A totally new way of living

Hi everyone,

Our first three weeks here in New Paltz have passed so quickly. We have a lot to do all the time, which sometimes makes it difficult to stop for a moment and enjoy the situation. One thing that I have been thinking about is how different the campus life is here in the U.S. compared to Sweden. I live in a shared bedroom, which is a part of a six beds suite where we share a living room and bathroom. Our hall, called Deyo hall, is next door to the restaurant where we eat every day. All services that you might need for anything related to school are on campus and we also have a fitness center close to our hall. It is very unusual to have your accommodation on campus in Sweden and it is even more unusual to share a bedroom. Swedish students commonly have their own apartment, with either their own kitchen or they share it with others. Anyway, I think the American model is a great way of living because it makes it easy to socialize and get new friends.

Dinner at Hasbrouck Dining Hall


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