Positive vibes: First interview in NYC.

And yes, after a lot of preparation ahead I finally went down to NYC for an interview at Tod’s. I can tell that I was more than excited. Even waking up at 5.30 am didn’t matter to me after all. First coffee of the day (until the interview I already had 3) in my hand, I went to the bus station to get to NYC. Once arriving in this crazy city, I just had a really good feeling. It was the first day of Fashion Week 01_tods-hogan-showroomso people were getting crazy, also with their outfits of course.

As I was really in advance, I went to a nice coffee place close to the Tod’s office in Meatpacking district. And then I started to review my notes and my résumé when my neighbor started talking to me – He asked me if I was preparing for an interview and that he was amazed by all the notes that I took and that he rarely sees people being so well prepared for interviews. As it turned out, he was looking for interns at his Design Agency so before going to the ‘real’ interview, I already had another job offer. Which was pretty amazing and made me even more comfortable.

So, I was almost running a little bit late and hurried then to the Tod’s office – and then a photographer stopped me and asked me if he was allowed to take a photo of me for a magazine because he liked my outfit so much. I felt like in a movie. Of course I felt flattered and agreed. And finally took the elevator to this amazing office. Yes, the picture you see is not taken from ‘Suits’ but this is reality. I was so amazed by it! And now I can tell that this is my future office. 4 hours after the interview I got the internship!

One application, one interview, one offer. I think I did a pretty good job. Definitely some good vibes down there in the city ! To be continued …

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