Hi there everyone,

My name is Felicia and I am currently studying the IIB program together with Diana who just did the last post and then our German friend Anna, so there are just the three of us this semester which Diana mentioned earlier. New Paltz is so far so good, or I would rather say that I love the place, this has definitely been two of the best months in my life. I have met so amazing people here, made many new friends around the world, and I have experienced a lot during my time here. Moving from Sweden to do this was a decision I will never regret, so I recommend everyone who is ever thinking about doing something similar, to definitely do it. New Paltz is such a beautiful small town and the IIB program is absolutely something special, because you´ll not just have the experience of studying at college, you will also have the opportunity to live and do an internship in New York.

Diana talked about our time here in general and I couldn’t have described it better. So I will instead write about our trip to Boston which was a few days ago because this trip is something they do every semester, and I really recommend everyone to go because you will both get to know more people and experience another city.

We stayed in Boston for three days. We went from New Paltz with bus and it took us around four hours, with a one-hour stop, to get to Boston. When we arrived we had the whole afternoon free such as the next upcoming days, or there was an optional freedom trail tour you could sign up for on the last day, but me and Anna chose to explore the city on our own during that time.

Boston is a beautiful city with old buildings and amazing architecture, it almost feels like you´re in NYC but without the stressful environment and without the same amount of skyscrapers.




As you can see, we visited Harvard which was such an amazing experience, I´ll let the pictures speak for themselves, Boston is a beautiful city and I am so happy that I went on that trip.

So now the next adventure will be on Friday next week, when we move to Manhattan to start our internship, I´m so looking forward to it.


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