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Joe’s Here in New Paltz there are not so many options if you want to go out and party, we have P&G’s, Murphy’s, McGillicuddy’s and Oasis and then we have the one and only – Joe’s. Joe’s is a typical American country bar with line dance and you name it! This place has become a
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Woodbury Common

When the whole class decided to go to Boston, me (Therese), Daniela, Jenny, Kathy and Maja decided to go shopping instead. We called a cab that came at 10 am and he drove us to Woodbury in 30 minutes. When we arrived we were like crazy, we did run to all the stores and it
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Water Street Market

[slideshow] One of my favorite spots in New Paltz is a place called Water Street Market, located on Main Street by the corner of Historic Huguenot Street and Water Street. It’s a small picturesque shopping village that consists of 20 boutiques and restaurants. You can find a treat for every sense; shops are offering a
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Labor Day Weekend – Road Trip!

As mentioned before, we went on a road trip during labor day weekend. We took off on Friday afternoon heading to Atlantic City. We experience casino atmosphere, boardwalk, and extremely hot weather.[slideshow]
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