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Living my dream

To walk the streets of Manhattan every single day is like a dream is coming true. Exploring new areas, restaurants and parks every day is amazing and something I would like to continue doing for the rest of my life. Our area, upper west side, is beautiful and surrounded by amazing grocery stores with a lot
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To be able to try your desired super power

Imagine having a super power like being invisible, be able to breath underneath water or flying high over the ground – it would have been amazing but of course, it’s not realistic. Even thought it isn’t realistic, there’re different activities you can do in order to try how it would have felt to actually have
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A new experience is always a fun experience!

This Friday 8:30 am, Frida and I were walking to school for our management class as we always do on Fridays. But this Friday and this management class were not like every other Friday and management class, something unusually was going to happen – we were going to have our first exam ever in our
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Sweetness's, Workplaces, Offerings and Things do to

”You’ve to understand the current business to be able to create a successful marketing campaign”. That’s what our professor told us during our first marketing class. To understand the current business, you’ve to do research about it. There’re several ways to do it, but the most common method is the SWOT analysis. SWOT stands for internal
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