Sipping green tea in an old sofa

Too many changes all at once.

I am now living in an unfamiliar place with 21 strangers who don’t speak my language.

I’m feeling just a tiny bit confused.

Being an incurable introvert, I sometimes feel the need to take a moment for myself, just to organize my thoughts. It’s not that I don’t like the place I’m in or the people I’m with, don’t get me wrong, this experience has by far been incredible, I’m loving every single second. I just feel like having a comforting place where I can go to collect my thoughts and all these new feelings.

And I found that place: it’s the New Paltz Cafeteria.

It’s such an amazing place to study in, or to just chill with your friends. When you walk in, it feels like a familiar place, maybe because of all the old furniture or maybe because somebody is constantly practicing with his guitar right next to the entrance door. The wooden floor creaks with every step, until you reach one of the many sofas in the room, and believe me they’re as old as comfortable, you’ll feel like you’re sitting on a cloud. The lights and music are never too strong or overwhelming, they are just perfect for the atmosphere, letting the harsh light from the outside world peak through the large windows on one side of the room, but not letting any of the noise or worries from the chaos of your everyday life in. You feel like nothing can affect you, while you’re in there.

Can you tell how in love I am with this place?!

So if you’re looking for a relaxing place to lay down your tired bones and sip something hot (or cold) go to the New Paltz Cafeteria, you won’t regret it. I suggest to try the Jasmine Green Tea, they serve it either hot or cold and it smells heavenly. It’s the icing on the cake.

Brunch at Shea O´Brien´s

Sunday Brunch at Shea O´Brien´s on Main Street

Last weekend I lost my bank card and I thought that my life was over. I woke up on Sunday morning and decided go out and look for it. First I went to the Student Union Building and after that I went to the Wellness Center, and there it was. I didn`t know what to do but I decided to celebrate by going to Shea O´Brien´s on Sunday Brunch with Jonatan. A really nice place, good food, service, and its only cost 19,95 dollars, well worth it.


Mexican food at Tacombi in NYC



Those of you who are hungry for Mexican food and would like to try a great place in NYC – Listen up!

At 267 Elizabeth St (Nolita) you will find a small, loud, dark, genuine, and-and completely… wonderful restaurant called Tacombi.

From the VW bus, delicious tacos are being prepared for hungry and friendly guests. The service is great and as bright as all the countless candles that lights up this cozy former storage room. If you find it hard to choose from the menu, just ask the waitress to surprise you – and she will keep that promise!

If you will go for the tacos, order at least three different kinds. If you would like their homemade juice, the watermelon is really good. If you haven’t booked a table, be prepared to wait for 30 min. If you would like great Mexican food in a restaurant you will never forget, go to Tacombi!

Food is life!

Food, everyones favorite thing! For a student food becomes a big deal, you always find that eating is more important then homework, workout, and homework.. Since we moved here we’ve been eating a lot of different things and I just wanted to show you a small selection of all of the food.

Italian Survival Kit: PASTA

Here’s another post about how we Italians are trying to adapt to the American environment.

As most people know, Italians love pasta and we are quite stubborn on how to cook it. For this reason we “forced” one of the Italians, who was going to Italy for her graduation ceremony to bring back a huge suitcase containing some of the delicious food of our land.

When she came back, we had a great wild boar meat sauce. However we needed one thing: the legendary “pasta al dente”. But what could we do since we do not have a kitchen? Non-Italians would say “maybe it’s better to wait three weeks until we live in New York City as we will have the cooking utensils there.” Being Italians and starting to dream about pizza, we decided that we couldn’t wait! But the problem remained…how to cook it?

We found a way but I want to warn you before telling what we did. If you are an Italian reader, please forgive us for what we did but we were kind of desperate! So what did we do? We found some suggestions on the Internet on how to cook pasta in the microwave. For those who have not read my previous post, about a month ago, we bought a rice cooker. We boiled the water using the rice cooker, and since we do not know for how long it keeps the temperature hot, soon after the water started boiling, we poured the pasta in it and afterwards we put everything in the microwave for five minutes. You are probably thinking that the result was a disaster but in the end, if there is good wine being served, we Italians always smile. So, even if the pasta had a plastic texture, the dinner felt a bit like being back in Italy and then you know, “dove c’è Barilla, c’è casa”.

"Mummy can you make me some.." take-out?!!


After 3 weeks of Living in America we can finally say that we are really starting to feel like at home here in New Paltz. We have all become friends, collected fun stories from our trips and nights out to tell people back home, but we are also developing our everyday habits especially when it comes to food. It is safe to say that Spring 2013 IIB students are definitely embracing the food culture and just might gain a few pounds during our stay 🙂 Personally when it comes to cooking I get really lazy, so the fact that here at Super 8  there isn’t a real kitchen has probably not influenced much my choice of diet. We all know this is the true food story of every student on the planet, so as protocol instead of trying to eat healthy I am gladly feeding on big portions of my beloved pizza served by “Mummy take-out”. As I am now becoming an expert on New Paltz pizza I thought I would share some of my insights with anyone interested:

  • Pasquale’s Pizza & Restaurant: I’m guessing these guys really love us because at this rate thanks to our orders they’ll shortly be able to take a vacation to the Caribbean 🙂 Comments aside, I really like their food generally speaking. There is a lot to choose from and they are pretty fast at delivery. Personally I really like the fact that they have a lot of available sizes when it comes to pizza, so If I’m not that hungry I don’t have to waste food.
  • Rino’s Pizza: I think that their pizza is probably the closest to the Italian style one because it’s lighter: less thick and charged of ingredients. Thumbs up!
  • Rocco’s Pizzeria: We tried their pizza the first night here in New Paltz. It was really good, tasty and rich. I loved it but I would recommend to be really hungry if eating an entire pizza alone..after one slice I was totally full!

So as for food I have back home I can’t really complain since there are 3 valid pizzerias to choose from. Now to my next task: find good espresso, the real Italian “must have” 😉

Cuisine of SUNY New Paltz

All the international students come in America with the intention to eat junk food for a semester. And they think they will miss the home cooked food.

But surprisingly here in SUNY New Paltz we have so many different choices! Hamburgers and pizzas? No Way! In the campus you have the opportunity to eat in a good sushi restaurant, which is really fast and genuine, or a salad. This makes you stop eating junk food and maintain your normal eating habit.

But most of all, it’s the Hasbrouck hall restaurant. In fact here we have a vast selection of food, from the Mexican to the Italian Pasta, to the, American Hamburgers (of course).

And the quality? Don’t worry guys, I’ve seen with my own eyes the chefs checking the temperature of all the plates over there, and change the food every day. So who think that in the U.S. we eat onlybadfood, should rethink again.

Hasbrouck hall 0_o

Hasbrouck hall 0_o