New Paltz 101

Now that our time here in New Paltz is running out (10 days remaining as I am writing this) I thought I would share some personal favourites from my time here! Some tips for future IIB:ers

  • Brunch at Hasbrouck: A must for Saturdays or Sundays when you’re here, if you don’t have any of your 5 meals a week left then you can also pay with Dining dollars. There’s pancakes, bacon, bagels, fruit, granola, sausage and you can even make your own omelette.
  • Moxie Cup: Got this tip from Martha and it is a truly cosy and nice place. Coffee, cupcakes and some other selections.
  • The Diner: Jeff took us here on our first night and after that we went back a few times. Really good food, lots of different options and nice staff. The also accept Hawk dollars!
  • McGillicuddys: Everybody I’ve met in New Paltz might not agree but I had a lot of fun there and there’s always a lot of people on the weekends. If you want to dance, have a good time and meet new people then this is the place!
  • The library: If you need to go somewhere to really focus, it’s a good place. Open spaces, newly remade and usually quiet and calm.
  • New Starbucks: While we were living here they opened a new Starbucks on Campus, really close to the library. Great tip if you like me haven’t spent all your dining dollars (which they accept) towards the end.
  • The Cinema: Went this Friday with Teresa and Paula to see “Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children” (which I recommend). Close to the motel where we are staying, cheap (don’t forget to mention you’re a student) and a good thing to do when you’re bored!
  • The gas station: Right by the motel there’s a gas station, which I only mention because it’s open all night. Nothing wrong with it otherwise but when you’re on your way home from example McGillicuddy’s; it’s pretty nice to buy some chips or something. McDonald’s and Burger King won’t be open so this is your chance for some night snacks!

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Anyone else got any tips to add to the list?

Lots of love!



  1. alexiagiacinti

    I love going to the new Starbucks too!! So glad we were here for it´s oppening!

  2. Hima

    Breakfast at main street bistro MUST MUST MUST. AS CHEAP AS 5$. If you like waffles, I highly recommend going to b-side grill right next to cafeteria on main street. Will be happy to join you guys aswell 🙂 as I have been craving waffles since quite sometime now

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