A Special Week in NYC

… not that every week in NYC is very special but there are weeks that are more especial than others both in positive and in negative ways.

But let us start with some positive events. On Friday evening by badly missed boyfriend arrived in NYC to stay for ten days. This was my chance to finally get some sightseeing accomplished. With the beautiful weather, we went to central park, walked the Highline, visited Chelsea Market and strolled trough the Meatpacking District. Afterward, we went to Soho for some shopping at some great sample sales. On Sunday we walked the Brooklyn Bridge, strolled trough Brooklyn, Prospect Park, and Williamsburg.

My work week was really exciting as well, as Sergio Rossi’s management team visited our office and clients in the US. It was an amazing experience to meet the team and support the team to ensure a smooth course of events.

Tuesday and Wednesday were days with a more negative connotation. I was excited to be in the US during these big presidential elections. I sat the whole evening in front of the TV, switching between German and US TV covering the course and results of the election. At 11:30pm I was so scared to see the final results that I turned off the TV and went to bed. However, at 2am I woke up to see that friends and family have texted me that Trump as been elected to be the next president of the US. I tried to go back to sleep and hoped that when I wake up that I just had a bad dream. Unfortunately, it was not!

However, we filled our evenings with great activities as my boyfriend really wanted to make the most of his first visit to NYC. We went to a game between Brooklyn Nets and New York Knicks at Madison Square Garden, which was an amazing experience. Not only that the Knicks won but also the whole course of the event was astonishing.

On Thursday evening we went to Broadway to see Cirque de Solei’s Paramour. An amazing mix of breathtaking acrobatic and a musical.

On Friday we went to a wonderful Indian Restaurant called Awadh close to Hotel 99, which I can recommend to everyone who is a big fan of Indian food and great wine.

Saturday was my 25th birthday and my family sang for me view Skype. Me, my boyfriend and all girls from the program, some of their friends and family, met for an amazing birthday brunch at a Regional right around the corner of Hotel99.

This was just the perfect round up of a wonderful week. And I want to thank all of you again for being part of it.




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  1. Paula Kalina

    Saturday was the best day !

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