Letter to Joan Schuman

New York City – December 8, MMXII

Dear Joan,

two weeks ago my supervisor asked me to make a research about the new Google’s creation, it’s called Google Art Project and it’s under Google Cultural Institute’s big umbrella. 

My supervisor, Anita, asked me to explore the site and write a detailed report from both esthetic and “technologic” point of view.

I went on the web site and suddenly the PR assignment#3 came in my mind (maybe because I did it three weeks ago.. lol) and guess what, I started to follow the list that you gave us. 

From the background and the front page’s information to the Privacy and Policy&Terms’ details, everything seemed an open book or better everything appeared easy to read. 

I was so proud of myself that when I went out of work and I run into Sara (she works across the street with Therese!) I told her my story she answered that something similar happened to her.

She said that now she understands better how exposed a company constantly is and for her position is very important to keep it always in mind. She have also learnt how important it is to use every method and every media available to take care of the relationship between the company and all its customers, investors, workers and society in general.  

Quoting Sara:”That’s because the company is no longer the simple result of work and a well produced product. The company’s life depends on the performance of its product, as much as on the company’s representatives’ ability to communicate within and beyond the company itself. Crises, both internal and external, extraordinary events directly handlable or not, can  undermine its success and all the work and the commitment of years of activity risks to vanish away in just a few hours.” 

When finally I came home and I was telling Karen (my rommie) and Giulia (who came in my bedroom to pick the hairdryer) my thoughts they completely agreed with me in how helpful all PRwork was and they started to tell me their stories.
And I am pretty sure that all the others have similar stories to tell…

Thank you from all of us!



Mohonk Preserve


Last weekend we went hiking. We got up early and we took a taxi from Super 8 to the hiking center.
It is just few miles away from New Paltz. We paid just $7 per person to get there.
In the hiking center we bought a trekking ticket ($10) and we entered in the Mohonk Preserve.
This place is perfect to walk and to climb. After walking in the forest for 2 hours, we reached the Mohonk House, situated on the top of a hill, just in front of a big lake. Now days it is a restaurant and an hotel.
From there it is possible to see an higher hill and on the top of it there is a tower. There are two ways to get there: walking or climbing. We decided to climb.
The slideshow I posted shoes few examples of the wonderful views it is possible to have form there.
I really suggest you to go there!

First day in New York City


Yesterday we arrived in New York City!
The place where we live is a lot smaller than the place where we used to live (Super 8), but I don’t think we will spend too much time in our room. New York it is too exciting to stay at home! There are so many things to do! And we are going to work full time from Monday to Friday.

We live in the Upper West Side of Manhattan. The area is nice and here are many pubs, restaurants, and shops around here.

Yesterday we went to buy few things to personalize our rooms such as carpets, lamps, mirrors, etc. In each floor there are 9 double rooms and 3 bathrooms. In each room there are sheets, blankets, and towels, but some of us bought new ones to feel more “at home”. In the basement we have a kitchen and an area with washing machines and dryers.

Tomorrow it is our first day at work. My internship is at Gyro. It is a Marketing Agency in Chelsea. I look forward!

Trip to Hyde Park

A while ago four of us Swedish girls went on a schooltrip organized by ESL (English as a Second Language). We went in a yellow schoolbus, and one of the teachers were talking in a microfone all the way. I think I wasn’t the only one who got flashbacks from middelschool.. We arrived at the Roosevelt Mansion, where Franklin Roosevelt were born, raised, and also buried. It was very interesting walking around the house. They had keept furniture, clothes, books etc. from when he lived there.

The next stop was the Vanderbilt Mansion which was beautiful and had a very nice garden. Maybe more in an european style. The Vanderbilt family built 40 mansions around the US and this was the smallest one, only 54 rooms. The Vanderbilt couple who lived there during the early 1930s just spent a few of months there every year during spring. A niece inherited the property when William Vanderbilt died in 1938, but she didn’t want to live there and tried to sell it, which wasn’t easy during that time.. She asked Roosevelt for some advice and he recommended her to donate the mansion to the organization today called the Central Park Service. And so she did.

Super 8 Motel

So we have been living in New Paltz for almost 8 weeks and Super 8 Motel have been our home. Altough that we have had incident with a biting spider I think it have been a enjoyable time. We have been spoiled here at Super 8. We get breakfast every morning, they make our beds, new towels and they clean our rooms. They also have good facitilites here at the Motel; a gym, laundry, vending machines and nice staff! So enjoy the pictures of our home!


What I am going to miss from my time in New Paltz?

New Paltz have been so different from what I’ve imagine and mostly for the positive. New Paltz is New Paltz you have to stay and live in this Village YES it’s a Village, to understand the culture and the lifestyle. People are different, people are nice, people are friendly, and people here live an active life. Some people dress funny others act funny. To be weird is normal and to be normal is weird, WHATS NOT TO LOVE ABOUT THAT.

I’m going to miss many things from this place anything from the late night discussions with the staff at the Super 8 or the crazy people that end up at the Super 8 to the café places and mostly to the beautiful nature there is here.

You can be whoever you want to be in New Paltz and no one is going to look at you funny or point, you are accepted in this Village.

I’m going to miss walking with my friends to School, walk around on campus, go to the gym or just going out to have a lunch or dinner.

Now that the weeks has passed and we only have days left to end our chapter in New Paltz I have to say that I have done more than I ever could have imagine, I’ve created many memories and stories, and on the whey I’ve met people and made some friends.

For now I have to say goodbye to New Paltz.

The Place to Study

There are quite a few things to do as we approach the end of the study part of the program. And to get things done, you need to be able to focus. The way I do this is to select a place dedicated to studies, and studies only. That way, whenever I go there, I get into “study mode”. On campus this spot happened to be second floor of the Student Union Building, or the Atrium as it’s called. Apart from all the space available and the peaceful environment, the opening hours are very generous; from early morning to 1AM during weekdays, and 11PM on weekends I think. Try it out; you might be able to get a whole lot of work done in no time!

The funny thing is I wrote this earlier today without posting. When I got over there to post and do some homework Andreas, Filip and Nicklas were actually sitting there! Somehow I feel less productive than usual..

The Student Union Building

Last week of studies, last week in New Paltz!

Saturday and only (five!!) whole days to go until we leave New Paltz and head for NYC for new experiences and internships!

Since it’s the last week of studies there’s a few things to do. Not only exams but also presentations and homework. Even though it’s going to be nice being finished with homework, exams etc. I think we’ll miss New Paltz in a few weeks with its’ nature and nice people. It’s going to be a big change moving into NYC but it’s a change that I think we are all up for!

At the moment a few of us are studying at the top of the Student Union Building, which is a really nice place to study actually. It feels a bit like a greenhouse but you really have a great view!