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Hi again!

When we had our orientation day at Campus we were told that we have free access to the gym and workout classes at the Athletic Center. I had been thinking a lot about the workout possibilities before we left, so the information was a happy surprise. Before the end of the first week we had already explored the gym and attended two of the cardio classes. It’s such a luxury to have an athletic center with classes and a fully equipped gym at
Campus. We definitely don’t have that in Sweden. Actually, almost everything about campus is different to Sweden. We don’t have dining halls, or as many cafés or restaurants as they have here. We basically have the University, the lecture halls and a couple of cafés/coffee shops and restaurants, the rest is located around town, like anywhere else.

However, back to the excitement regarding the exercise possibilities! So far my favorites have been the Zumba and the Hip hop Cardio classes. Both of them combine dancing and cardio and it’s great way to exercise and have lots of fun at the same time! The first couple of times the classes were so full that we couldn’t see ourselves in the mirrors because of the condensation… It was crazy hot and humid because they don’t have any air-condition (!) only one overworked fen in a corner of the room. Needless to say we have been dripping with sweat every class because of the heat (as you can tell from the pictures).

I would absolutely recommend future IIB-students to take advantage of the gym and the classes they offer. There’s two great and fully equipped gyms and a lot of fun classes, and I can guarantee that you won’t find a free gym (or the time) in NYC so take grab the chance while you have it!

Talk to you soon!

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  1. carlssos1

    Oh yes! Loving the classes and as you say, take the chance! It’s really worth it, and it is so much fun, especially when you are going with friends, that makes it even more fun. Gonna miss the classes when we leave for New York.

  2. Hima

    Awesome! Try the cycle class, it’s monday, wednesday & friday 😀

  3. barbaragzzg

    Totally agree with you Fanny! It is such a fun thing to do, so at the end you are having fun with your friends and exercise at the same time!

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