Life in New Paltz

Hi everyone,

It’s only one week left for us here, and the time really flew by! This fall semester we are three students that are attending the IIB program at SUNY New Paltz. I am from Sweden, Felicia is also from Sweden and then we have Anna from Germany. 

The weeks here have been so much fun and a little bit stressful. I am not used to study more than one course at the time so this has been a real experience. I didn’t have any experience in business courses before I arrived here since I’m studying a bachelor degree in sociology and rhetoric at home. So I was a little nervous about that before, that it would be to intense. But all the professors are so kind here. They help you all the way and have a full understanding for your background. So if anyone who reads this have any doubts I can really recommend it, just apply! 

Besides our studies in different courses we are preparing for our upcoming internships in NYC. We had weekly meetings with a woman named Jackie and she helped us with our resumes and cover letters. That was really helpful and she is so kind. We also have weekly classes together with Jeff were we cover different topics about American business, and also individual meetings to discuss and apply for internships. I really appreciate all of this, cause it’s hard in the beginning and you don’t know where to start. 

Before I arrived here I was looking forward so much to meet new people from all over the world and build new friendships. And I have to say that even though we are three students at this program this semester we have really found new friends. It’s almost like the other international students is our NP family. I’m so grateful for that!



So next week we will be moving to Webster apartments in Midtown, Manhattan. I am so excited! And I will write a post about my life there, it will for sure be different from the life here in New Paltz.



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