Brunch: a meal that combines breakfast and lunch and is usually eaten in late morning. This defined our weekend.

During this past weekend we decided to go and visit the city. We arrived on Friday afternoon and left on Sunday evening. All of our weekend was about brunching. We knew that NYC was best known for their 24hrs brunches, so we decided to try it out.

On Saturday morning we decided to walk around and see which place looked the best. We were around the East Village were we saw a Mexican place called “La Palapa” that said CHILAQUILES!!!!



We did not even think about it, and we just went immediately. Chilaquiles is one of Mexico typical plate, and they were delicious! The salsa was so good, I could have eaten all day long. As a Mexican I totally approve this restaurant as being 100% typical food. It tasted just like home, they even had Cafe de Olla with piloncillo! I can´t find more words to describe how good it was.




On Sunday morning we decided to go and taste one restaurant called Cafeteria in Chelsea. We saw it on Instagram the night before and it looked so good that we decided to see it by ourselves. It was amazing! I order coffee, a croissant with homemade jam, and an avocado toast. I can´t even explain in words how delicious it was! And the best part, it´s 24hr!


Our weekend was over, but am pretty sure there will be lots of other amazing restaurants to try! Let me know which other places in NYC are worth going!!



  1. Paula Kalina

    You convinced me with the 24h cafeteria…!

  2. Ebba

    The avocado sandwiches are my favorite! Maybe I need to make a visit at that place?

  3. Hima

    East village the place to be! if you have a sweeth tooth try I.CE.NY they serve smashed and rolled ice cream!! it’s heaven <3

  4. Jeff

    I love Chilaquiles! Especially from the cafeteria on campus at Monterrey. . . I was told it was the best hangover food known to man kind. I don’t know, I wasn’t hung over, but I still LOVED it, as did just about everyone on campus, as they sold a LOT of chilaquiles there.

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