Don’t stop until you’re at the top

Markus in action

By the end of the last week, it was time for a new trip. This time, we went ice climbing 40 minutes away from New Paltz with a group of nine people. The trip didn’t start very well because there was a miscommunication between the guides and the girl who was in charge of the event, so we forgot to pick up the equipment in New Paltz before we drove up to the mountains. Due to that, we had to wait in the bus for more than one hour before the guides arrived with the equipment. But that let us get to know the other ones and we played a popular and funny American mobile game. None of us had

Emma in action

previously tried ice climbing and it was a thrilling experience. You are actually not supposed to use your arms more than keeping the balance with the axes, which you dig into the ice with. The key is to use the crampons on the bottom of your boots as much as possible. Ice climbing is something we really recommend for those who are not afraid of heights.

Take care – Emma & Markus

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