Kayaking the Hudson River!

This Saturday we went kayaking on the Hudson River. How amazing does that sound? Almost all of us went and, even though I hadn’t gotten very much sleep the nights before (I went to NYC really early Friday morning to do some interviews and I had been studying late all week) I was very excited about the adventure we had ahead of us. Tired but happy we went to buy some picnic and then we headed to the activity center where we were picked up by a jolly and humorous bus driver.

The bus drive took approximately fifty minutes and I enjoyed the scenery that whizzed past us outside the window. When we arrived at the Hudson River we realized that the weather conditions were a bit rougher than usual. Our kayaking instructor informed us that they had decided to change the route due to heavy gusts of wind out on the river. We got some quick instructions and then we put on our life vests and we each grabbed a paddle. The sun shined encouraging and we were not too worried about the wind even though the waves were a bit unruly…

We paddled for about forty, sometimes though, but mostly great and enjoyable, minutes until we reached a lake or what looked like a big lagoon. It was surrounded by the most magnificent mountain face, which together with the willows contributed to an incredibly peaceful and beautiful view. We stayed there for almost an hour, just floating around, enjoying the sun and taking pictures. After that we returned – this time with the wind on our side, gently brining us forward. Our way back was a Sunday stroll in comparison to our first struggles and it went a lot faster!

When we got back we were starving to the point where we ran to get our bagels as soon as we sat foot on land. We ate all of our food in no time and when the bus arrived we were quite happy to find our seats and lean back. No need to say, I fell fast asleep on our way home, with Stephanie on my shoulder.

P.S. I would definitely recommend this trip to other students! It is a fun way to explore the areas surrounding New Paltz without spending all of your money!

Talk to you later!



  1. alexiagiacinti

    It sounds really fun! I whish I hadn’t missed it! But I’m glad you all had a good time!

  2. marthagarza

    Fanny I love the pictures!!! And I will definitely recommended too it was pretty awesome 🙂

  3. Love the awesome pictures so cute! And it was definitely a fun days, I also find it hilarious that you and Stephanie always fall asleep on the bus in the same position 🙂

  4. carlssoe1

    The kayaking trip was like u explained, AMAZING! And I really hope that other student will do this next year.

  5. Paula Kalina

    Oh dear, this trip was so much fun! Although I must admit that I really struggled to get to the “secret spot” our instructor told us about. Should I really mention that I was the last one getting there?! Shame on me, next time I’ll do better…!

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