Exploring New Paltz


Hi everyone!

This is my first post and I’ve been here for two weeks. I explore New Paltz on weekends because during the week we have classes most part of the day and everything closes early.thumbnail_image4

New Paltz is a small town but really beautiful and picturesque so you would probably love it. It is easy to walk everywhere and everything seems to be near.

At first you may think that there’s not much to do but you definitely have to go down to the river and the stores. You will find really interesting things and delicious places like the chocolate store, the candyshop and a lot of restaurants. I have to mention that we were really excited because we discovered a place called Mexican Kitchen that sells Mexican food and they have tajin! (Chili powder that we usually use with everything), so if you are Mexican or you love Mexican food you have to try it! We are planning to go on our Independence day!

We also took a lot of pictures because near the river everything is green and it is really nice. We want to rent a bike to explore there this weekend.

I recommend you to buy a New Paltz map that includes every place and restaurant in town and to walk everywhere because in my opinion that’s the best way to explore it.

I’ll keep you posted with more places and experiences!


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  1. garzatam1

    I agree with the Mexican Kitchen, I’m so excited too I can´t wait to be there on Independence day!!!

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