Are We There Yet?

Yes! We are almost there!

img_6391I can’t believe it has been almost 8 weeks since we arrived here and there are so many things we have done, learned and achieved in no time. Sometimes I feel we have been a lot time here because of all the things we have done but I can’t figure out how does time has just pass so quickly.
The first day just feel like yesterday and I can’t believe we are moving to the city this friday.

I’m so excited to start my internship but that means that we are half way until the end of this experience; an experience that I wish it could last longer.img_6360Here at New Paltz I have learn a lot from my professors (if you are reading this because you are planning to come here, I can tell you that they are amazing and you will learn a lot from theme). I have done incredible memories, new friendships, really challenging class projects (International Marketing) and so many more things, and I can say that I’m thankful for each single one of theme.

I know that God lead us to places where we need to be not where we want to be, so I believe that this experience is God’s will and I know that for each one of us, this experience will make us grow and see life in a14628237_10206941974181081_1920497077_n different way.

So I can’t way to continue doing memories and the most amazing thins is that I’ll be doing them in the most exciting city in the world!




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