New Favorite Spot at Campus

Hi again! A want to tell you something about me now. I love to walk by myself and just see and enjoy what is going around me, so last week I had some of free time so I decided to go and explore the campus.


I have seen a lot of spaces around the campus and I saw the pond of Southside road but I never really had the opportunity to walk to it; so then I decided to go there. When I arrieved there it felt really good, you can feel the air, breath the nature, relax and enjoy yourself. It’s a really great place to go and read a book, have a nice chat with friends or only enjoy the nature of our beautiful planet. I feel very fourtunate to be able to have the expirience of coming to a campus like this and enjoy all the increadible spaces that they have. As well, I recommend the second floor of Wooster Science Building, it’s a really nice place to go and do homework or study!


So my advice…? Just go and explore and get out of your comfort zone!






  1. Jeff

    Has anyone gone to the observatory on a clear n starry night? they have a telescope and you can look at the heavens without any outside light pollution.

  2. Teresa D

    The pictures are amazing. You make me realize that I should try to enjoy the campus more when walking around.

  3. Paula Kalina

    Ruth, I totally agree with you! Those spots are amazing and we should definitely take advantage out of it as long as we can – as long as the sun keeps on shining above our heads 🙂

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