No more commuting!

Okay guys, did you ever had that feeling when you are waiting for the bus to come to get to work that you wished you could just teleport yourself there? Well, you have to wish no more, I found the solution to your problem!

This weekend, I went to New York City and visited an art gallery. There, I came across the perfect answer to combat the everlasting hours you spend travelling to your responsibilities. Now, I know that you may find the place where I discovered it a little bit strange, don’t you? For those who think like that let me tell you that sometimes the most amazing things come from the least expected places.

Going back to the issue in question, this amazing pair of sandals with wings can carry you to wherever you want without the nuisance of traffic or waiting for the public transportation to arrive. They will be on sale shortly, but watch out! Because we already have many preorders for them, so we expect them to be out of stock pretty soon…

Regarding the name, a very important attribute of this amazing product, we haven’t come out with it yet. So we thought to make it more interesting and let the audience decide. We will be doing a competition to see who comes up with the most creative name and the winner will get one for free! More details will be posted in a few days so don’t detach yourselves from this blog and watch out for more specifics.


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