My New York Bucketlist

Before I came here to New Paltz I did not have any expectations about the program, the town or the campus. Since I have had friends who did this program a year ago I have heard some information, but mostly, that information was about the internship and the time on Manhattan. Okay, now I lied a little bit. I thought the life here in New Paltz would be a little bit more college-like. Like the ones you have seen on the movies, but a little bit less hectic. Besides that, I did not have any expectations which have been really nice since you not get disappointed if something does not go the way you want to.


Now, we have been here for five weeks and the time passes by so quickly. Because of that, and because of low expectations, I have done a New York Bucketlist! For those who do not know what a bucket list is, it is list of activities someone wants to do before he or she dies, in my case before I leave the states. So here we go:

  • Go to a Collage party – Since it is my first time at a real American college you need (read NEED) go to a real College party. We have tried to get to know some American students, but unfortunately with no further success. So we will see if we can make it in the three weeks we have left in New Paltz.
  • Fly helicopter over Manhattan – It was actually my friend who introduced this adventure to me because she did it the last time she was in New York. She told me that it was amazing and if you have the money and time you should definitely do it! So now I have been saving money to see Manhattan from above!
  • Go to Boston – A journey to Boston have I dreamt of before I even came to the U.S. Everybody keep telling me what a beautiful city Boston is and because of how relatively close it is to New York, this really is a must-do. We have actually booked a trip to Boston and we leave October 8th! So this “bucket” will actually be fulfilled.
  • Watch a Ranger’s game – Henrik Lundqvist is my idol and have been since I was a child so that would be so cool and watch him play in Madison Square Garden.
  • Eat a real, typical American brunch – I have not looked up any restaurants yet but something I do know is that I want to have one real, typical and big American brunch with egg, bacon, bagels, pancakes and avocado sandwiches! And a really good smoothie and fresh fruits.
  • Watch a Knicks game – I am a basketball player so this would be so cool! I saw a game in Chicago, Bulls vs Charlotte Bobcats, when I was 15 and that was amazing. But I think it is different now when you have been living in the city and be able to watch the game in Madison Square Garden.
  • Watch a late night show – If I could cheat a little bit, I actually put this “bucket” on the list when we got the tickets to the Jimmy Fallon show. I had not thought about it before Emilia hatched the idea. The show is the 24th of October, WOW! That is going to be so much fun!
  • Have drinks on a rooftop bar – This “bucket” I think will be completed first, after the Boston trip. I know that we all have been longing for a night in Manhattan on a really cool rooftop bar. It should preferably be with a glas of white wine in my hand when the sun is setting.

I will follow up with this post at the end of our New York adventure to see what “buckets” I have done. Do you think I will check all of them?


  1. I am from New York and everything on your bucket list is soo do able! Let me know if you need any suggestions?

    Also feel free to check out my food blog 🙂

  2. SO excited for Jimmy Fallon! Really happy I got the idea 🙂 And I’m all in for the Rangers and Knicks games, it’s really a must! Oh and the drinks on a rooftop bar – will have to be fulfilled soon!

  3. fannyschoug

    Wow! This is an amazing bucket-list! I’m definitely joining you, I mean, brunch, rooftop bars, helicopter trips and Jimmy Fallon..? Count me in!

  4. That really sounds amazing!! Definitely everyone have to do a bucket list because we don’t have so much time and we must take advantage of everything we can. 😀

  5. carlssos1

    Yay to your bucket list, can’t wait to go and see Jimmy Fallon and Boston, and we got to fix the Knicks tickets sooon!

  6. Teresa D

    Your to-do list is so amazing especially the helicopter flight! And I am so excited for our trip to Boston. For me, Boston was after New York the city I really wanted to visit the most on the east coast of the U.S.

  7. Hima

    Good luck with your bucket list! I can definitely help you fulfill one of the list which is “American Brunch” 🙂 let me know as I am free this weekend

  8. I can’t believe you guys got tickets for the Jimmy Fallon Show…! Take a lot of pictures, I am so curious about it!
    And I’m also really looking forward to our Boston trip 🙂

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