It is here! Is finally here!

Summer is over and the leaves are falling.

That can only mean one thing….. Fall is finally here!


From one week to another, I felt how the sun dosen’t warm us like before, the wind start to blow and leaves to fall.

I love how orange and brown start to steel the show and the fact that I don’t need to wear summer clothes anymore.

It’s time to start wearing boots and sweaters, and a cup of tea makes everything better.


Fall is my favorite season. It is not hot but still not cold. My hometown, Monterrey, have the craziest weather, moslty it is warm but sometimes, during the same day, we can experience the four season of the year. I love my city but I don’t love the weather and moslty because there is not fall at all.
Sometimes you can see some trees that have some orange or brown leaves, but it is not common.img_0228

img_1719There, the weather dosen’t feel like fall; sometimes we could have very hot days and suddenly they become cold and vice versa, so we have to have our both, summer and winter clothes, hanging in the closet all year long.
Last year I was able to experience Fall during my other exchange program (photo on the right) and being able to experience it again, here in New Paltz and NYC, makes me really happy!!




So, let me know which is your favorite season…








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