New Paltz’s must-see

Hello there readers! It’s me again. I was going to write about a shopping trip,  but then I thought about it and decided to tell you something that will probably interest you more…New Paltz’s best attractions. Who cares about what I bought anyways right?

So, in the following post, you will see the best attributes that New Paltz has to offer, in my opinion of course, in case you were planning on coming here sometime. Here it goes:

5. Walking trails

Want to go for a nice walk? Go to New Paltz’s trail. An isolated and extensive path in the middle of the forest. You are going to fill right in contact with Mother Nature.

4. The beautiful sunsets

One of the town’s irreplaceable and distinguishing traits. Every day at noon, you step upon an explosion of colors in the sky.

3. Hasbrouck’s diverse menu

SUNY New Paltz’s dining hall has quite a variety of plates to offer its students. We had a Swedish chef come to cook for us in woman’s international day.

2. New Paltz’s hostel staff

A rather surprising trait you won’t see in the tourist guide is that New Paltz’s hostel has its own butler! His name is Alfred and he is a really good guy. Now, I know that he doesn’t seem that way, but that is because he gets uncomfortable when you take pictures of him. He was just too nice not to say no to me when I asked him! I think it is really helpful that he is a big man, as sometimes the luggage he has to carry can be really heavy.

1. New Paltz’s version of Ted, the teddy bear

Has anyone seen the movie called Ted? The one where a stuffed teddy bear comes to life? If you haven’t, I strongly recommend it. Anyways, it seems the town got really excited about the idea and decided to have one as well. Though they wanted to change things up a bit and decided to do a rabbit instead of a bear, and it is not alive, yet…

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