New Paltz 101

Now that our time here in New Paltz is running out (10 days remaining as I am writing this) I thought I would share some personal favourites from my time here! Some tips for future IIB:ers

  • Brunch at Hasbrouck: A must for Saturdays or Sundays when you’re here, if you don’t have any of your 5 meals a week left then you can also pay with Dining dollars. There’s pancakes, bacon, bagels, fruit, granola, sausage and you can even make your own omelette.
  • Moxie Cup: Got this tip from Martha and it is a truly cosy and nice place. Coffee, cupcakes and some other selections.
  • The Diner: Jeff took us here on our first night and after that we went back a few times. Really good food, lots of different options and nice staff. The also accept Hawk dollars!
  • McGillicuddys: Everybody I’ve met in New Paltz might not agree but I had a lot of fun there and there’s always a lot of people on the weekends. If you want to dance, have a good time and meet new people then this is the place!
  • The library: If you need to go somewhere to really focus, it’s a good place. Open spaces, newly remade and usually quiet and calm.
  • New Starbucks: While we were living here they opened a new Starbucks on Campus, really close to the library. Great tip if you like me haven’t spent all your dining dollars (which they accept) towards the end.
  • The Cinema: Went this Friday with Teresa and Paula to see “Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children” (which I recommend). Close to the motel where we are staying, cheap (don’t forget to mention you’re a student) and a good thing to do when you’re bored!
  • The gas station: Right by the motel there’s a gas station, which I only mention because it’s open all night. Nothing wrong with it otherwise but when you’re on your way home from example McGillicuddy’s; it’s pretty nice to buy some chips or something. McDonald’s and Burger King won’t be open so this is your chance for some night snacks!

img_0106 img_0101 img_0058img_0100 img_0105 img_0102

Anyone else got any tips to add to the list?

Lots of love!



Brunch: a meal that combines breakfast and lunch and is usually eaten in late morning. This defined our weekend.

During this past weekend we decided to go and visit the city. We arrived on Friday afternoon and left on Sunday evening. All of our weekend was about brunching. We knew that NYC was best known for their 24hrs brunches, so we decided to try it out.

On Saturday morning we decided to walk around and see which place looked the best. We were around the East Village were we saw a Mexican place called “La Palapa” that said CHILAQUILES!!!!



We did not even think about it, and we just went immediately. Chilaquiles is one of Mexico typical plate, and they were delicious! The salsa was so good, I could have eaten all day long. As a Mexican I totally approve this restaurant as being 100% typical food. It tasted just like home, they even had Cafe de Olla with piloncillo! I can´t find more words to describe how good it was.




On Sunday morning we decided to go and taste one restaurant called Cafeteria in Chelsea. We saw it on Instagram the night before and it looked so good that we decided to see it by ourselves. It was amazing! I order coffee, a croissant with homemade jam, and an avocado toast. I can´t even explain in words how delicious it was! And the best part, it´s 24hr!


Our weekend was over, but am pretty sure there will be lots of other amazing restaurants to try! Let me know which other places in NYC are worth going!!


Wandering around New Paltz.

It´s been 4 weeks now. It feels like yesterday I was getting on to an airplane and arriving in New Paltz, when suddenly it´s not. Time has been passing by so quickly that I feel I won´t be able to do everything I want in such a short time. This is why I decided to wander around the town. Here are some of the places I recommend you not missing.

This past Thursday we celebrated Mexico´s independence day! We all went to a Mexican restaurant in town called Mexican Kitchen , which btw totallthumb_img_6510_1024y tasted like thumb_img_6527_1024home, and I fully recommend it. After dinner we went back to the room and waited to do our typical Cry of Dolores at 12:00pm. VIVA MEXICO!!!!

On Friday we walked around and stopped for an ice cream in Delish. It was DELISHIOUS! You should really take advantage of the short hot weather in town to go and try the ice cream.

On Saturday it was another adventurous day!! Kayaking at the Hudson River. My arms are still swelling, but it was worth it. We started the day early and kayaked for around 3 hours in the lower part of the river. Don´t miss the wellness center outdoor opportunities… they’ve been the best!


And last but not least, on Sunday we went to the 26th annual Taste of New Paltz. It is a really good opportunity to feel connected with the town and to have small tastes of everything you can have and that New Paltz has to offer.

Taste of New Paltz 2016

14389845_10206794873583658_1353558867_nHi everyone!

This Sunday was the annual Ulster County Fair of “Taste of New Paltz”, so Barbara, Martha, Ruth and I went there to have some lunch and try local products and restaurants.

We had to take a cab to get there because it´s impossible to go by walking because they are repairing the bridge. We arrived after 10 minutes and it was a big open field place full of trees and stands with a lot of food, wine, beer and local products such as jewelry and clothes.

The place was really nice and a local band was playing so the music was really good and enjoyable, but the weather was hot and cloudy.

There w14407508_10206794871263600_1183850351_nas a lot of food options but we decided to eat tacos and meat, then we all went to a Mexican stand where we bought fresh water. Ruth and Baby ordered “jamaica” and I ordered “horchata”, but my water was different from the one I drink in Mexico, because this one had chopped nuts and cantaloupes but it was good.

14384110_10206794871423604_960733355_nWhen we finished eating we went to a photo booth  and they had a table with funny hats, mustaches, etc. The man who was in charge of it was really nice because the machine usually gives you 2 copies, but he printed out 4 copies so everyone can have their own.

Later we got back to town and we went to the Water Street Market, which is really nice. We took a lot of pictures and walked to the Bakery for a dessert and a frapuccino.

Thanks for reading!!




Girls weekend in Boston

So last weekend all of us girls went to Boston. The weather was great and the city seemed so beautiful. It is really a trip that I could recommend to anyone!!Fil 009The day started by taking the bus to the train station in Poughkeepsie; once there we were picked up by the car rental company. When we had signed all the papers we were off! Me and Gaby took turns driving and it took about 3,5-4 hours.

We got to the hotel, called Verb, a very trendy retro hotel in central Boston that went all in (!) on 60’s details. We thought that we had booked a room for five but it turned out that it was only meant for four so three had to share one queen size bed. It was definitely an experience being 5 girls in one room sharing one bathroom in the morning 🙂

The first day we went shopping on Newbury Street that pretty much had all the stores you could think of. after shopping for many hours we went to Georgetown Cupcakes, a store that was recommended to Dina from one of her friends who had been to Boston before. I have never been a cupcake person but this was truly the BEST cupcakes I have ever tried!

Fil 008Strawberry Cheesecake and Salted Caramel. Delicious!!

After the shopping we went down to Quincy Market by the harbor (also a recommendation from Dina’s friend). The area was amazing with so many lights and musicians playing in the street. I felt like a winter festival or something but without the Christmas theme. To get into the Boston spirit, me and Dina had the Lobster roll and Dina also tried the Clam chowder! By this time we were exhausted after a really long day and squeezed (!) in to an Über and went back to the hotel for some well needed rest!

A little update of life in New Paltz

Hello people! 

Yet another week has passed, and now it’ only three weeks and three days until the big move to the big city. We have also experienced two birthdays so far, one on Saturday (Gaby’s) and the other one’s (Dina’s) today. So, happy birthday to the most awesome mexican girls I’ve ever met! Life is a (laughing) party with those two around you. I’m not going to talk about their birthdays, I’ll leave that up to them to share.

There are some other different things I want to share with you, though. First, let’s discuss how nice people are here. Everywhere you go, some people calls you Honey, Sweetie or Darling. And you don’t even know them! For a Swede, where people are known to be quite reserved and private, this is a fascinating phenomenon. Does a greeting with “honey” mean that they like you? Or are they just polite? Friendly? Or is it just an everyday-kind-of word that is being used with no particular meaning? If a native American read this, please give me an answer, either answering my poll or comment, so I don’t call someone (oh let’s say my supervisor) Darling if it’s not really appropriate.

[polldaddy poll=9314198]

Another thing. We’ve met the most amazing man in Hasbrouck. He makes food, but always chat with us, gives us tips about the area and on Friday, he even gave me and Fanny strawberries with chocolate sauce and whipped cream. Oh. Dear. Lord. Tasted like home. In Sweden, we usually do this during the summer, and it’s one of my favorite desserts. Sorry for always writing about food, but this is also to show how nice people that you meet can be.

IMG_9843 A plate of heaven

Furthermore, we’ve had the first real snow (that actually stayed on the ground). In two hours the ground was filled with snow. Beautiful. No wind, just snow. The morning after, it was however gone, and the streets were filled with water instead. IMG_9880

On Sunday, I decided to walk up to school since I had to stop by the library to watch a video for class. Walking in -15 degrees (about 5 Fahrenheit?) was not a problem, since there was no wind and the sun was shining. When you are Swedish, cold weather doesn’t stop you from going out, and in Sweden we have an expression: There aren’t any bad weather, only bad clothing. So I did actually sweat when walking to school, since I’d prepare myself for the worst.

IMG_9860Pernilla-cold: 1-0.

Well, that’s about it for today. Lastly, a picture of our campus: this is where we hang out every day.


/Pernilla, can’t wait for spring to arrive!

A week in New Paltz.

Three weeks have already passed here in New Paltz. We are only seven students this semester so we’ve become like a family quite quickly (Camilla and I are the grandmothers).

Time flies when you’re having fun. And intense. So, what have we been up to this week? Well, school is taking up a lot of our time. I’m taking international business and international marketing, then we have PR, business communication and internship practicum all together.

So far, my favorite place is the library. I keep finding excuses just to go there and enjoy the view of the mountains. Let’s not forget about the comfortable chairs. And the nice staff. Of course, it’s also a very good place to study, if you have enough discipline and don’t get distracted by the amazing view. Lunch is usually eaten at Hasbrouck but Fanny and I order sushi at the Student Union building every time we feel like spending some money (so called dining dollars). It is yu-hummi. Or as Fanny would say: Awesomely awesome.

IMG_9645 IMG_9648


Yesterday, half of the “family” went to Chicago. (We miss you, already!) so Camilla, Fanny, and I went to have dinner at Bacchus. To those of you who have not been to New Paltz – Bacchus is a restaurant that probably has about 200 different beers, Mexican food, darts, pool and ping pong tables. Don’t worry, I’m not going to share food pictures even though the food was delicious. I had shrimp and goat cheese quesadillas – yum!  After dinner, the three of us played pool and I noticed something. All of a sudden, Fanny started showing off her skills… Turns out that Fanny is a pool professional! Well, maybe not a professional one, but she won every. Single. Time. So for next time, remind me to be in the same team as Fanny!


Fanny in action

Have a great Saturday night!




Business casual in New York City!!! The Jingle ;-)

What a great day it was today!

Even though it was rainy, there were no clouds in my sky.

Even though it was cold, I felt so warm inside.

Even though I had no more than a few hours sleep, I sensed the energy running through my body, right down into my feet.

Even though I missed my parents and family so badly, their voices never seemed so close and loudly.


Who knew this time would have come for me? How could I have ever expected it, when only a few weeks ago I was struggling with troubles and praying for an opportunity to knock at my door?


The truth is that, one day you’re up. The next day you’re down.

It is the balance of life that you can’t live without.


Yesterday I was a student in New Paltz University.

Today I’m a New Yorker facing hugeness, and diversity.

I live on my own in a beautiful apartment.

I have a wonderful job in a HR department.

I give people a chance to prove their value, and despite the difficulties, it is never a failure.

Every day is different in this incredible city and I can’t wait longer for new adventures and activities.


Sometimes you get the feeling that all is going well;

Luck is right there, ringing at your bell.


The world is smiling to you.
Your time has come to shine and all your dreams are on their way to come true.


When these days arrive, you better ride the wave! Push yourself to the limit and don’t go far away.

This jingle is a way to show you the truth.

You can always be serious but also funny and cool. 😉


Hugs and Kisses,




You wanted the bicycle? Now pedal!

This was my first weekend in the city as an Inter! The first week of work was over and I wanted to do something great preparing myself for a new week! So … my decision was to rent a bike and pedaling towards Williamsburg, one of the Brooklyn neighborhood.

After one hour walking around Williamsburg, my friend and I decided to stop to eat something and in a minute we realized that it was a great occasion to do our first “Sunday brunch” in New York! Simple Café

Our choice was a so nice restaurant frequented by many guys and families, it name is Simple Cafè (view the website clicking on the image).
From outside I saw fantastic bagels with eggs, bacon  and hollandaise sauce. Everything looked delicious and everyone seemed happy. Why not stop here?! In a few minute we sat down and we started to decide our orders. There were so many typical dishes for a fantastic brunch. So yummy! It was a strong decision, but at the end we decided for the classic dish that the waitress suggested to us: bagel with eggs, bacon and obviously pancakes with maple syrup for dessert. All was really incredible! A perfect lunch in a cool place in a wonderful sunny Sunday.

When we finished to enjoy our brunch, we decided to start a small trip along the East River: from Williamsburg to Dumbo, another amazing neighborhood in Brooklyn, exactly near to the Brooklyn Bridge. The distance is approximately 3miles, no more than 30 minutes by bike; we had time to take a lot of photos, do some shopping and explore the neighborhoods of Brooklyn before come back at home. The weather was perfect and quite, why not?! In this way we could appreciate the amazing view of Manhattan. It was like seeing a different city, with the chance to admire the beauty of its skyscrapers with much more calm and no traffic noise. In that moment I thought there could be nothing better, but I was completely wrong! In fact, at the end of our “trip”, we had a big surprise. We arrived at the Brooklyn Bridge Park in the late afternoon, when the sun was going down. The sky became red in a few minutes and Manhattan changed his appearance in short time. Around 6.30 pm all became dark and the city was turning on its light. I thought to have so much photos about that skyline, but that scenario was completely different from the previous one.

It was exactly when I took my camera that I realized…that ride was comparable to all my experience of the last few months: the departure two months ago from Milan where everything seemed surreal, the path (sometimes uphill) in New Paltz where I did many things and I met new people and now …  here, in New York City, for one of the most important result of my life. So now you can understand the reason why I choose the title ” You wanted the bicycle? Now pedal!”. It is a typical Italian saying and it refers to a situation where someone was dreaming of or striving for some goal/outcome, and once obtained it, he or she must to take all it entails – good, bad, overwhelming, or challenging as it may be.
That is exactly what I’m living here since two months, but now, half of my experience, I look back and I understand that the climb was exhausting, but from here the view is amazing!

Good luck to all my classmates and friends of IIB program.

Manhattan Skyline from Dumbo

25th annual Taste of New Paltz.

All began during a sad afternoon at our motel. Everyone were busy, someone studied in their room someone else in the library and three girls were doing kayaking. In my mind there was only one word: STUDY, but it was a beautiful Saturday, last summer weekend, it was hot and there weren’t clouds in the sky. Okay, I can’t spend my time here.. I want go out!During the week, I saw many posters about an annual festival in New Paltz: Taste of New Paltz. I was so curious … so I called a cab and decided to spend one hour there with one of my friends, before start to study. In less than 10 minutes we arrived in a unknown part of the city; there were many beautiful houses, among km of wheat fields and sunflowers and then.. a huge green lawn, many families with children running around on the grass. It was a wonderful scene!

It was the 25th year that New Paltz organised this event and we could not miss it. After paid $10 to enter, my friend Gaia and I started to taste every kind of food. Wasn’t that the purpose of the fair?! We started with a strange fried empanadas with beef, I discovered that this is one of the typical dishes in Jamaica.. It was delicious! The next stand prepared, however, a special kind of corn with cheese, curry and paprika, but the best taste of this incredible afternoon was a amazing pizza cooked with wood-oven, as the Italian tradition. Everything about the pizza reminded me of my country. At the end, as a real lunch, we bought an exquisite mini chocolate cupcake. After about an hour, at the end of our tour, I realized that there were many activities to raise awareness of their food and products to the citizens of New Paltz .. Wow, this was great! In this way, I was able to try dishes from restaurants that I didn’t know before and certainly I’ll try after this experience.

It was a really good afternoon spent with my friend! Beautiful place, nice people, good music and new food. Now, are you asking why the symbol of this fair is an apple? Try to get out of this fair without tasting a dish in which there was the apple! It’s impossible, trust me.

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