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To do when in New Paltz

Time flies by and it is already time for fall break. The most of my exams, reports and presentations is done and today I finally had some time to just relax in my room for a few ours before class. Then I realize that we leave this place next Friday and I started to reflect over this
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Health and wellness center

We have a lot of things to do here in New Paltz – and a lot to think about. You’re gonna keep up with five different classes, try to find a internship, get to know the people in your class and keep contact with your friends and family at home. You’re also supposed to adjust
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Seven states in two days

It´s Labor Day weekend and me and two of my friends decided to go to Washington. We booked a hotel, rented a car and packed our bags for a road trip. It has been an amazing weekend. Travelling, discovering new places – and to have the possibility to see the world, I love it. It’s
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