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Pics, Pics, and more Pics!

It is said that a picture is worth more than a thousand words. Then, is a memory worth more than a thousand pictures? I might be a bit behind technology and connectivity, I admit it. But last Saturday something happened to me that let me thinking. After an incredible ski trip to Hunter Mountain, I
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Hmm… I wonder where does the word come from? Homework, readings, assignments, presentations, exams and all kind of due dates will flood your folders and notepads within the first two weeks of classes. Probably most US students are used to this, but if you come from a foreign country and you want to be successful
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A 180° Change

Twenty days ago I was celebrating New Year’s Eve almost 10.000 miles away from where I am now writing. We were toasting with my family and friends for our good summer and the incredible 110°F we had at that time, planning a trip to the beach for a week and other usual summer activities. I
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