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No more commuting!

Okay guys, did you ever had that feeling when you are waiting for the bus to come to get to work that you wished you could just teleport yourself there? Well, you have to wish no more, I found the solution to your problem! This weekend, I went to New York City and visited an
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New Paltz’s must-see

Hello there readers! It’s me again. I was going to write about a shopping trip,  but then I thought about it and decided to tell you something that will probably interest you more…New Paltz’s best attractions. Who cares about what I bought anyways right? So, in the following post, you will see the best attributes
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An unexpected acquaintance

Unfortunately, I didn’t experience any trip worth telling as my fellow companions did. I did pay to go on a skiing trip though but fell asleep so it doesn’t count. Nonetheless, I didn’t want to move out of New Paltz without making any contributions to our beloved blog. Yesterday, I went out for a walk
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