Internship – Douglas Elliman

Hi there,
Well, like Diana just mentioned, there’s only one week left and I can’t believe we moved from Sweden four months ago!? I have definitely experienced the expression, time flies when you’re having fun, during my stay here.

I have been doing my internship at one of the biggest real estate companies in Manhattan, Douglas Elliman where I’m in a team called the Michael Graves Team. As I mentioned it’s now only one week left here in New York and it feels really sad to go back home and leave the city, because now is the time when I feel I have really gotten into my work.
I’ve had an amazing time during these two months and I have done so many different things, going to open houses, broker tours, private showings, a lot of research, administrative things in general and listened to negotiation calls are just a few examples.
I’ve truly learned a lot during my time at Douglas Elliman, both about myself and the american business world in general. I have been challenged, I have gone outside my comfort zone and I have met so many new people. Furthermore, I really enjoyed to experience the american real estate market and get a perspective of how they do it here. I can definitely say it’s different in many ways from how we work in Sweden, but I like it. I can actually see myself back here in the future, maybe doing a deal or two, who knows what will happen in a few years.
I wish you all happy holidays!


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