Birthday Bash: Celebrating life !

I am one of the very lucky persons who had the chance to celebrate her birthday during this wonderful stay in the US. Probably I look much younger but indeed, I turned 25 last week and all the people around me made it a very special day. Actually, it felt like celebrating birthday not only for one day but the whole weekend.

Happy me !It already started with cheering at midnight in our hotel room where my IIB girls had prepared a wonderful surprise with flowers, balloons, gifts, wine, and sushi. Although everybody was a bit tired of a tough week, we all had the power to dance and sing !
And the surprise continued in the moThe perfect birthday breakfastrning when I went to our lobby where I found a table prepared with the perfect birthday breakfast including chocolate dipped strawberries and waffles! And even more gifts! I felt more than thrilled and was super happy about how much effort the girls put into this, although we only hOutput rooftop view ad known each other for not even three weeks, simply amazing (it’s time to thank you again, girls, at this point!).

After this perfect start, I ran to the bus station to go down to NYC where my better half, my sister has already been waiting for me. She just flew from Switzerland to NYC to celebrate this day with me. I think we checked out all the nice rooftop bars, restaurants, brunch places and boutiques of this city. It would take too long to get into detail here, but I thought to share a top list of the best places we have visited in order to give you the opportunity to make your day the greatest day of the year. You should check it out even if it’s not your birthday. There is always a reason to celebrate. Let’s celebrate life.

Here is my “perfect-birthday-in-NYC-list“:

  • Get your day started with a fresh brunch at the stonework café in Brooklyn. You should better make a reservation, this place is always crowded, especially on weekends
  • Then head over to the Meatpacking district where you can just walk around and enjoy the neighborhood. Obviously, you can’t miss the Chelsea Market, where you will find a lot of nice boutiques and cafés
  • When you get tired of all the walking, grab a cooled Aperol Spritz and a little snack in a cosy Italian place called Barbuto
  • Especially for the ladies reading the blog, I’d suggest a little stop over at Bleecker Street where you have a huge choice of little boutiques with new, hip designers
  • After so much hard work, it’s time for dinner: this place is absolutely outstanding, with a beautiful decor and excellent Asian food. It became famous when it appeared in the series “Sex and the City”. Very fancy.
  • In order to finish your birthday while swinging your hips, you should go to Output, a rooftop bar/club in Brooklyn with an amazing view over the city. Absolutely breathtaking!

I guess seeing the pictures one can tell that we had a great time…



  1. Jeff

    happy belated birthday! ; ) seems like you know how to celebrate, even if in “new” places like Paltz and York. ; )

  2. alexiagiacinti

    Paula! I am glad you enjoyed so much your birthday!! It sounded pretty amazing!
    I definitely want to do all the things on your list!

  3. Aw Paula like Fanny said we were happy to get to spend some time with you and celebrate part of your birthday! I’m glad you had an amazing time you’re worth it!!!

  4. barbaragzzg

    Paula it really looks like you had a great birthday, and to be part of it!!! Loved the to-do list for the perfect birthday, totally agreed with all!

  5. fannyschoug

    Paula! I am so glad that we got to celebrate even just a part of your birthday together with you! I am truly happy that the entire weekend lived up to your expectations and that you were properly celebrated! It’s just a dream to celebrate your 25th birthday in NYC of all cities! I am almost a bit jealous haha! Once again; GRATTIS PÅ FÖDELSEDAGEN!!

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