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Into the wild – Hiking at its best

Hello folks! No, this time we won’t talk about zip lining, kayaking or tubing. We went HIKING last Saturday and it was great ! Our two lovely tour guides took us to the Mohonk Preserve (http://www.mohonkpreserve.org), so whenever you have the possibility to go there, you should definitely do so because it is just amazing!
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Birthday Bash: Celebrating life !

I am one of the very lucky persons who had the chance to celebrate her birthday during this wonderful stay in the US. Probably I look much younger but indeed, I turned 25 last week and all the people around me made it a very special day. Actually, it felt like celebrating birthday not only for
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Positive vibes: First interview in NYC.

And yes, after a lot of preparation ahead I finally went down to NYC for an interview at Tod’s. I can tell that I was more than excited. Even waking up at 5.30 am didn’t matter to me after all. First coffee of the day (until the interview I already had 3) in my hand,
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