Internship at a PR Firm

Hi everyone,

It’s so crazy that we only have one week left here. Time really flew by! It feels like we arrived yesterday.

I’ve been doing an internship at a public relations firm, Macias PR, during my time here in NY. It’s a small firm with four people (including two other interns) and of course Einstein, our little office dog. The office is at Fifth Avenue right next to the Empire State Building, which is kind of cool.

One of the biggest advantages with this firm is that it’s a small firm. You get a hands-on experience, responsibility and a huge opportunity to grow if you want to.

I had no experience from this field before I began this semester, but since day one I’ve gained so much knowledge about PR, American business culture and about myself.

Two months is a short time and I wanted to learn as mush as possible during that time. I’ve been challenged every day which was one of my biggest wishes when I applied for internships.

No days are the same at the office and I love that. Most of the days are you working with at least two different campaigns that can be anything from brainstorming new ideas to writing editorials, to editing videos in Premiere.

I’ve really enjoyed my time at this internship and if someone is reading this in the future and thinking about doing PR, I can really recommend to have it at Macias PR.



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