Working day in New York

Morning coffee and New York Times

Hi Everyone,

I have had the opportunity to do my internship at Institute for Personal Leadership. This is an organization that brings leadership development and culture change to organizations globally. My days include business development, collecting data, marketing, meetings, education and so much more. The insight and knowledge I have learned have been great and I feel that I can bring so much with me from this experience, no matter what I do in the future.

The office is in a shared workspace (WeWork Grand Central) and it is an American company that provides shared workspaces, technology startup subculture communities, and services for entrepreneurs, freelancers, small businesses and large enterprises. You get the chance to meet many people from all kinds of fields, cultures, and personalities. You can talk to each other and at the same time get free beer, water, coffee, tea or attend events.

I’m at the end of this opportunity now and I will soon go back to Sweden and this experience has been amazing. I have developed myself personally and my knowledge has increased a lot. We are living in a global world and with the digital transformation, we can communicate with people around the world all the time. But to see something from the inside and go deeper to learn more about the business, culture, language, country, and people are so much more rewarding. It is something very special!

All the best,

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