Not everything is Study!

Let’s get some Beers

Hi everyone! Hope you are enjoying our experiences here..

We have just one week left in New Paltz, so we decided to seize the time!

Bar Crawl Day 2018

Last Saturday we celebrated the Bar Crawl Day 2018 Edition. For those who don’t know what’s about, is Saint Patrick’s Day !

Actually, this festival is next week, but as most of students are not gonna be on campus due to SPRING BREAK, they’ve decided to move it one week before.

The streets were full of people who arrived at the afternoon to stay there until late night. Everyone was wearing green clothes and accessories related to Irish the culture.

The entrance to the bars was totally free, and they offer some special editions of bottles and beverages, but as well as in Irish Pubs, beer was the the most common drink.

After a long day of fest, we all meet on Pizza Gourmet (24 Hs open) to recharge energy and share our great experiences.

It was a very special weekend and we had so much fun!

This week we are saying Goodbye to New Paltz.. Next stop → New York City!


– Maximo –

Visit the home of Franklin D. Roosevelt and Vanderbilt´s Marble House

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The school organized a trip to the home of 32nd U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt and the Vanderbilt Mansion Historic Site, historically known as Hyde Park- Vanderbilt Mansion National Park. The Park encompasses over 200 acres of the original estate which was home to prominent New Yorkers for nearly two centuries. Both sites were amazing in itself.

The FDR estate is much more unpretentious that the Vanderbilt Mansion. Nevertheless it is definitely worth and very interesting to take the tour and see how the young Franklin D. Roosevelt lived, where he studied and later had official meetings. Moreover it is interesting to see the modifications that where made to make him live comfortable during the time he had to spent in a wheelchair, when being stricken with poliomyelitis. Roosevelt fought to regain the use of his legs and succeeded. The Presidential Museum is very modern and uses different types of media to inform and entertain its visitors. It allows to gain a comprehensive knowledge about Franklin D. Roosevelt and also about his wife Eleanor that was politically very active.

The Vanderbilt Mansion is only 30 minutes away and is one of the smallest residences that belonged to the Vanderbilt´s. It was a summer house where Mr. and Mrs. William K. Vanderbilt regularly lived in. The interior is amazing and consists of more than 500,000 cubic feet of marble. When it was completed, Mr. Vanderbilt presented  the house to his wife as a 39th birthday present. since 2006 the Marble House is a National Historic Landmark and open to the public.

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