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Goodbye New Paltz , Hello New York!

Hi everyone!! Hope you all are doing great! This weekend is our Fall Break and also our last weekend in New Paltz, so we decided to stay here and enjoy the town for the last time. On Friday, Jeff organized a party for the 10 of us in his house and he invited Martha, Joan
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Let’s go Yankees Let’s go!!

 Hi everyone!! Last Saturday we decided to go to New York to see one of the last Yankees games of the season. They played against Baltimore’s Orioles. We woke up and had breakfast in a little Cafeteria near my friend’s apartment, then we went to the Grand Central Terminal to buy the tickets to get to
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Taste of New Paltz 2016

Hi everyone! This Sunday was the annual Ulster County Fair of “Taste of New Paltz”, so Barbara, Martha, Ruth and I went there to have some lunch and try local products and restaurants. We had to take a cab to get there because it´s impossible to go by walking because they are repairing the bridge.
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Exploring New Paltz

Hi everyone! This is my first post and I’ve been here for two weeks. I explore New Paltz on weekends because during the week we have classes most part of the day and everything closes early. New Paltz is a small town but really beautiful and picturesque so you would probably love it. It is
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