My time in New York City

Our time here in New York City has passed so quickly. It feels that we just got of the bus from New Paltz and maybe been here for two weeks or so. Now we have been here for six weeks and we have only two and a half left until the graduation. CRAZY! During these six weeks a lot has happened. Both my dad and my best friend has been here visiting me and next week comes my mom.

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When my dad was here we just had a great time not doing that much. It was his 13th time in the city so we did not feel like doing all of the touristy stuff once again. We ate great food, had morning workouts, a little bit of shopping and laughed a lot. A perfect weekend!

The weekend after that my best friend from home, Veronica, visited me and finally I got to check one of the boxes on my bucket list. Guess what?! We did the Manhattan Skyline Helicopter Tour. That is probably the best thing I have ever done. It was insanely cool. The tour was 20 minutes but sooooo worth it! We went around the entire Manhattan aunt he weather was perfect. Besides the helicopter tour we went out a couple of times, did a lot of shopping and had so much fun.

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Next up is a weekend with my mom. She arrives on Wednesday and will stay until Monday. We do not really have any plans either. Just stroll around, eat good food and have a good time. After that weekend I only have one weekend left and then I am heading to NICARAGUA!

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