Fredriksson and Jessica Carlsson

Much More than Studying

Hunter Mountain

Hunter Mountain

Last week, some of us went to Hunter Mountain for a whole day of skiing. Hunter Mountain is a ski resort 1 hour north of New Paltz with many different ski trails. The day started very early in the morning and it was a beautiful sunny day but very cold, around -15 Celsius degrees.The trip was arranged by school for a cost of only 25 dollars, which included rental of ski equipment, lift ticket and the bus trip.

Depending on your own ski level,  we could chose to either have a ski lesson or just go out on our own. Since we are from Sweden, where we learned to ski as children, we skipped the lesson. It was a great and funny day without any big accidents. There will be many more trips with other activities during our time here, which we are looking forward to.

All the best – Emma & Markus

A totally new way of living

Hi everyone,

Our first three weeks here in New Paltz have passed so quickly. We have a lot to do all the time, which sometimes makes it difficult to stop for a moment and enjoy the situation. One thing that I have been thinking about is how different the campus life is here in the U.S. compared to Sweden. I live in a shared bedroom, which is a part of a six beds suite where we share a living room and bathroom. Our hall, called Deyo hall, is next door to the restaurant where we eat every day. All services that you might need for anything related to school are on campus and we also have a fitness center close to our hall. It is very unusual to have your accommodation on campus in Sweden and it is even more unusual to share a bedroom. Swedish students commonly have their own apartment, with either their own kitchen or they share it with others. Anyway, I think the American model is a great way of living because it makes it easy to socialize and get new friends.

Dinner at Hasbrouck Dining Hall