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3 wonderful days in Boston

Around four weeks ago Fanny, Paula, Stephanie, Teresa and I decided to sign up for the school trip to Boston, and we got lucky. They only had five spots left, and we took them! Saturday morning we walked to the parking lot in front of the glass pyramid on campus with an aura of excitement.
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My New York Bucketlist

Before I came here to New Paltz I did not have any expectations about the program, the town or the campus. Since I have had friends who did this program a year ago I have heard some information, but mostly, that information was about the internship and the time on Manhattan. Okay, now I lied a little
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One interesting day in NYC

  8.24 am – Now, Fanny and I are on our way to New York City to have a whole day in the city with interviews. We woke up at 6.00, got ready, and then took the 7.40am bus. We both are very nervous but it is so nice to at least have each other. We
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