Never not working Mar/16/16

It has been almost a week since we arrived, everything has been so different from New Paltz! The city, our room, the people, the climate, and even the pace of our lifes! Everything goes so fast, everyone is focused on their jobs, it seems they do not have time for something else (including us).
I am working in Straightline, in the Brand Strategy group. So far, I have been doing only research work. The work environment is awesome, everyone is very nice and we are like a small family. The offices are great! We have free coffee and great tools for work.
My week days are fast, I wake up at 6 and go running with Gaby and Alex. We love Central Park, so we are trying to run everyday about 5km. Then I have a shower and breakfast, I leave at 8 and take the subway. I have to say, subway is one of the best inventions ever, it is so fast and easy to take, I hope we had one like this in our hometown! (hahaha) We usually drive cars, so we are used to spend more time to get to othe places. Finally, I get to work and leave at 5. We are trying to meet after work to have some drinks or do more fun stuff, but sometimes we are just tired and want to sleep.
I am very happy for accomplishing my dream of working in NYC. I think there are few students who actually can have an opportunity like this, I am very greatful and expecting the best of this two months coming.


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