Mexican Friend


This weekend I had a Mexican friend visiting me at New Paltz. He is from my hometown down in Mexico, and we were high school classmates before being friends. He arrived at 11pm and we went to the Plaza Dinner to eat. The next morning, we went to New York City in the morning, at 11:20 AM. We had breakfast before leaving just in front of the bus terminal here in New Paltz. I had eggs with bacon and bread, which was great. After eating breakfast, we went to the city. Once we were there, we had a great time and great weather to go walking everywhere so we visited the main touristic places at the city. After walking at Central Park, I wanted to know where we are going to live once we go to the city to our internships, so I went there and I have to say it is in such a nice place, near from the metro station, and Central Park!

We then went to Wall St. to take some photos outside the NYSE, and the charging bull. We then went straight to have lunch (like at 6pm), at a Chipotle restaurant; even here we keep it Mexican. At the end of the day, we had a great time at the city. He had to leave to the airport and I had to come back to New Paltz, to enjoy the last weekend here.

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